Teachings, Visions, Prophecy, Revelation

by Dedric Hubbard

Morning Glory Apostolic/Prophetic Center

Elijah Thou Art Loosed!

Access Granted

The gates are open, find your key

A Trip through Heaven's Gate

Burning the Doors of the Church

Know your Color, Know your Number, Know your Tribe (Part 1)

Know your Color, Know your Number, Know your Tribe (Part 2)

Know your Color, Know your Number, Know your Tribe (Part 3)

The Dispensation of Glory (Part 1)

The Dispensation of Glory (Part 2)

The Dispensation of Glory (Part 3)

Revenge of the Prophets

Elijah Appears on Scene

2 fools, 1 baby equals 3 births

Elijah Exposes Himself

Elijah's Eminent Domain

Elijah Eyes Weapons of Mass Destruction

Stay in the Flow of God

Elijah Reviews the Prophet's Resume

The Lord's Supper

The Foundation of 'Religion'

The Wedding Veil of the Bride

The Power of NOW

Beware the Spirit of Mimick

Entering the Havilah of their Mind

God Calls his Elijah Army

Here Comes the Calvary!

How to Sow and Reap in the Building of the Bride

I see a cloud and it's the size of a man's hand

If God be God Serve Him

Is your ministry, people, and you rapture ready?

It's all in the Eyes (Ayin)

Judgement Sunday

Justifiable homicide in the Kingdom of God (Part 1)

Justifiable Homicide in the Kingdom of God (Part 2)

Keep your tithes until you see the Bride

Kingdoms of this world will be the kingdom of God

Labourers Wanted! Apply Without!

A Covering Coward

State of the Bride Address

No wonder God is calling a remnant

Pick your storm and find your leader's sin

Religion Thou Art Loosed!

Situation Critical! Seperation is a Must!

Strengthen your walk with God

The 5 Foundations of God's Eternal Bride

The Anatomy of Who I Am

The Battle for the Bride

The Integrity of the Bride

The Bridal Structure (Part 2)

The Bride's Ring

The Faces of Elijah's Babes

The Laodicean Church 2011

The Missing Hand

The Pentecostal Papers (Part 1)

The Pentecostal Papers (Part 2)

The Pentecostal Papers (Part 3)

The Pentecostal Papers (Part 4)

The Pentecostal Papers (Part 5)

The Pentecostal Papers (Part 6)

The Pentecostal Papers (Part 7)

The Pentecostal Papers (Part 8)

The Pentecostal Papers (Part 9)

The Pentecostal Papers (Part 10)

The Pentecostal Papers (Part 11)

The Pentecostal Papers (Part 12)

The Pentecostal Papers (Part 13)

The Pentecostal Papers (Part 14)

The Pentecostal Papers (Part 15)

Understanding the Authority in May

Watching the word to perform it

What are Elijah’s tactics? (About Face!!)

What is a Babylon empire?

What is The Bride?

What is the Gospel? (It's God Spell)

What is the remnant?

The Lord is Laughing

State of Confusion

What is the shift?
(Should Heaven intercede for truths?)

What is the shift? (Part 2)

What's the message in the marriage?

Who missed the Queen?
(The Chaos Theory)

How to Date, Meet, and be Given Away in Marriage in the End Times

The Abomination Agenda

Dressed in Righteousness, Covered in Filth

There are Whores in God's House!

The Spirit of ZIZ

There is Horror Over their Heads

Elijah calls for the beast to help protect the sheep

A Battle of Souls, Pride, and Power

Countdown to the Showdown

C.H.A.N.G.E. (Part 2)

Count the Cost and Heal your Land

Beholding the Glory of God's Generations

Are you ready to be served?

Open Heaven Portals

Babylon Exposed

Elijah 1 Jezebel 0

Whose name did they say?

Elijah calls his Prophets Underground

God sings Bride Awaken

Strange Fire on Christian Campuses

Get these coverings off God's people!

Find your city that will sit on a hill

Rules of Engagement

The Woman in the Purple Robe

Elijah strips the church butt-naked!

Florida True Worshipers Conference

Prophetic Storm Report (Part 2)

Many Don't Know Him Past...

Harden Not Your Hearts

How to Judge an Elijah Prophet's Words

How to Judge Elijah's Words, Do's and Dont's

How to Judge End Times Prophets/Apostles

Inside the Enemy's Camp (Part 1)

Inside the Enemy's Camp (Part 2)

Inside the Enemy's Camp (Part 3)

Installing Officers of the Night

Hell Bound Heaven Sent

Let's Make a Deal

Lions, Tigers, and Bears - Oh My!

Noah, Enoch, Elijah (Nee)

At the Table

Officers positioned around the throne

Prophetic Storm Report

Prophetic Witchcraft

Prophetically Pimped

Revival (Revisit the Vials)

Season of the no-names

Silence of the Sounds

Snail, Slugs, Snakes, and Serpents

The 7 Cycles of Destruction

The Abrahamic Covenant and The Gospel of Ishmael

The Babylon Children

The Babylon Gospels

12 Count Guilty Verdict against the Foundation of Pastor

The Death of a Funeral

The Death of a Funeral (part 2)

The Death of a Funeral (part 3)

The Death of a Funeral (part 4)

The Death of a Eulogy

The Inoperable Eye

The Meaning of Easter

The Parable of the Lost Church

The Prophetic Principle and The Apostolic Agenda

The Prophetic Promise (God still speaks)

The Master Potter is about to make clay

The Seven Sins of a Prophet

The Sevens Sins of the Church

The Spirit of Homosexuality

The Well vs The Oh Well

Time for Bridal Counsel

Time to Draw the Sword

Time to examine ourselves and our surroundings

Time to smooth out the wrinkles and get rid of the spots

Top 10 ways to see if your leader is a m/w of God

Top devised fables that Elijah prophets will destroy

Traveling Gypsys are no longer allowed in the kingdom of God

The Death of a Prophet

Kingdom Grace vs The Church Grace

Walk into the darkness to come to the light

Who is the Bride? (Believers Rising In Discrete Examples)

Who's your Daddy? (Anything that was connected has now been rejected)

Woe from an Unknown God!

Here Comes The Elijah Generation

The Glory of God's Natures

Simchat Torah (an open letter to singles)

David is David

The Glory of Seperation

A Prophet to the Nations

An Open Letter to Leadership

A Chilean Affair

A Summer of Death, Disease, and Destruction

Amen to Spiritual Alignment

Ahab On the Table

Dissecting Jezebel

Let my people go!

And I will reward him with the mantle of Moses

False Positives Deposited

Elijah Body Armour

The Seals of the Reprobate

Ahab in Naboth's Vineyard

No Love for God in the Church

Elijah sees Prophetic Warfare

Showdown on Mt. Religion

Elijah vs. Non-Denominational Religion

End Times Marriage and Divorce

Skywatch Outpouring Part 1

Skywatch Outpouring Part 2

Skywatch Outpouring Part 3

Go to Sleep Anointed Wake Up Disappointed

The Church's Work has been in Vain

Here Comes the Bride!

I Look Forward To That Day

If a Prophet is Not Allowed, then God is Not Allowed

It's all in religion - It's Legion

Its Judgement Time

It's more than American Idol, it's a battle for an open portal!

Here Comes the Judge!

The Thief In The Night

Last Call for Bridal Invitations

Multiplicity of Simplicity

Nothing is released until everything is complete (Part 1)

Nothing is released until everything is complete (Part 2)


Somebody needs to tell satan, I will be back with an increase!

Stand Down and Silence Your Sounds!

State of the Church Address

That ain't God!!

The 10 to 1 anointing of an Elijah Prophet

The 10-10-10 Prophecies (Part 1)

The 10-10-10 Prophecies (Part 2)

The 10-10-10 Prophecies (Part 3)

The 10-10-10 Prophecies (Part 4)

The Apostles Guilty as charged

The Battle is Outside

The Bride of Christ

The Disembodied Body

The Isolation of Desolation

The Maker is Shaping Earth to Resemble Heaven

The Mantle of a Whore

The Me Me Syndrome

New Bridal Structure

The Order of Elijah Prophets

The Principle of Participation

The Return of Ruth

The Spirit and Authority of Judgement

The Stairway to Heaven or Eat your way to Hell

The Veiling of the Bride

The Vision of the Bride
(Picture me rolling)

There is a pain in God's heart

Time to Climb the Stairway to Heaven or Bust Hell all the way open

Elijah 2 Jezebel 0

Tithing Principals in the Bridal Structure

Top 10 judgments that will happen this year

Top 10 Things you don't want to have in this dispensation

Two rivers of anointing will be released

Understanding Elijah Prophets

Understanding how far the "church" is from Pentecost

What is the Tithe's out of the mouth Of Melchizedek

What's in God's Heart?

Where do I go from here? Attributes for my Awakening

Where is God's Body? The Church

The Rapture is Closer than We Think

Inside the Judgement Hall of God

Hell in Heaven

Destiny Checklist

The Four Glories of the Blood

Elijah and Peter throwing rocks at the church

Calling My Bride

And then there were none

Are you an additive, preservative, or catalyst?

Beware the Pseudo Spirit

Beware the spirit of concentrated coveting

Can you hear the roar?

Catch the Wave

Elijah vs. The Company of Prophets

The Gulf Coast Presuming Prophets

Destiny Thieves

Destroy the Foundation of Pastor

The Bridal Dressmakers

Elijah Fire

The Seven Churches of Birmingham

Know your job and leave what you don't know alone

Elijah Spies Return

Get Ready for Uncomfortable Gospel

Gifts, Callings, And Anointings


God's Perfect Plan

I Hear a Whisper

If you follow the trail it all leads home

Does the church resemble God or the world?

It's a disaster to be a pastor in the end-times!

It's all out in the open

Jerusalem is Now

Elijah vs. Jezebel

Mountain of Religion

Murdered in Ministry

State of Shock

Old wine, New wine, and Strange Wine

One Prophet - Three Tribes - Seven Gates

Prepare for Bath and Bloody Works!

The Prophetic Promise

Releasing Elijah (Fire by Night)

Remnant in Bondage

Spirit Watch 2010

Keys to Heaven and Earth

Stay in your lane

Stop thief!!! Let your intentions be known!

The Anatomy of a Sinner

The Apostolic Struggle

The Bastard Experience

The Church needs to watch and pray - The Bride needs to watch and prepare

The Church of Ephesus 2011

The Crumbling Megachurch and The Emerging Bride

The Disconnected Connection

The Disconnected Connection
(resistance is futile)

The heat is on, stay out of the kitchen if you can't cook!

The Heat Is On!
(Prophecies for May)

The Marraige Principles

The Passion of a Prophet

The Plan of God will bring the Division of God

The Plumbline is Coming

The Power of the Remnant

Rules of Engagement Heaven VS. Earth

The Spirit of the Bastard

There's a Jailbreak in Religion
(Whores First)

Through the Eyes of God

Time for the R.A.I.N.

Time to Set Sail for Destiny

Time to smite the Shepherd!
(Who will feed the sheep!)

Titles, Talents, Functions, Foolishness, and Foundations

Top 7 Catalysts that will start a cycle of Holiness

Top 8 reasons to know if your pastor is a hireling, fired, and/or occupying a position

Unauthorized use of the Blood

Understanding the Judgment of God

What is God Speaking?

What's that coming out of the mouth of God? He's Spueing!

Wrath of God in Non-Denominational Religious Structures

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