David is David

by Dedric Hubbard
May 28, 2010

Matthew 22:44 'The Lord said to my Lord: "Sit at my right hand until I put your enemies under your feet."'


Well I guess I understand what happens when you have your own faith not anything taught from a man, but straight from the master's hand. I nibbled his crumbs so I could bake a pie. Well I wouldn't be a brother if I didn't share this one. It's not for everyone, just those who believe and know there is a God. So as I rest my eyes in the father's lap I realized that he had taken me while I was asleep and I awoke and to my amazement my spirit understood him as King David and as I looked at his attire he was dressed in a red and gold officer's uniform. He said “come here, someone wants to meet you” and there sat a man with beige pants, a white shirt and a silver cap. So as we talk there walks in a man my spirit understood as Noah, each one laughing and talking about their mishaps and then they stopped and got a serious look and said “are you willing to pay the price for what we are about to tell you?” Before I could speak we heard God says “yes he is.” People must understand that a Bible is not read in words, its read in spirit language. The words are a foundation to access the spirit of those who have gone to heaven and they are here in the spirit-flesh not fleshly spirit. You have been judging what they have done and as a result they will not release their knowledge to you to build a solid foundation to reach the heavens because they all or some died in faith. Those God intends to use again he comes and gets them or they walk right in the gate till they are needed. With that said, the lesson for today as taught by Enoch was how seasons operate:

1. Pison river - Wisdom

2. Gihon river - Understanding

3. Hiddekel river - Knowledge

4. Euphrates river - Might

As the earth rotate in 24 hour increments you have access to one of these rivers but the angel God assigns to release the rivers work in seasons....

Jan - March: Winter (Pison: Wisdom to prosper) Ice - farthest

April - June: Spring (Euphrates: Wisdom to pray) Rain - on top of the anointing

July - Sept: Summer (Hiddekel: Wisdom to understand) Hot - close

Oct - Dec: Fall (Gihon: Wisdom to understand wisdom) Cold - far


Now due to the fact we have Nephilim spirits posing as angels of light, David says do not tell the rotation and the missing link. Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence not seen. The reason that some of you talk about going and never get there is you put your trust in man to lead you the right way. The only way I found was through Jesus; ain't no man birthed me out or taught me nothing. If a man takes credit for your success then where is God? I I I I is pride. You don't look at the man, you look at the spirit behind the man. If your spiritual eyes are really open there are spirits behind them. They lead you because you are focused on the cross. Therefore if you hear God ask what season, or what rotation you are in, according to your alignment with him he will answer according to the spirit you have in you when you finish reading this revelation. Harden not your hearts; for the remnant its jubilee time. A special shout to a ministry that believes he exists and because of you it was your revelation from which I can tell you in faith I got the key.

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