The Battle is Outside

by Dedric Hubbard
May 13, 2010

Is that the church son? Tell me please, so I can put my children’s mind at ease. Who are those people who are dead inside? There is no movement among the sheep. Has someone killed my flock and now they are after me? Now I the Lord must speak. I allow many things but to defame my name it will not be. So they cast out demons that reappear, they lay hands on the sick and their bodies grow cold, they even preach their own thoughts all through the year.

Now the world laughs at people who claim my son's name. It has become common, just like a cross on the roof. Nobody understands the nature of my son's work. They laugh and joke and think I am a myth, there are even some that say I don't exist. So they want to play with the Lord? Ok son, I will play. The question is, who holds the world in midair with just a thought? Whose air is it they breath when they arrive on earth?

Listen son, this is what I will do. I’ll take the battle outside to make it even so I can see them face to face. I'll let them have their seats and lights, their false prophets, apostles and all the likes. Their megachurches and small kingdoms too. I'll even let them have their tv's too. They can have their sins, ailments, lies, gossip and their houses as well. I'll even let the devil have them for they have been following him for a while.

I the Lord, have decided to take my sheep outside. You can have your buildings which you limit yourselves in, but those who are preparing the ark of safety will meet outside to cover the world in revelation, power and the glory of me. So who has answered the call? It’s almost time to go unless you enjoy the peek show.

Peeking into the lives of the vessels I choose to use trying to align your words with a mighty move of God, I see you in the shadow cowering in fear. Knowing I the Lord am moving and you are scared to ask for directions and don't know where to turn. Scared because you are afraid of whom I choose to use. The question I must ask just in case you are misinformed, whose throne are you going before with fear in your hearts? And this has allowed that spirit of witchcraft to settle in your heart.

I build my kingdom outside of your church. You can have those buildings in which I supposedly am inside. That is not glory you feel but human emotions mixed with the spirits of ignorance you harbor inside. I the Lord have come for my people and I will not be denied. Follow the ark to safety or get drowned in the river of false waters that are starting to rise. Even those who just believe are welcome inside.

You can have your human idols, your experts on words, and your hidden world of sin. I the Lord, have come for my people and yes I always win. So what is that in that building? Don't be surprised, it is not the Lord. My spirit is on the outside, after my people who are ready for rest. There is a harvest and I am taking my best. Inviting them to the throne for a piece of mind getting them ready for the Holy Ghost explosion to blow the roof off your bricks. The work is outside, come if you are not scared of the ride.

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