The Bride of Christ
order in the court

by Dedric Hubbard
March 26, 2010

God is about to begin releasing end-time revelation concerning the attributes of his bride. Everyone who has been married knows that there was something about that person that drew their interest. It's the same with God, he is looking for submission; nothing more, nothing less. God’s bride will have a prenup agreement attached to it which is a list of specifics attached to it. Prenups are usually geared toward, “I have more than you so if you leave or whatever the case may be this is what you are entitled to.” The specifics I warn you and the revelations that will be released will be harmful to some and offensive to others. You as Christians must realize that just because God has allowed something to go on doesn’t mean that he has ok'd it. The Bride of Christ will be equal in all dimensions no big I's and little U's. With that said one section of the prenup has a “no title” clause, which means that anyone who holds one of the five-fold ministry offices must realize that it was intended to be used to name your function, not your source of power or strength so that you can lord over folks saying “I am chief so and so and master such and such.” So in order to be invited into the bridal shower, you must humble yourself to your function. The gifts are equal just as God is equal or one within the trinity. God says it, the Holy Spirit builds it, Jesus tests it, The Apostle - sets order, The Prophet - disciplinarian, Teacher - informer, Evangelist - speaker, Pastor - peacemaker, The Church - students. Picture in school when you passed one class you went to different teachers that were good in a specific area and you learned from them, thus you became educated in a certain area. The only one in charge was the principal.

In the church the only one in charge is God so therefore, no gift in the body of Christ is more than the others. The trials that God sent you to allowed you to be more experienced in a certain functions and God gave you a function to work in the kingdom, not a title that says you are better in that area then anyone. There is only one master and one chief over a church and his name is Jesus. So therefore, we come to prenup agreement number 2, the church is the classroom which means the church has to have knowledge of all five gifts and each gift has equal or spirit-led class time in a local church (man this good). If you are following Jesus and this is not happening in your church now, chances are you are not a submitted bride and you either need to identify your gifts that are missing or be led by the spirit to bring someone in to help you along with this process, not your cousin or a friend of a friend, you need a God sent vessel because this is crucial in this season.

Prenup 3, God states he did not leave the church in one person’s authority, to paraphrase “he gave some....” and then he goes on in a later chapter and state to paraphrase “he sent some....” Which means some he has given the gifts as individuals and some he sat all these gifts in the church to show how this kingdom body should operate. Can I please inform you that if your church has only one person at the top and the rest of the gifts are not there you are out of order? Get it right.

Prenup 4, God never intended for these boards to have a say in church business, he used all five gifts who gave deacons authority over the business as the spirit led. All these people who have say over church business have decreased the spirit function and given it to men which again is out of order.

Prenup 5, There are no self-named ministries in the kingdom. What has happened is that people have developed the “me” mentality and have taken God's function and have diverted and/or separate themselves from the body to make a living for themselves out of pride. They have taken people and have allowed them to set them up higher than their own church, which means they have made themselves idols. Can I tell you they are about to fall? And every time they come back up God will push them down again and again until he breaks them. And those who have the “me” mentality that still pastor over what you call “mega-churches” have become idols also and are not building kingdoms, they are building numbers. Anytime a person has over 100 ministers and 30,000 members and he has not planted churches in other states and/or places in your city, you are Jezebel spirit in disguise. To hold a control over people where your voice is the only authority in your field smells of manipulation. So my function today is under the watchman anointing to tell you that the prenup is for you not God, so if you desire to bring those things into this next move I have the authority to tell you God says you can have them, but he doesn’t want it or you. He also states that he is moving into a limitless anointing and those things are limited. You can believe me or not but remember you are responsible for anything that you read, hear, or see and if you read this the burden of proof is on you. He will perfect those things that concern him this season.

This has been a kingdom bride identification notification, more coming soon.

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