Time To Climb The Stairway To Heaven
or bust hell all the way open

by Dedric Hubbard
Sept 11, 2010

There is coming a time in life in which those who possess Christ must rely totally on him and not on your favorite televangelist or those in that foundational gift of the five that have taken it upon themselves to become a dictatorship in your local Christian congregation. And you follow man and his sometimes God-sent revelations to no end, but yet when the master shepherd is calling you to come close (for we are indeed in a time of the end) many laugh, judge, spiritual gossip about those who have encountered God on levels never known to man and yet they still run to the swine in religious circles for inadequate answers they think is from God and yet the louder God's prophets proclaim the waning, destruction, and call to holiness the more people run to religion for answers yet again. More people are coming into their priestly anointing and are being allowed to venture and operate in more than one dimension. Many are operating as manifesting sons of Gods and yet are being treated as about average, just as they treated Jesus when he came in the flesh. Many have to understand that Jesus will come back in the flesh and he wont be in a teaching mode but will come with the full vengeance of prophecies he must fulfill and as many watered-down Christians are hollering of how when Elijah prophets are speaking death, destruction, and reformation it must not be God because they rarely if ever mention love. And because of foolish, inadequate teaching by the self-proclaimed religious dictatorship, the church doesn't understand that they are showing love by warning of what's coming if you stay in your religious fragmented state of mind. You can't understand their assignment because God didn't choose you for it, he chose them and therefore many are being judged because they are trying to judge another's revelations, experiences, conversation, and connection with God based on the knowledge they learned from their abnormal fleshly spiritual fathers/mothers that don't have any earthly idea of what God is about to do, because some fleshly man was their guide also.

It is with this frame of mind that I have come to understand that this is why God is calling the remnant to build the bride, and not the self-centered church, because they are not willing to give their all and with that frame of mind and understanding I release this revelation not out of high-mindedness and to some that say it speaks of a braggish overtone of which I am neither concerned with nor care of, because I understand without a doubt where, who, and what I am assigned to. I will reach eternity not in word only but deeds and vision for I have seen my eternal dwellings and I am assured one thing: that eternity is not in heaven, but beyond those seven gates is eternity and yet many men have preached heaven as the last stop, heaven is only the narrow road between here and eternity. So I release this one to encourage, uplift, and motivate the remnant who will come to be the bride there is a certain level of death you have to achieve to fight this end-time faith and as my spirit was summoned months ago for this revelation, God states it's time for many of you to come to him for in a little while he will remove the veil from your face and many will stand in awe of who you really are and what you possess in Christ and he will show the world what is the inheritance of the saints. So as I sit among the elders in the spirit there is only one that breaths life of revelation into me, not because of my relationship with him but because he is looking for his spiritual daughter to come up in the spirit so he can release his personal revelation unto her to change the world as he did in the times of old and Paul says son make sure that she understands that her season has been through and yet she holds onto a lifeless wonder.

The remnant has to understand that the pattern of doing battle in the spirit is really only accessible from the eyes of God and yet many have no clue or understanding of what it means to war in the spirit as intercessors nor release a breaker anointing upon a city, state, or nation. The intercessors, prophets, and deliverance ministries must understand the gates of hell and heaven in order to effectively fight this end-time spiritual battle in satan's kingdom. One thing I was taught by my spiritual father Elijah as he and Jesus allowed me to look, is that there are only ten levels to satan’s kingdom and they intensify based on the nature of authority you give him while you practice your secret sin and with that it increases to no more than 24 levels because his kingdom stops at the second heaven and thus I understand the nature, names, and demons on all 24 levels but will by no means release it, for then the false prophets/apostles in the making would have revelation that is only accessed in the presence of God so I leave them in the state of ignorance and yet those who have or will travel before the throne will receive all they want for it will always be verified by those who are already amongst the heavens. Therefore we move unto the first level of heaven in which the throne of the Holy Spirit sits. It is in this level that you begin to know, operate, and are trained to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. This is also where satan challenges you through your thinking and thus this is where you begin your faith walk because you have to believe the unbelievable to get to understand the plan God has for your life. On this level you have five footstools (or tests) that bring you before the Holy Spirit's throne and once before the throne you have 10 levels whereas God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit test you in knowledge and power which is based upon the heart of God and the plans he has for your life; too much knowledge and you get prideful, too much power you become arrogant. The test is to be balanced before the throne of the Holy Spirit for it is he who will lead you into the direction of the 2nd Heaven.

In the 2nd Heaven sits the throne of Melchizedek in this level is the Godhead in their priestly office and it is at this level that your foundational gifts of God are stored. It is here where they deal with your natural life and they decide which foundational gift to bestow upon your life and it is here like I have been saying being a 'minister' is no foundational gift and to let a man call you minister for years he has degraded your life in God, as well as your spiritual inheritance of your forefathers. It is here that God's anger is fixed among the church and it's leader for it has not been equipping saints but brainwashing them all into ministers and no one but those chosen get certain functions, for they have worn them as titles. This is the level where the apostles/prophets function if they have been truly called by God for they train and equip the people to a level in which God takes over and molds them into what kind of gift he wishes for them to be. Your tithes and what you give to God is also taught in this section, for the revelation will come that God desires nothing of a person until they come to the knowledge of who they are in him, for Abraham never gave until Melchizedek had the conversation and explained who allowed him to win the battle of the kings which was nothing more than his major functions being totally controlled by God, in other words he was actually the first disciple.

With this we move to the 3rd heaven. It is when you move with the Holy Spirit, understand your foundation in God and go through the tests and levels in the 2nd that you make it here. This is where your life start to open up to God. This is where David's throne sits and it's where Jesus comes to meet you and discuss the sins of your life. This is also where Paul says things are not lawful to utter and because his spiritual daughter has not come before the throne, Paul states that the revelation is not to be uttered because this is where your sins become thorns and there your sins are imputed unto you and grace covers certain aspects of your life and even though to those of the world it may seem that you have sin in your life, it's God using your past sin to cover you because depending on your relationship when you reach a priestly status, it's God's way of veiling your glory so those who are incomplete will see sin, but those of the priestly anointing will see your glory. The most interesting fact about heaven is that between this third and fourth heaven sits a hidden dimension only accessible through the veil of the spirit. It is here that your actual callings and anointings are located: breaker anointings, deliverance, healings, miracles, etc., and with that many are saying they are walking in such but yet have no knowledge and/or God-given power in these area because they are operating from down below in a satanic realm so when miracles happen many are not of God and I will give only two reasons to prove my point. These anointings are only accessed on the left or right of God's heart. You either are going to operate in power and/or knowledge but if you never see what side your intercessor anointing is on, how do you know you are interceding in the will of God? Quite simple, you don't. When Jesus operated as an intercessor he knew the problem, where it was located, and when he prayed he received instant results. The miracle of the bread and fish was not simply a miracle but an intercession, for he knew the needs of the people and yet the devil has many of you fooled praying all night crying out to God thinking you are interceding and you really haven't accessed him at all. Out of mercy he may allow your intercession to be heard because you were not equipped in your church, but know that real prophets/apostles are coming on the scene to release what the church should have already had in place. The revelation becomes the bride's bread and not the church and then we become a threat for we are sent forth last to reveal that which satan has stolen from you and we are hated and despised, Selah. (next 4th and 5th heaven, throneroom, elders and the face of God)

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