Justifiable Homicide In The Kingdom

by Dedric Hubbard
January 1, 2010

Justifiable homicide“killing that is deemed to be lawful, especially because it is carried out in self-defense or as the only way to prevent a crime.”

After a night of prayer God says whatever happens to you in this year is justified. You have been warned to stop sleeping around, you have been warned about not paying tithes, you have been warned about not building on the right foundation. The concept is quite simple. Those who want to continue living under the law shall be judged by the law and those that want to live under grace will be judged by grace. You have just entered into a season that if you align yourself with God will leave you knocking on the door of your destiny. God is moving forward with or without you. Some he has chosen but you don't or will not accept the call because the fear of man surrounds you and what good is a vessel that is overflowing with fear? God has chosen you but the price is too high. You’d rather help this ministry and that one, but your own is drying up inside. How dare you take what God has given you to share and keep them bottled up inside. Yes, the “I am” has pricked your heart and now you are torn inside. Whatever the devil does to you this year, God deems it justified. He has poured out his heart for you to come closer and some he has just said come inside for the rest he will offer you but nooo. You like it outside, turning tricks for money just to pay bills and ride. How dare you think life is golden when you find know peace inside only when you find your purpose in me then you will be able to ride. Vodka, Gin, beer, it's all the same. How can you preach my word with confidence and you are high as a kite? What the devil does to you this year, God will call it justified. I have offered you rest and a place besides. You were judged last year as I told you to turn your life around. Now you shall be punished this year by the same thing you love. This is a season in which I turn you over to what you love. You like sleeping around with every man and women in sight? The disease you will catch is justified in my sight. Like paying your bills lying on your back, the rape that you will take with the knife against your throat is justified in my sight. Like stealing my tithes while you speak in tongues with joy. Just lost your child they weren't covered, it is justified in my sight. And yes, you my chosen, I called you into ministry and even equipped you how to flow. Dare you make a mockery of the living God by sitting on your butt? This is for you, have you ever sat in a service and said “that could have been me.” This is a year if you don't answer the call of ministry that I have placed inside of you I know the homeless on the corner will be grateful too. But it is justified this season, because this is what it has come too. Receive my rest and everything will be fine or whatever side you are on. When I the Lord decide to punish you, consider it justified homicide. Not allowing a prophet to speak this year will be the most damaging of all, causing my church and my people not to grow because your feelings are hurt. Woe to the pastor that scatters the sheep because they don't believe end-time prophets exist. When your church all of a sudden goes up in smoke and the congregation is dismissed, consider it justifiable homicide because you were afraid. The ones you have rejected have the plans to the kingdom of God, and this is their time to feed the sheep. You have been made their footstool as I raise up the rejects that everyone has forgotten about. Remember the ones you laugh at and gossip about? Thinking they were crazy because they left your house. The first shall be last and the last shall be first. Guess how many of those rejects now have to come and bless your house? But don't be afraid, I the Lord will leave it up to you, but failure to obey a word from the Lord this season means there is punishment for you.

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