The Plumbline Is Coming
are you being taken down or taken up?

by Dedric Hubbard
July 8, 2010

2 Timothy 2:15 "Work hard so you can present yourself to God and receive his approval. Be a good worker, one who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly explains the word of truth."

So how many interpretations of the Bible are there? No one knows for sure so we use the scripture above because it's clarity speaks volumes and it's easy to read and yet the Holy Spirit does also if you know him and them as they are separate but equal. So we understand holy men wrote the Bible as they were move by the Holy Spirit which means they were guided by the hand of God the person speaking through the person of the Holy Spirit. But where did the enemy creep in? Through the translation of the Bible. So you have a Holy Bible that has been translated by sinful men and when they read something that convicted them they translated by leaving something out and replacing it with something similar, or saying they are making it easy to read by using words to justify a sentence. Today's thought is you can tell the sin in a person and the spirit they operate in by the translation of the word they use. For today we use your NIV translation before the throne. The spirit language you send God is you are Not In Value or plain English you are worthless to preach or teach the Gospel because instead of allowing the Holy Spirit to teach you to read you opt for something easier. This is not working hard but finding a easier way out to understand through human wisdom a Holy Spirit. With that said you have allowed people to manipulate you into buying that garbage so that is the first book you must burn at the apostles feet for it was written in witchcraft says The Holy Ghost for they have added and taken away without permission and their souls are required in hell.

So what does that verse mean? If you had contacted your spiritual father in heaven he would have told you that it refers to the foundations that you were called in and there are five for now because the grace of God allowed the pastoral function to be in place, but as I type that foundation is being destroyed by the Master Pastor Jesus himself. Meaning anytime a person especially one that has the same foundation as you operate in and you are ashamed of that person (watch this) in the nature they do things, the spirit in which they operate, or the person they may or may not offend you have not the love of God. A workman is never ashamed, embarrass, or separate themselves from people when they speak a word from their position because they speak what he says and keep moving not fazed by anything but yet hearing everything and never a response until God says so because you are offending him by judging his vessels while you have not finished your course. Now with that said all five foundational gifts are about to be judged before God can correctly judge the church and the prophets are the first ones up and many of you are either a prophet in knowledge and/or in power. Your plumbline is the cross meaning most of you or all of you are off balance, new, or have limited authority based on the grace of God.

So who holds the standard for the prophetic office? The one who is taking three days to enjoy a vacation and drop the line from the throne of God to the pits of the sea to bring back his prophetic gift from the mouth of Leviathan where these eyes wide open prophets have given authority to the devil once again. And since I defeated him once I have to kill his spirit and his offspring’s this time for good. That's one of my job descriptions for being a workman unafraid of spiritual things and most of you talk and when the warfare comes you run back to what you know nothing of. So what do you have to know to be a prophet on my watch? Simple, most of you as we look into the stream of anointing you are seated in the third realm which is David's throne where you are wrestling with the sins of David trying to figure out who is speaking out of God's heart and who are you to trust, connect with, teach you, and just talk to. It means that you have not finished learning the second heaven at the throne of Melchizedek. You have to pass this test to operate in a priestly anointing for this is where the Glory of God dwells and he talks to you as a person so you can understand why he called you and he deals with every past sin in your life. In my own experience every time I was battling a giant he came in the form of a police officer and when I got it right he came as a regular person. Be mindful of anyone, especially older people, who just stops or passes by you and speaks. It takes 5 seconds for him to stare in your eyes and converse with you and he will then return to the throne and tell you that he saw you or spoke to you that day.

Then he will send the glory to heal your wounds and fight your battle. I know from experience he has done it at least 4 times for me and he will do it for you if you are aligned in love, the God kind. So if you are still struggling you have to go back before you go up. As for me, well me and Jesus are going to the gulf in the spirit to plant the plumbline on the nose of leviathan and we are going to take it and put in on the Son and any prophet that doesn't come ashore, repent, and be taught God's way will follow that line all the way to the sun and they won't have to worry about being judged because God says he doesn't judge prideful prophets because they know more than him so they should know they are going to hell.

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