Time to Smooth Out the Wrinkles
and get rid of the spots

by Dedric Hubbard
July 23, 2010

In the building of the Bride many will be hesitant to leave their comfort zone or the crumbling foundation of church and the leaders within. Many will have to understand that the coming prophets have nothing against church and/or the pastoral positions within the walls, but God does. When the time comes and we have to mark and destroy the fruit that has come out of church we must understand that the same fury will be used as well as different revelations and anointings. God doesn’t see the person all he sees is the foundation that is building itself up before his throne in deceit. Therefore, there is no one foundation more important than the other. All gifts flow from God through Jesus to the apostle and prophets and this is the order that should have been of the church. No bishop, prophet, apostle and their extra title to make them stand out such as chief, master, prelate etc., all that is foolishness and pride. If they were that much in tune with God's spirit they would know that God is destroying their foundation but because many are deceived they don't know what is about to hit them when the wave of Glory hits them. They have held people in bondage by their lack of spiritual wisdom and they make up for it with their theology degrees, and higher education. There is nothing higher than the Holy Spirit when it comes to teaching the word of God. What has happened is that many have made that book called the Bible their God when it is merely a manual of holy people who made mistakes that wern't revealed unto them until they got to heaven and the Holy Spirit allowed their seeds to be moved by his spirit to leave an example of what not to do and what to do in case you are stuck in a season of despair. If you read a verse and you are not in that season it becomes evil to you because you will begin to ponder on a word that you are not in that season to handle and thus you get a now-revelation for a future event and because you are so happy to get a revelation you tell everyone and the devil intercepts your word because it was spoken out of season. You read the bible not to get revelations from God, you read to know God and in your knowing him the revelations come naturally.

Now you have a pastor position that you have allowed to speak for a whole congregation and they aren't even prophetic, meaning they tell you “God told me to preach this” and they have sermons typed all nice and pretty. God speaks every day so you are not going to tell me that a prophetic God will feed you the same thing every year on a different plate. When God speaks he feeds everything that hears his word. The problem is you have let these pastors teach you how to hear the voice of God only; you still have the Holy Spirit, Jesus, angels, and nature. The reason they can't teach it they don't know it so you are tuned to one voice and the devil knows it so he takes your one dimension and twists you like a tie. God only speaks when he calls you up, out, or in; the other times it's Jesus, Holy Spirit, angels or a prophet and you only learn their voices when you are sensitive to spiritual things and speak the mind of God. They teach you the devil can't read your mind and that's a lie, if he engages you in a conversation he's in your mind because you have allowed a spirit inside of agreement. Did he not start a conversation with Eve and she answered? Meaning she was communicating back and forth with the serpent, and we haven't got there yet but many of you have allowed these false prophets to harness your anointing and introduce a Jezebel spirit. There ain't no way on earth that a person can tell me they are going in the spirit and going to correct this and that and I know what's in heaven and in earth. They are going to have to tell me what level they are operating in? Which level is the trouble occurring in? Which river is my anointing flowing out of? Then I tell them “don't worry, when I get home I'll go in the spirit and fix it myself because I got authority to do it for myself.” Whenever a person says they are going in the spirit for you they need to tell you and have knowledge to explain to you what is going on and what they are doing. If not they are just entering into your spiritual atmosphere, and raping you of your anointing and destiny. Then you sit there wondering why you are so attached to them. It's because they have put their Jezebel and Ahab in you and you think they are the baddest thing on this earth.

Let me help you. Anytime a person points and refers to themselves as the anointing; anytime a person is always commenting on what they can do in the spirit and yet has no viable proof, they are nothing but talk and introducing you with a spirit of fear that's necessary for the foundation of being spiritually manipulated. That is why many are afraid to question pastors and prophets, because they have instilled a spirit of fear in you and you are their bastard kids. Can I help you with something? As powerful as Jesus was did he not say “father why have you forsaken me?” Sounds like a question to me and you fools are going to sit and let a man piss on your head and tell you that you can't question what they do with your tithes? The people they have in position? How they live their life and they are speaking in yours? They are living better than you but when you need help they say “go see the deacons I have nothing to do with it?” And the deacons don't want to give you nothing because they have stolen enough for this month and they don't want it to show. The devil is a lie, you have a right to anything that goes on in a place where you get spiritual help from and according to the example you can question God too, because if Jesus asked God when he was confused and he is supposed to be your Lord, are you going to let some leader tell you don't question them? That in itself is time to kick dust and slam doors and if you get ghetto ask for all your tithes back or nothing less than a severance package, which means they owe you more than words because you help build the kingdom by word of mouth so you need some food in your mouth.

But what's wrong with you church folks is your spirit will agree with what I say but the fear of man has you bound and you won't even go see where your leader is at spiritually because you are scared little bastard children. If you knew who your daddy was you wouldn't be afraid of nothing these pastors would do to you; the worst they can do is blackball you in the church and say you have a demon because you are exposing what's in them. But you will have a piece of mind knowing that the spirit in you was right; they are not what they portray themselves to be. See, if you are going to be part of a bridal church there is no leader, there is spiritual authority which means anything that will go wrong will already be addressed by the foundation of the bride. What wrong with most of you church folks is that you are spiritual eunuchs which means you have believed so many false teachings you have become castrated to the things of God because man has fooled you for hundreds of years. Let me tell you the secret of heaven. There are four qualifications to make it through the gate and one invisible one. You must know who your spiritual father is around the throne, you must know what tribe you belong too, you must know if you are an apostle/prophet, and you must know what kingdom you are a part of. You can't go in saying you are a ‘minister’ because the gatekeeper is not only going to ask you that but you are going to have to demonstrate the power and authority before you even get to the gate. And how do I know..... selah

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