The Vision of the Bride
picture me rolling

by Dedric Hubbard
June 3, 2010

Sitting in the car this morning I heard the tune of one of my favorite old rap songs by 2pac, “picture me rolling.” I say to myself “where did that come from” and I was about to rebuke the thought and God says “the first verse is mine because you don't know the whole song” and I realize it was true. So the first verse keeps going through my head as I am driving and the Lord says “pull over, let me show you something.” I pull onto the shoulder of the road and he says “look” and I get an open heaven vision and he says “pray for this” and shows me the scenes of when the Bride comes in control. I will share a little bit in and out of order, for God told me to be careful: there is a wayward prophet taking end-time revelations and telling the congregation. God showed me this and that, what a loser and too prideful to ask for help so they make up the rest. The vision consisted of the Bride in control and everything is free. They owned real estate companies, rental car places and wherever you were in the world you had access; you called your assembly and say “I want to drive this kind of car” and they would bring it to your house. No Hondas (nothing wrong with them) but these were the best: Jaguar's Mercedes, Bentleys etc. If you wanted a house you call them and say “I want to stay in whatever state” they would send you pictures and you decide and you go and move in; everything is free. And the police (I wish they had this now) if they catch you with a minor infraction on whatever, they quote the scripture of what you have done, call your prophet and he states what happened and why they went wrong. If somehow a demon has entered he tells the police to hold you or let you go and the Apostle\Prophet then calls you in and they discuss the behavior. No trash on the ground, everyone is responsible, no underwear on the fence drying, cars all in the yard on bricks (y’all know who you are). The clothes are made in house according to the details God gives the tailors. That's the heaven he wants the bride to live before we leave earth.

The reason I showed you this he stated was he is about to release overnight blessings, and if God says go buy a Bentley go get it, if he says go get a house in the most expensive neighborhood go get it. And don't let anyone make you feel bad about it. He says he is about to make people and the world jealous of his remnant. Isn't that what he did to Israel by going to the Gentiles when his chosen people wouldn't receive him? God says he has some prophets, pastors and leaders he wanted to put front and center but they are hard-headed and stiff-necked. God says the reason people suffer from arthritis is because their family was rebellious and wouldn't move or do what he told them to. So when a person in the end-time suffers from this it's because they hear God but pride got them locked because they don't want to let you preach or teach so he strikes them with that as a warning. See, for some of you they know you’re ready but the powers that be want to hold you back. First God is going to bless you materially so the ones who claim they the chief can be jealous and show their head; whatever is in them has to come out. God is just throwing the bait out there on you. He showed me people getting calls on the phone asking “can you give me a book on that revelation or that word and here is so much up front because we prayed and God led me to your site (or name).” By passing all the red tape so he can bless you, I know one person who can agree with this. God says since they are too scared to move because they are confused I will bless them where they are at and let the jealousy run them away so I can really use them.

But for some of you he has to get your attention because you missed a couple of steps to get where you are at. If you can't pay the rent or need to catch up on some bills, don't struggle. Say “here devil, you can have this. I will be back with an increase.” Call your family member, friend or whoever, here I come. You have to realize if you have something and you are struggling to keep it or can't enjoy it, that's not God, because that is sorrow. You end up at the check cashing place, pawning car titles to maintain income; you had better realize bondage when you see it. Until then, picture yourself rolling in the best paid for. Cause he has a blessing with your name on it, but you keep blessing yourself before he can.

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