The Mantle of a Whore

by Dedric Hubbard
April 21, 2010

In a conversation with God as he presses in my spirit the seriousness of what is about to take place on the earth there was part in the conversation where as soon as he mentioned it we both laughed, but the situation he pointed towards was right in line with the spirit of the matter. And the question was “who is going to take the mantle of the whore” and as he spoke God made mentioned that this is the lineage that his son came from, we have:

Tamar in Genesis 38-60 who was promised the last son when he was of age to continue the line of Judah and out of an act of desperation and “this is how bad I wanted it” she portrayed the harlot to entrap the father out of which Pharez and Zarah were born and the lineage was continued through Pharez. The question is, what are you willing to portray and what are you willing to do to reach the destiny God has for you? What relationship are you in that you know is spiritually dead, immoral, and just plain lust-infused because of a need that you want. God says he is breaking and shaking all that is not of him. He doesn’t care what they say or think about you, the destiny he has for some of us is too important for you to stay in the mess that you are in. Before he lets you be a whore he will allow you to play the whore. How bad do you want it?

We have Rahab in the book of Joshua who received the spies of Jericho into her house and let them out the window which led to her family being saved. Who have you turned away because you were in your sin and failed to listen to the person God has placed in your life because you know it all? Who have you spoke evil against aloud as well as to yourself? Have you came to place where you have called them up and apologized? Is the scarlet rope hanging from your soul? Now unlike Tamar who had to play the harlot, you are the harlot whoring after everything that is not of God while all the time playing god. You know all the scriptures, songs, etc., you are so deep in sin you don’t even realize it is sin. Now is the time to find the spies God is sending out in this season and receive them for your family’s sake.

We have Hosea who had to marry a whore to show Israel's disobedience to God. Who have you failed to bless when God told you to bless them? Who have you sided with in a conversation (gossip) about a person instead of praying to God to reveal the answer to you directly? What have you not done because it didn’t sound right or didn’t reason right in your simple human mind? You my friend are in God’s eyes a whore, because you allowed the works of the flesh to overrule that of the spirit. God’s instruction doesn’t make sense to a person who is still alive, it makes sense to those who are dead. Spirit speaking to spirit now, for some of us we have to repent and go back and make it right before we move on. God can’t move you into your destiny when you are operating in picks and chooses and worrying about what you don’t have to give. When God couldn’t give anything else he gave his all.

Then we have David, yes David. We all know he was a whore but the thing about David is that he was honest about himself and he was honest to God, unlike many of us who are dishonest to everybody and even have the nerve to try to manipulate God into thinking we have it all together. The question is, who have you killed spiritually by lusting after what God has given them? Someone else’s wife, husband, ministry, house, job, ministry, anointing? God makes individuals, not carbon-copies. Whatever sins they deal with, guess what? Because of lust that’s what you have to deal with to. And you wonder why you begin to curse, drink, or want to get loose. That familiar spirit has set in and you are just along for the ride. The question remains, who wants the mantle of the whore? It is what causes you to go against the grain and cuts quickly and deeply to the point. It causes you to gain more favor with God and less with man, no questions asked just God said it and I did it. This mantle causes you to be disliked, talked about, and despised but the rewards on earth and in heaven are great.

Then we have Mary who became supernaturally endowed and was accused of being a whore but was blessed and highly favored. Which leads us to the benefits of accepting the mantle of a whore; those who had to fake, accept, take, and kill the flesh are now in the position to get what God has for them. Those of us who understand this was not just a common Passover we just observed nor will this be a normal Pentecost we are about to partake of but one that will signify the closeness of Christ returning. So for being whatever you had to be in a season the stakes will double on Pentecost but they will double with benefits. People will begin to say “how did they get that ministry so fast? They don’t have any money!” “How did they get on TV so fast? They don’t know anybody!” “Who they slept with? Who did they pay off?” “Why is she preaching all around the country? I know she doesn’t have a license!” “Why do all those people get healed every time they pray with them?” “How did they become an apostle? They just start preaching!” I am here to tell you God said if he covered and protected you when you were being the harlot from a natural standpoint, how much more will you have when he guides you from a spiritual standpoint? Because people will think you are walking in the flesh male/female Mary’s but actually you are about to be supernaturally endowed to walk in kingdom authority. Which means if God says go on a particular car lot that he said will give you a car, do it. If he says call the mortgage company and say “this is how much I want to pay for my house” do it. If he says go somewhere and bless a stranger, do it. This Pentecost will top anything the world has ever seen. In order to be endowed and used, make sure your natural whorish instincts have been met before you can move on to the spiritual things. So as always many people read things like this and think that isn’t right and that’s not God. Those are the same ones that haven’t grown spiritually one bit, so they ask “why did he get where he is so fast?” I took the mantle of a whore and have been blessed spiritually beyond measure. But to those who still struggle with the fear of man, that is all you will ever be: a natural man.

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