Here Comes The Elijah Generation!
get your house in order

by Dedric Hubbard
May 27, 2011

The World is about to encounter a whole new level of authority in the next 3 months. The Holy Spirit revealed a generation of well-seasoned, unknown individuals who will bear a level of authority that will be unequal to anything that church has to offer. The Season of the No-Names will consist of only two types of believers: the Moses Generation (those who will say, control, and lead people into what's happening) and the Joshua Generation (those that will take, shake, and battle for anything that God says will happen). The Moses Generation will lead people into the truth of who God is and the revelation of what God wants for his Bride. The Joshua Generation will take possession and occupy the land that false leaders have taken from deceived sheep. To not acknowledge what they say will be just as harmful as to acknowledge what they say for the Joshua generation will swing the sword of separation as Moses tells people it's time to come out of Mystery Babylon. The revelations that many will begin to understand and become attracted to is their common-sense revelation of how to serve God to be eligible to be considered the Bride of Christ and yet this common-sense revelation will not work for those loaded down with worldly burdens, traditions, and man-made doctrine of human wisdom. The main source of income that many have held sheep in bondage to (the tithe) will be tried at the fire and burned at the stake as the Elijah prophets reveal the revelations that many have given in error and false revelation. They speak of how is tithing a sin and yet many leave, attend, and operate in church and ministry in sin. Thereby asking the question, how can God bless your tithe and yet overlook your sin? This makes your tithe a blemish offering, meaning you are unworthy to tithe because of sin. A perfect sacrifice must be offered to the Lord, and yet these very details are in the Bible they make tithing the biggest sin and yet the prophets will say sin is sin, canceling the doctrine of man that you don’t love God if you don’t tithe. In fact you don’t love God if you sin for if you love God you keep his commandment, thereby tithes are not blessed but cursed because many are given in sin. This makes the tithes filthy lucre in which anything associated with it is not blessed and/or welcome by God but because of sinful giving they are welcome by man because of the pride of life.

The Elijah prophets will speak a decree from the Throne in which to tithe, operate in ministry, preach the gospel, or anything that is part of this new dispensation and you are in sin any and all kinds for sin is sin. You will be judged from the Throne according to the hardness of your heart and/or the severity of your sin, meaning you have an aught against God to operate in sin for Jesus died once and for all for sin. When the first Elijah Prophet reaches their platform to hear, receive, and/or go back to what you know will be considered blasphemy of the Holy Spirit for these unknown individuals will be operating in an indwelling of the Holy Spirit. To turn your back because of who they are, what they say, or the manner in which they operate will bring instant judgment upon your house and whatever ministry you are a part of.

Holy Spirit says that in the month of July in which the world celebrates their independence day an Elijah prophet will have reached a platform of independence apart from church in which this prophet will begin to supply income and/or platforms to other Elijah prophets. When the spirit of Elijah gathers 12 Elijah prophets to their individual platforms they will begin to emerge in states holding tent revivals, conferences, and home meetings in different cities separately but speaking the same thing. Before departing these states they will unite together and release the burden of the Lord for that state in which they will set-up an Elijah foundation to build the Bride. Their churches will be tithe-free in which you are not obligated to tithe because of the mandate on their lives. Dispensing and releasing the glory, blessings, and favor of the Lord without tithing will begin to cripple mega-churches as people's faith in God will transfer from money to anointing changing cities, states, and nations. The most hardening and deaf defying prophecy that will shake the World will be a warning that the tribulation is about to start and God has become tired of warning but this will be a signal to the four major Elijah prophets and the two hidden prophets that operate in a sonship anointing to stop releasing revelations and for all those who are connected to Elijah prophets and Bridal ministries to assemble in one state, place or location to prepare to be a part of the rapture.

What is this prophecy? When Israel is attacked many will think God will strike back. This will be punishment for Israel for they must be judged for 1. Denying the Son of God 2. For allowing their heritage to be taken and used for show. 3. For allowing their feasts to become corrupt. 4. Allowing themselves to become an idol unto a religion. This attack will symbolize that God has separated the wheat from the tares and the Moses anointing will cover some Elijah prophets as they take the remnant and harvest to a place of safety. In this dispensation they will be able to see the church and the world get judged together for they have become part of the world. As the judgment happens there will be a space of time when God will send Elijah prophets to one state for a period of 30 days and gets those who are a part of other religions. Thereby it will be the last call and the Gospel will be preached underground in one state as they prepare for life everlasting.

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