Top 7 Catalysts that will start a cycle of Holiness
come out of the building
the anointing is in the streets

by Dedric Hubbard
April 23, 2011

1. The more revelation, authority and power will replace prophecy: Before the Elijah prophets utters a word of prophecy for the future they must remove the past. As a result there are no houses, clothes, cars, and “everything is alright. you stay encouraged” type-prophets in the first move of this dispensation. They are fire and brimstone, holiness or hell, God or man prophets. You have been encouraged in your sin long enough; patted on your back and “love where you are at” long enough. It's time for the cat of nine tails preaching in which the flesh will be convicted, offended, and embarrassed into submission. if any prophet comes in any other manner mark them as an example of destruction.

2. The more understanding, knowledge, and revelation will replace pastors: Before the Elijah prophets preach a gospel word, they will teach the gospel in that many will sit and let people equip themselves in the gospel as they learn from the throne, foregoing the religious practices of minister-in-training classes, leadership classes, and discipleship classes. As they teach how Jesus taught from the throne of grace, bringing individuality to the individual, not demanding they sound and dress like pastor and similar traditions. If any pastor comes with a license and a line for covering, mark him as an example for destruction.

3. The more wisdom, might, and revelation will replace apostles: If a person can't speak a 24 hr. healing, deliverance, or blessings then they are not apostles of God but of man. If any apostle comes to you with a covering and a cause, note that apostle as false.

4. The increase in individual signs, wonders, and miracles in intimate settings will replace the mega-conference of the past. There will be home conferences as powerful as these mega-meals they have been serving you. If anybody runs somewhere to get lost in a crowd, note them as a fool following folly.

5. The chain link fence of coverings with the picket fence of the past; The anointing of Elijah does not cover ministry it connects them and as such each individual is recognized by their authority in God, not their titles by men. If the chieftest of the chiefs, the master of the masters, the teacher of the teachers comes to you with a prophecy and a pail note that person as a bucket full of pride with a title for disguise.

6. The higher Elijah prophets climb the deeper their revelations, knowledge, and anointing. You will experience the full kingdom power as many will be imparted to speak Greek, Hebrew, understand seasons, times, and hidden revelation as they connect with those who operate directly from the throne. Making schools of theology insane when you can sit under the right anointing and have it released in the atmosphere for free.

7. Get your house clean, basement full of chairs, and save your tithes for the bride and you can honor a person if God says it, not when man begs for it. You are about to see tents on corners, with food coming from the home of those who have invited their chosen person to speak. A home ministry block party is about to hit the streets and church will never be full again. And if the pastor comes saying “where you been?” Say you heard the voice of God and you are now a stranger to me because I am getting revelations for free and by the way the Elijah prophets said the tithes have always been for me.

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