Dressed in Righteousness
Covered in Filth

by Dedric Hubbard
June 6, 2010

To understand the nature of this revelation you must have the mind of a warrior or hunter stalking prey to be put on display. Earthly wisdom automatically considers that being dressed is to put on something; praise, worship, clothes, makeup, and of course we now put on hair, tattoos and the latest fashion. This is a separation revelation and the remnant must stand up and be accounted for in their homes, ministries, jobs, communities as well as to their friends, families, and their church folks. We must understand that when I released the revelation of doing battle in the spirit with a Nephilim spirit who before being slain stated his name was Azazel who we found out to be Jezebel's personal shopper as well as the demon assigned to carry out their tasks. Paul says we have this treasure in earthen vessels that the excellence of the power be of God and not of us. It is of importance to note I write this in the spirit among the brethren and not in the flesh among my brethren for as I sit in my spiritual office the prayers pile up and the answers are on hold. Because God says that his people are dressed in righteousness but covered in filth, we take note of a prophet's prayer who wishes to encounter the realm in which Elijah speaks about consistently. You enter that realm in the key areas of nakedness, humility, and obedience, but be advised God only allows you to enter in places that he has pre-ordained for you. Everyone will not have the same heavenly experience because that may not be your area. Always stay in your lane, mind your business, and debate your revelation with no one, for you access heaven according to your faith not people.

So to enter in, God must know you understand that you have a treasure within and it cannot flow correctly, people can't recognize it, or you can't function in it because you are bringing attention to the outside and God cannot gain interest on the inside because you are covered in filth. You must understand that you were bought from the enemy with a price. Therefore, you are not your own but belong to Jesus so everything in this world that you do to your body you ask Jesus and not yourself because your self is fleshly and it will go after fleshly things. So to the remnant and the elect called of God to the service of his son Jesus Christ, we must inform you of the wiles of the devil, for although you are Christians you shop in the enemy's camp. The fallen angel revealed the secrets of his territory which fall under the headings: clothing, music, cosmetics, hair and any offspring of these items. The remnant must understand when you purchase your Baby P, Rocka W's, Sean J's, Air J's, and the latest Ed H's these are all made with the wisdom of fallen angels using human agents. They have fallen victim to the pride of life and this is why there is no limit to what they will do. You have to look at the spirit behind which these clothes which are made seductive, revealing, and words written across body parts to draw attention to them. This is a jezebel spirit at work. Therefore when you attract the same kind of man or women, the spirit in the clothes communicates to the other spirit. So he hits and runs or if you're lucky he leaves you something on the nightstand.

The music you allow your children to listen to (as well as you) is loaded with hidden spiritual messages that communicate to satan to draw your child closer to him; that is why we are almost about to lose a whole generation for you have allowed rap music and video games to run your child's life. There is a movie about to come out called “Marduk.” You must understand the history behind this name before you allow yourself or your children to watch this movie. Marduk was the pagan god in which his followers passed their children through the flames. In other words, they killed their own children. This is where the spirit of abortion comes from. God says the devil is taunting many of you because you are about to abort your destiny, gifts, callings, and anointing. You have to realize your latest Ed H. fashion is nothing more that the spirit of Ahab coming forth. The history of this man is he is a tattoo artist. You have to realize that God does not allow any markings on what is his. On the battle of Mt. Carmel they cut themselves, meaning the spirits that used these individuals knew they were about to be destroyed so they cut themselves for they understood that if the blood was released upon the earth someone would walk on that mount and they would have access to another body. In God's eyes this is filth; you have tv pastors, apostles, and prophets wearing this attire not knowing they are allowing demonic access into their lives. You must understand that the fallen angels had sex with animals and then killed them because they knew that through reproduction was birthed another life. They made makeup to enhance their beauty to become more attractive to the humans; this process is still going on to this day. When a woman adds hair extensions or braids to her hair the spirit is taunting her because he is about to enter her mind. This step is vital for a demon to totally possess their victims, but until it needs her the demon will just lay dormant in her spirit. The devil is positioning his people for the coming war and many of you are asleep as to what is going on because you cry out to a Holy God while dressed in the devil's attire.

Because of this practice, when a hard word comes forth you judge it in the flesh for the spirit in you gets fearful he is about to be exposed. So he uses you as his mouthpiece to lash out at what was meant to help and warn you. Many of you are being controlled and don't even realize it. This is why you cannot access heaven like you are supposed to, you are defiled. In order to be delivered you must not possess the devil's garment. If you agree, from now on ask God what you can have or not have. You must repent for being ignorant of satan’s devices and if God tells you to get rid of them get rid of them. It's up to you to make the choice though. My job is to watch and alert to get the blood off my hands. Therefore, it's your choice what you do and what you wear but for me and my house we will serve the Lord.

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