Destiny Desires, Thieves, Assailants and Abortion

by Dedric Hubbard
Sept 9, 2010

One thing the remnant, bride, church, prophets as well as the harvest have to know is that many new prophets are starting their walk of destiny and with this comes greater demands, revelations, and warfare. This is not for everyone but only God's chosen prophets for the end-time and this is what I am told by God to always focus on for many will enter into a place in God that even those of old have never witnessed. As I paid attention to the revelation this morning the power that some will walk in will be almost equal to Jesus himself for it will speak to the closeness of the individual with God. But as I scan the spirit in which these prophets operate mine and their biggest obstacle and battle will come from the building of brick and flesh called the church. As many sit at their home meetings sharing end-time revelations and power the church sits helpless, lifeless, powerless, and motionless to the fury and destruction the Lord is about to send their way. When a person submits to God and says they are preaching the whole gospel they have entered into a covenant with a living God and know that the church was supposed to the equip the saints according to Eph. 2:20 standards and yet a foundation of little importance to God has made itself strong and states they are the head of the church to the point where everyone idolizes and worships the pastoral foundation. This is blasphemy against God's word. For it states in scripture: “And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone” for the judgment that is coming to that which has not the foundation that God established and Jesus equipped. But yet many have come to allow pastors to become foundation of ministries with no idea of the cost by not allowing God to build your ministry. So many churches in America pastors have went and not sent for; if you have been sent you would have understood what's in scripture concerning the foundation.

And with no foundation many pastors have become destiny thieves afraid, intimidated, and fearful of the gifts that should have kept the church in order and what constitutes a pastor? A destiny thief, for they have imposed hand-written laws in order for many of you to be able share your gospel and gifts and yet they contain, judge, and criticize what you speak as not to make themselves look small upon the congregation but yet behind closed doors they destroy your spirit for lack of understanding of what's in you. For they wish to control your anointing for their purpose and yet if they had a real Elijah prophet of God they should be saying to some “you better get out before God comes in” meaning God has not called for just judgment of some churches but actual destruction of those who have a knowledge of a person's anointing and yet try to belittle them for prideful reasons. Many churches will be completely destroyed and leaders will just disappear without a clue for when the mantle of Moses is fully operational as they turn the people toward salvation, many will just come in and start taking over ministries and for those who desire a megachurch, if you had a true prophet you would now be rethinking that ideal for that is not what God wants in the end-time. Many are also under prophetic pastor/apostles and many of these are destiny assailants in which they come to you and/or draw you in with manipulative prophecy and then they drain your anointing till you are no more than a body of servants and tithes-payers, always telling you that you are not ready and then they cut communication from the ones who would tell you the truth, this is nothing more than witchcraft 101 they have used to allow them to implant their Jezebel spirit into you and they now control you with fear and threats. For you know there is more and yet they have you scared stiff for now you have become fearful of man and not God for they tell you that it's a demon speaking as to gain control of your every move. You have allowed them to become an idol and god to you.

This has lead many into spiritual abortion waiting on a man to tell you what God has already assigned you to do for this is just a warning to the church as it stands now that the gospel, traditions, theology, religion, denominations, that many of you practice as well as the pastor foundation that you use to introduce doctrine of devils has never, and will never, be approved, established or sanction by God. He states that he has watched as your foolish minds did what you wanted and how you wanted until this end-time season when you will now conform to what the prophets are saying and will say or meet that furnace of everlasting fire. So your earthly wisdom will now be trampled by the wisdom of God for we already see the fakes and those who are worried that pay individuals to visit our site for they are fearful and don't have the guts to look for themselves. These are the cowards who run ministries and speak big in front of the congregation and yet are fearful when they recognize the real power of God moving and they have no say in it. For they are among the prophets of old that read end-time revelations and create a sermon for themselves for their hearing and eyesight has been darkened by the evil in their hearts. So to many that follow a false foundation I say to you that if your congregation doesn’t yield to the power, anointing, and foundation in the bible and is at least trying, you are in a season where you will die among the heathens for being hard of heart. So many of you will actually love and follow your pastors to death literally. I would rather stay at home and learn from a trusted friend with new revelation then to enter an atmosphere that God has declared evil and is destroying but then again many didn't want to leave Pharaoh but in this case it's not for your life, but your soul. If you love your pastor you'd better pray that he understands the hand of the Lord upon the church and it's not in a loving way. Selah

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