The Well vs The “Oh Well”
There is no more water in the church

by Dedric Hubbard
July 29, 2010

As I sat in a place of meditation for the upcoming bridal move God spoke and said “The well must come to the Oh well” and God spoke to the state of mind most Christians have adapted; the “if God does it, fine. If he doesn't, fine.” This mind frame destroys the very foundation of the gospel but man with his earthly intelligence has destroyed the faith in which it takes to activate the move of the Holy Spirit. If a person sins it's “oh well let's love them where they at.” If a man of leadership cheats on his wife “oh well, let's forgive them as well” as other habits the church has used to justify the need for not walking in holiness. The reason they have adopted this position is that they look for a person to fall and wait in anticipation so they can forgive them. Did God send Jesus and wait on him to fall? Or did he send him to walk the path which was before him listening and obeying the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is with this obedience that he met the women at the well. The living well standing ready for the “oh well;” meaning she was in herself oh well time to go get some water, oh well I have to go up the hill, oh well Jacob built the well; oh well he was a mighty provider. How does this play into us now? Oh well time to go to church, oh well I hope no one is in my seat, oh well the church is in high praise today, oh well pastor preach today. The church has been put in a state of sleep and slumber for following man's traditions and teaching and failing to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Because they have refused to operate in the foundation that Jesus left to establish his church.

Now the plot has thickened for the church has married five gifts, but they only live with one or the other, so what’s the revelation that we release today? The church has entered into a season of tribulation and judgment for they recognize the five gifts of Eph. 2:20 when they read the scripture but are so dull to the spirit of God that your leaders don't even get convicted enough to see that their house is not up to the biblical code of the Holy Bible and these are supposed to be Holy men who have a relationship with a Holy God. And yet these are the people that you have allowed to speak into your spiritual life and even a 6 year old that can read can tell something is not right; where are the other gifts? They have manipulated the word so that they can preach a word in plain English and reveal it to you the way they see fit and you believe it because many of you have been beguiled. Lord send me a the prophet that can stand in the face of a dying world and tell them that you are on a one-way trip to hell. The bible didn't say God left a prophet to run a church, it doesn’t say an apostle and God knows it didn't say a pastor. It doesn’t say a pastor/prophet or apostle/prophet. It states an apostle and a prophet meaning two are the foundation and everything else will fall in place as Jesus will; it doesn't even say God it's says Jesus is the cornerstone, for he already knows the plans of God. So the church needs to run down the hill and leave “my pastor didn't say that,” “my prophet didn't speak that,” “my apostle didn't approve that” at the spot of the oh well and run and tell their congregation they have to build a new well with the correct foundation.

So who is the prophet in this revelation? Me standing by the river looking down the hill and telling you as individuals if you don't come up to the river and drink for yourself instead of letting a man lead you up and down the road of traditions and bondages, you are going to be left behind. Or one of the times when you are in your building worshipping gifts instead of God and your church is on the wrong foundation you are going to say the glory is falling and you are going to see the fire fall for trying to worship a Holy God out of order. I don't care if it's TD Jakes or whoever they are if you do not have the foundation of God and fill 3 stadiums in 10 states they are preaching your souls to hell because they are all out of order and that goes for every church in the whole nation except those that God is transforming to be bridal stations and even those have special names with special meaning. So you can twirl your little children out there thinking they look cute. You can stand in your choir stands thinking you are praising the Lord. But you let a man send your soul to hell because they are not teaching God's word on his foundation. “But our church did this and that happened, and she spoke this and that happened;” that was grace hoping that maybe someone would read a scripture and say we are missing a few gifts, but since you didn't want to acknowledge for fear you would lose your position you tried to teach a scripture to match your position and with that you have caused many to look to an individual and not to individuals, because someone wants to be a leader. Woe to the leaders who have read Holy Scripture and interpret it in the flesh for the sake of self-gain. Woe to the leader who tries to teach and stand in a holy position of an apostle or prophet for the sake of self-gain. Woe to the leader that teaches holy people in fleshy minds for the sake of self-gain.

So what does that mean? Any leader that tries to teach end-time vessels is doomed for trying to keep their eyes on the leader instead of on God. I don't care how many books you buy or how much you study, any leader can't teach a prophet how to be a prophet and an apostle how to be an apostle, because all of it does not flow from the same stream of anointing. Common sense says there are four streams flowing from heaven, but you will only know when you get to stand by the river before it divides into four, meaning that's when you know the authority of a person. So now the church has become God's public enemy number one for having a zeal for God but not according to knowledge for if they did the church would have known the grace of God is off of them and on the bride which is in massive formation assembling themselves before they will present themselves. So what's my job today along with all my bickering? To hand deliver a message from the rainbow room of God.

God states that any pastor, prophet, apostle that leads a church has been weighed in the scales of justice and his people have been found wanting and yet they feed them according to their knowledge of flesh and not according to the knowledge of my son. For your words are as filth that spews out into the seas and your ways are as that of a whore who bleeds but yet has no way to fill her needs. You keep my people in bondage according to the words of your law but I have released my spirit of evangelism on this day from the river of where the prophets see clear. For I have sent the spirit of Elijah and his sons that sit on my right to pronounce the day of the saints that day is near and the dreaded one has come and those who live in holiness have no fear. But those who have heaped up treasures of honor and always apply to self, their days are numbered according to the levels that I have dug for them in hell. For my people wish to worship me in the spirit of the truth that I write, but you have transfigured my face before the people speaking words of lies, denying my prophets the positions of honor that I have requested inside of my word for it speaks with ease. For the apostles that I have prepared are sitting in the vessels of prophets who will work according to my plans and everything that is not of me I the Lord will burn with fire. And the prophets that ran where I have not sent I have released the arrows of warning for you to come in for you did not pass the test and to the apostles who sat and order where I did not make your place, I have sent forth the lighting of my fury; you are no priest to me and anyone that does not respond. I the Lord number your days according to the stars in heaven for trying to rise above the rest for when your star falls you will be laid to rest.

For I send Elijah as a teacher of things that many have not known for they have the treasures of darkness knitted into their souls and what God will I be to allow my children to come home and they know not where their provisions are? For when my son's bride appears I the Lord your God will sleep for a 1000 years while my son releases his paradise for me to see what we have created and recreate the things that are my heart’s desire. For I seek for my children to operate in their power as I created them from the dirt and those who hold my sons and daughters in bondage there is a sea that I have not shown which I throw you in with your sins and your beast of a father will replay day by day where you forsook my words for pleasure and you built yourself a house that I the Lord tore down, all because you wouldn't speak with my mouth.

So I sit in heaven while watching from the ground I release my Bride to build that which is sound for my power is on my son’s work. Go to your buildings of clay, consider this a warning. I the Lord no longer dwell in your houses of clay. For I have found vessels of honor inside human flesh and I can come and go when I please for they are purity at their best. I rest inside my nest and never say a word and my vessels received my presence and they know never to reveal to the world when I have come for I use these vessels as judgment to the world that my kingdom has come to earth in the form of men. I use Elijah to terrorize, appoint, anoint, and teach the spirit from which he came and I use my servant Moses to forgive, reveal, and explain a well-balanced plan of honor in order and now I the Lord must go. For my message today is get your house in order before the day of unrest appears and I destroy everything just as my word reveals. Selah


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