Spiritual Clocks will be set
and Heavens aligned in Orlando conference

by Dedric Hubbard
Aug 1, 2010

I pen this revelation not out of a state of concern, but out of a state of amazement for the time of redemption draws near. As I sat in a daze my spirit was summoned before the heavens and there God showed me the place of his faith which is the workings of his own knowledge and this he states “is an honor that I have only given to one other man and he walked with me.” For I gave him the time of his eternal inheritance not because he was holy and yet he was, but because he was obedient until death. And in this room God placed his hand upon my right shoulder as if to touch it and with a humble spirit it caused me to kneel and he took a yoke from behind me, I guess it was on my neck spiritually, and when it touched the ground it turned into a rod. He then took it and touched each shoulder with it and then removed the cloak from around my neck, which I remember he gave it to me spiritually earlier this year. When he placed it in front of me it turned transparent like glass and he said “never look behind you from now on, for I am about to destroy that which you came from.” And he took both items and put them in a room and closed the door and said “come walk with me.” As we walked God revealed the intent and purpose for certain revelations that he has released through me and yet this one brings me honor to release.

God states the Orlando outpouring that is about to happen will have a major impact on the world because he will set a throne on the southern region while he watches his sons/daughters manifest. In the spirit everyone who is in the flow of God can feel the high-tension atmosphere, meaning it's hot; it symbolizes the throne God is bringing to sit in that area. Now the conference will take place in October, meaning there will be a chill. Now when hot mixes with cold a few things happen: it gets hotter, it gets lukewarm, or it's gets cold. Now we understand what God does with lukewarm things. Never would I have imagined I would know or see God or receive the revelations that has been bestowed on me; it's only because of the grace, humility, and obedience that I get what he gives; Because I treasured every nugget God gave me from the first to the last. Now the Orlando outpouring will be ground zero for the release of God's outpouring. It is then that if you are a follower of Christ this should set your spiritual clock with heaven, meaning it will be night on the earth but light in heaven because the world is in the dark concerning how close it is to God returning. This will mark the tribulation of the church and the prophets will come out releasing the end-time message of what a church has to have in place to be a bride, what is required for end-time ministry, and will release the anointing to carry out God's plan.

Now it is important to keep your spiritual clock set to heaven and here is why: as the season changes, your season should stay with God. This means if you are still hot when the natural winter season comes you should be so in the presence of God; he is revealing hidden mysteries of his kingdom to you. When spring comes and it rains you are still hot and the rain should intensify your anointing. In the summer hot means hot and you should be growing and going in the things of God. You should have an increase in every area of your life once you attend this conference, it will be the river of heaven that will rush it out to the world. Now the way I see it sitting literally in the spirit is with God being the foundation, he is building his kingdom on earth and until we clear the path he will sit in the spirit as a person over Florida. Now the way God's throne is situated in heaven Jesus is on the right, Holy Spirit on the left. But because we are away from God and he is trying to get us to the son Jesus will be on the left and the Holy Spirit on the right, because Jesus has to judge the church and the Holy Spirit has to empower it. This means their thrones are sitting over the water, representing the end-time revelations they are releasing. As I stated yesterday Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Florida will be states that will carry heavy evangelistic anointings to those who attend the Orlando outpouring. Now I skipped Mississippi because in the spirit there is a misplaced individual who has brought a fallen spirit back into that state and it has to purged by acceptance of the Holy Spirit. The individual entered into a covenant with that spirit and must come back by leading of the Holy Spirit; in other words the vessel has been beguiled. Line your clock and hold on, seems like the bride will be going warp speed.

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