Elijah Calls For The Bridal Dressmakers
here comes the bride

by Dedric Hubbard
Nov 8, 2010

Talking with the angels and God the Holy spirit begin to reveal his plans for dressing his Bride. Although no one sees the spirit, understanding, knowledge and revelations Elijah is uncovering, the chosen know they are closer to becoming a force to be reckoned with. It is through these hidden wavelengths of thoughts, confirmation and respect of one another’s authority in God is what God will use to build his treasure. It is then Elijah calls forward the First Battalion in which the spirits of Enoch, Elijah, and Ezekiel will begin to emerge on the ministry scene:

The Elijah Battalion will consist of only a First and Second company. The first will be those who carry the mantle in them. You will receive instructions, warnings, and position as well as in-depth revelations and observation from spiritual perspectives. The second company will consist of those who acknowledge, reveal, and put in motion this revelation and power of God. They will also be responsible for spiritual connections, deliverance and long range warnings and assaults.

The Ezekiel Battalion will be responsible for waking up, equipping, demonstrating, symbolizing these revelations and power Elijah will be speaking. This is a fearful bunch who will always release the devastation you will receive if you choose to go your own way!!

The Enoch Battalion will consist of those who will bring back verifiable proofs that it is more to God then what people have read these are people who will release revelation of unknown spiritual forces of angelic and demonic events, strategies, and communications. These will be the information gathering battalion of this end-time spiritual war.

The Dead Seals Battalion these are God’s majestic army they possess the express image of God these are God’s navy seals in which they have no life beyond God and yet adapt to any situations. They possess mantles of immeasurable limits and powers. They are undercover sons of God. These will be the lead teachers and equippers of this war in which they hide among the confusion while teaching the wisdom and knowledge of God. They look for anything that brings shame to the Commander in Chief and strike without warning or cause.

The danger in being called up is not answering the call in which you continue to stay in your mindsets in which Elijah then calls for the fire of disobedience to fall upon you. It is now if you say you are a soldier you must present yourself for duty.... unless you are a prisoner of war and trapped in religion. In which case, once the fire starts you become a victim of friendly-fire for being in religion and if that’s the case you die with the rest of the heathens for being a double agent.

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