Elijah Versus The Company of Prophets
death to the gulf-coast prophets

by Dedric Hubbard
Sept 21, 2010

Well for this revelation God stated that we will reveal it in the context of what a prophet should stand for and for this reason we release what I consider the most intelligent use of the wisdom of God few have ever seen. Although I understand the fury of God against the church, pastoral foundation and the wrath he has prepared for them, the wrath and judgment he has for those who call themselves prophets is so severe that he wishes to tell them because for some after this travels you will never see through the eyes of God again for the indictment God has against those he has sent to protect the people but who have allowed the filthy lucre of this world to destroy them. The charges are as follows:

Failure to protect the people from the works of satan - Guilty

Failure to acknowledge and equip the people - Guilty

Failure to find and stay in your place of duty - Guilty

Failure to dispense and release the wealth of God - Guilty

Failure to protect you region from other religion - Guilty

Failure to maintain and instill the foundation of God - Guilty

Failure to stay out of the affairs and/or speak on man's affairs - Guilty

Failure to demonstrate and/or call the wrath of God on sin - Guilty

Failure to rise up and be heard concerning the works of God - Guilty

Letting a foundation become more power than the set foundation that has been laid - Guilty

Becoming more of a show than a vessel of God - Guilty


As I walk in the spirit with those prophets of old who have expressed concern about the use of prophetic gifts as God leads us through a maze in which these prophets will be judged with an intent unknown to man and yet visible to all who access the heart of God. God states that those who have operated in the prophetic from before 2006 have become as snails to salt and many only move to the sound of money in which they fleece the people at will to maintain a standard of life that should be available for all. God states that you all are operating out of order and will receive pink slips in the form of how you operate and handle his most treasured gift. Prophets who come in from region to region have infected and contaminated other regions with spirits and demons from the other region. A prophet should be able to understand that fornication is not always physical but can also be a spiritual act as well and any prophet who travels to another region and releases a word without the set prophet/apostle in that region knowing is committing adultery, fornication, and spiritual rape for in the coming Elijah revolution all regions will be protected and armed by their legion of angels for that territory. And to solidify this authority-building process many will become familiar with what God says is The Prophet which is a person whom God has graced with the highest honor that is in eternity, the ability for the God-Head to show up in the flesh for The Prophet is already stationed in Eternity but has come to reveal the ultimate power and destruction of renegade prophets. This prophet will single-handedly destroy all prophetic vessels who do not comply with the standards that the Elijah prophets will set and as we stop on the first level of eternity for that I can see his face I know when I see him on Earth what to look for to protect myself from the wrath of prophets. God states that as we now walk backwards a prophet needs to know who and what they are. Many were specially produced for this season as we walk behind the throne to the left and open the door of understanding we read prophet from the spirit and it stands for Protected Heritage. God states that he allowed the Holy Spirit to play with words to allow understanding on a human level but when they really become as I called them the heavens will let them access the treasures of darkness that have been hidden since the days of Adam and Eve.

As we look to the left the prophets and those chosen for the final battle are moving from the secret place to behind the throne being sealed for the move ahead. It's interesting to note that the seal is where your spirit and soul have been redeemed from the enemy and the law and the Holy Spirit comes in the form of your resurrected body and covers you. This is what many refer as the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. As you are sealed you are then given a legion of angels. In their hands are books of hidden secrets, knowledge, and wisdom as well as the pure power of God through the Holy Spirit. A prophet who is truly called by God understands the nature, authority, workings, and generations that are in heaven for they are guides into the realms of understanding and your inheritance of the saints. And to deny they exist is to deny your existence for you all come from the seed of Adam and Eve. A prophet who is assigned a territory in God's kingdom is responsible for all that goes on in that region and is accountable to God. The problem is this job is always assigned to an apostle, but since most of them are of little importance and knowledge in the things of God this problem must be destroyed and rebuilt upon the foundation of God. And I speak this with the boldness and the clarity of the Lord: there are no end-time apostles, for if there had been then God wouldn't have to destroy to build and as such they are not covering any post because we have to destroy these self-made post coverers.

It is with that statement that God revisits the gulf and any and all prophets who have made themselves idols among the prophetic arena who discussed the situation but never had the faith and/or the power to speak to a man-made creation with the authority of God, you are not fit for the kingdom. In the coming months the Elijah prophets will have enough faith that when this situation occurs if God doesn't do and/or perform the miracle in question at least they will come to an agreement that they will at least show up to the scene. For many are living in their fortress of selah and God will destroy you as such for you have become too busy in your own affairs to handle and/or show the powers that God has given you all life for. For they tweeted, emailed, posted and walked and even tried to pray but they failed to go to the place where it hurt. For it's a sad day in the body of Christ when homosexuals march and appear for what they believe in and yet those who are supposed to carry the sentence of death carry life and failed to see that the Lord hungers to see his sons manifesting on the earth. And what caused this massive show of dark sludge? Quite simple, you let that demon lama come to your region and pour his human excrement in your waters and thereby defiling your land and yet the so-called prophets that knew and/or witnessed this event did nothing. It is with that consideration that your prophetic words, visions, confirmations, websites, insights have no use in this Elijah revolution for you have failed to operate in love, authority, and order. For we speak to those who have made themselves authority in an arena that is limited to the power that God wishes to show and in doing so they have separated God's kingdom unto themselves and have already divided the spoils of the world as if they were kings of this world and in doing so you have given yourself honor on this side of earth so look for no kingdom when you reach eternity (and they know who I am talking too). The kingdom of God is forming on the earth and with that order and discipline is mandatory in this next year you will see the generals of the Elijah army and with that they will assume regions not by force, but the wisdom of God in which they begin to equip and show the works of God on earth. For they will enter a battle that has been ignored for years. For we see in second kings how Elijah ignored the company of prophets and they stood at a distance and watched as Elijah performed miracles and saw the power of God take him up in a whirlwind. It is this time of season that these prophets 50-years plus stand still and watch as Elijah takes the world by storm, not according to what they have been taught by men, but by the sheer power of God which will prove to the word that there is a living God.

Elijah passing by the company of prophets signifies that don't offer your advice, knowledge, and/or resources for we will strip you of them as needed for your failure to add value to the kingdom of God, and instead adding unto yourself. The signal to the world that God is judging the prophetic house is when a well-known aged prophet releases a word of advice to his man-made idols concerning the structure and power behind the mantle of Elijah because God will control his tongue and speak through his mouth and after that he dies. And with it these self-serving prophets that thought they had trademarked God's kingdom and threatened people who came up against them with untimely deaths, for that they have reaped what they sowed. You never threaten the people you were called to protect because you wish to be looked to as a voice of the lord, for your gift makes room for you and each one of you that have divided God's kingdom prematurely with threats and intimidation have from that point on been operating in prophetic witchcraft and your day of judgment has arrived. And to give you a hint what your senior prophet will release concerning these Elijah prophets is that each one possesses a doorkey to eternity and when the time comes each will meet in designated locations at designated times and those who have achieved bridal status will enter a building and walk right into eternity.

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