Elijah sees no love for God in the church

by Dedric Hubbard
Nov 15, 2010

It is through consecrated obedience that the Lord will reveal himself through his people. We understand that many were taught that the pastor is the authority in the house. We understand that many have developed rituals, ideas, and theology that we came to recognize as a move of God. And yet in this season here comes God to show you who he is. We tend to shrug off new revelations as stories of experiences, but we fail to understand this is God revealing himself through people he trusts. We understand that if God didn't reveal himself fully to Paul he was on his way to kill himself, for how can you stop the people of God if you don't know God himself? It is then that I release this revelation not as a warning or revelation of who God is, but as a promise. If you don't find and listen to an accurate voice of God, you are killing yourself and for interfering in any kind of way you have chosen the path of his destruction. We understand that God has released great men and women of God that you have come to know and love and which you listen to dearly, but yet 99% of them are not releasing an accurate 'now' word of God for him, but for you. God did not make church for pastors, prophets and apostles to release and teach about you but him and the mystery of church is revealed and solved in one sentence: out of order. Church was supposed to be an equipping center in which you go and learn the power you possess in God, not the problems you have in which he has the answer to fix them. The Bible is a self-help manual for the believers in which if you have the power you can overcome anything that your forefathers have went through.

When you enter your place of worship you sing without power, praise without a relationship, and listen to a man/woman who hears God by grace and not power. It is then you accept these teachings by grace for you don't see the power demonstrated in what they preach. And yet you have given them power and authority to watch over your soul. God states the reason many Christians are offended by end-time prophets, especially those of Elijah's company, is because they are exposed to the powers of the flesh as opposed to the powers of God. When one speaks and/or write's a word and/or revelation that breaths life to others and yet offends the rest it speaks to the love they have for God and his word. So revelations released that many think don't show love is because God is judging you with his word and the truth is convicting the reader in which it shows you really don't love God like you think you do. Shall we use your Bible? It states if you love me you will keep my commandments. It states obedience is better than sacrifice. It states that he gave gifts unto men. It states the foundation of the church is built upon the apostle, prophet, pastor evangelist, and teacher and yet 100% percent of churches have built their foundation upon pastors; 100% percent of churches are not using this foundation. But yet they have the nerve to say they love God and are obeying God and have not seen the fullness of God because your pastors don't want you to experience the other love of God. You don't love God if you are not obeying God's foundation nor his principals. There are only 3% of people who have moved completely away from churches as led by the Holy Spirit. The words Elijah releases are to comfort those who sit and wait for further instructions from God. These are considered as God's remnant in which if God was to come today they would not be among us because his power is shown fully in love and anyone who reads a Bible looks at the scripture of Eph. 2:20 and yet still attends a church, you don't love God at all because you have participated in the rebellion of your teacher who is defying the foundation of God in the church. It will be a shame on that day when you meet God and he asks you how many types of love have you learned? and you only know one in which your pastor taught you. So the question is asked, how can you love God when you don't allow his basic gifts in his house which is a part of him?  

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