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the releasing of the judgments of God

Prophecies For May

by Dedric Hubbard
April 23, 2012

As we begin to transition into the month of May many are being led astray by passive prophets, demonic prophecies, and words that are leading people into a false sense of peace and God is declaring war on the traditions, religion, and man-made bondages that have kept the sheep man-dependent and not Christ centered. We have allowed ourselves to introduce doctrine, positions, and revelations that are forbidden in scripture yet have been approved by many in leadership positions because they seek the chief seats of honor. We have allowed traditions to dictate our thoughts, lifestyle and self-worth based on what churches we attend, who we learn from, and what denominations we are a part of, taking away an individual relationship with Christ and basing it on who we fellowship with as humans. Thereby as the Elijah prophets release powerful end-time revelations they are shunned for the name-brand and main-stream prophets of this past dispensation allowing the “church” to go straight ahead while God is warning the church to turn. Thereby, May will begin a series or wave of governmental judgements upon the church in a manner many will leave their name-brand mainstream idols seeking the right-now word of prophecy being released by individuals who possess the most powerful awakening anointing in this dispensation. So as the revelation, prophecies and warnings begin to come from Holy Spirit, all signs pointed to the Book of Hosea chapter 7:1-16. This speaks to the manner in which many have mixed the truth of God with the laws of man turning all who hear and listen astray to material gospel and not spiritual growth. Although there are a few prophecies that I will release, only the most publicized will be released at this time:

1. A major leader will be indicted, convicted, and jailed on tax evasion charges. This will begin the cycle in which the Elijah prophets have said that as the economy collapses the 501c3 status of the church will become taxable, thereby nearly bankrupting individuals and mega-ministries overnight as well as closing many store-front ministries. The only ones who will stand are the ministries that are foregoing applying for this status and who choose to pay taxes.

2. An unusually high divorce rate will begin among the church leadership. This will symbolize the separation that must take place as the remnant will begin to connect with the people God has in place to take them to the next level in him as many sit and take place in religious traditions. A major pastor and his wife will be divorced and the mudslinging will be intense in the proceedings.

3. A highly sought after prophet will be exposed in a sex scandal in which it will destroy his career for a season, but not his ministry. This will symbolize the crushing the young leaders whom God will be releasing had to go through and will become there validation from the Throne.

The Elijah prophets who will emerge in May will be fresh out the fire and those who are going in will be preparing for the next cycle of release. The fire is designed to penetrate the hidden sins that many are dealing with as they begin to answer the call of God on their lives. Prepare as the heat begins to burn the corruption out of the church.

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