Woe from an Unknown God!

by Dedric Hubbard
March 30, 2011

You know son, I have a message I like to speak. I remember the apostle Paul stood flat-footed and gave a revelation of me. Take your time, do not be in a rush. I have stopped the season of acceleration. My Elijah prophets are in place, relocating to get a better view, or simply at home waiting on the trumpet to sound. You know I moved Mercury today to let the world know there's poison in my blood and I plan on succeeding to burn it out with fire and brimstone through the most angry, disgusting, filthy spirit that I have anointed to flow through the atmosphere chasing revelations, false leaders and gifts down. I will put my foot on their neck until they explain where they come from and whose Gospel they preach. If that doesn't satisfy my prophets thirst they are equipped to call for the fire and burn the hirelings out of their shows. I like making examples of wise fools. Now who are the fools that say the spirit of Elijah does not exist? You already summoned yourself to hell for blasphemy against a Holy Ghost prophecy that was in place before you. Don't worry about whether it's the truth. I am an unknown God to you! Woe to the pastors that build megachurches in their mind to bring all the sheep in. If I was a known God the prophets would see it’s the spirit of Nimrod in his and her palace of pride and teachings of human wisdom that make even my angels laugh. I will destroy you off the face of the earth until you are no more. Remember Sodom? people can’t go there no more! Don’t worry about if its truth. I am an unknown God to you!

Woe to the prophets who jet stream across the world. “I am called to the nations” is what they say! Hmmm I wonder have they ever seen a jet burst into flames and only the false prophet is burned when the airplane lands? Tell them it was the unknown God's fault; he was burning the trash! Woe to the prophets who are prostitutes for hire false eyelashes, tight jeans, 6 inch heels, long nails, colored hair for fun. Son is that a whore or what do you think? I want your opinion. After all, you have to type my messages in words they understand. Never mind, they don't listen to you anyway; whore and/or jezebel its all the same to me. Have you ever seen me make a person disappear while they are preaching son? It's in the book and I will laugh and chuckle in my place of safety that’s calamity my specialty. But don't worry if its truth. I am an unknown God to the heathens! Woe to the prophets that haven't protected my sheep fleecing and destroying them for money and power. This is the season I place your eyes to rest and your tongue to the fire and your bodies in mass graves in this very hour! HOW DARE YOU DEFILE MY NAME IN MONEY, BOOKS, AND TV SCREENS SAYING COME TO ME!! COME TO ME!! YOU ARE WHORES AND NO PROPHETS OF THE MOST HIGH!! THIS IS THE SEASON YOU DISAPPEAR FROM AMONG THOSE YOU HAVE DEFILED YOU SOOTHSAYING WHORES!! I AM THE UNKNOWN GOD WHO HEAR MY PEOPLE'S CRIES AND I SEND ELIJAH THE TERRIBLE TO RESTORE ALL THINGS AND PROTECT THOSE YOU STOLE WITH MIND GAMES OF FEAR!! Don't worry about if its truth, I am an unknown God to you!

Woe to the evangelists who have become hired thugs using tv to put payment on my words. How dare you sell my word for pain, prosperity, and gain the price has already been paid. Jesus! Jesus! is his name! Don’t worry about truth, I am an unknown God to you!

Woe to the Pastors who teach the sheep they can't graze. You are familiar spirits in this day and age. I release you from you house. Your performance poor, your pockets fat, leave with your dignity intact! If I send Elijah to speak, I take your life in groups of threes. Don’t worry about truth, I am an unknown God to you!

Woe to the teachers who use theology as their foundational root. I kill you before you ever take the stage in this season. If I need an example and you are bold, try my right hand as I snap your neck in your sleep! No accident, I the Lord do not like my words perverted with what a man has taught! Don’t worry about truth, I am an unknown God to you!

Woe to the apostles who cannot speak a miracle in 24 hrs. I require your soul immediately in hell for being candid with your speech. Go ahead, try my left hand of judgement!  As I kill your first born remember Pharaoh’s curse for every gift it returns make your calling and election sure is what I speak or I kill all your first born to protect my name. Elijah is the first born in this season that comes from my throne! Don’t worry about truth, I am an unknown God to you!

Firstfruits, my favorite time of the year but this is the season I eat with the sheep. December, Jan, Feb, Mar are no more; I ate them in the spirit and Elijah took the cake. No one saw him when he killed the snake of traditions by going hungry for fun. I the Lord live from April to November. Why? It’s my son’s birthdate of course. Raising Elijah to harvest sons is the cycle I want! Did you not listen to all the prophets scream or were you in church getting your pockets clipped for fame! Here I come, the Lord of Hosts is my name. I am hosting death and destruction to anyone who gets in the way of what the Elijah prophets do in this hour!  Clear the way heathens!! I told you dont respect traditions, holidays, and religious leaders. Now who will you listen to when I thunder the south with an earthquake so great? It’s because I am taking the belt and whipping you with the bible you studied for so long!! Hahah that is why it’s called the ‘bible belt’ state!  Who am I? An unknown God talking to an unknown son about the unknown horrors that have taken place in the spirit while you were asleep in church!! But don’t worry about truth, I am an unknown God to you. Selah     

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