Last Call for Bridal Invitations
and God visited them in the middle of the night

by Dedric Hubbard
Aug 5, 2010

And God said to Elijah “call the angel which holds the Book of Life. Tell him the I am has a parable called "Goodnight"” and Elijah called to the sun which was the angel of flight and the angel of death was hidden behind the moon, and he came to Elijah, “The I am says he has work for you to do.” The I am said to Elijah “call for Moses, has he fallen asleep?” and Elijah summoned Moses and said “the I am has work for you to do.” And the I am said to Elijah “summon Jehu from behind the throne” so Elijah walked because he understood order. You don't call for a king who is standing on Holy Ground, and Elijah summoned Jehu from laying the kingdom foundation where the king's will have honor and sit before they enter all that the I am promised them before the end of time. And the I am stood up and looked toward the valley of kings. “Elijah, my servant Moses has been contaminated by the filth of a religious life, which one is his eagle?” and Elijah pointed to Moses eagle and said “you are the I am. Take not what Moses had taken, my eagle is the one that has already be proven in flight.” And the I am told Elijah, “no my son, I have given you honor among them that are dead. I want the eagle that symbolizes that Moses my servant was asleep and now I will awaken him from his sleep for I know where I placed his spirit and no one can go there and survive. I want him to see me in the flesh and know his time has come.” And the Angel of Death prepared God a human suit of flesh and no one questioned the I am but all saw his disguise. “I am going to earth to destroy every spirit of pride.” The I am spoke in twisted tongues to the angel of death and he did write and the angel of death became an angel of life. And Elijah saw his disguise. “Elijah the I am called; I do nothing without telling my prophets first. Sit down and tell your son to release a parable of the Lord.” And Elijah called Elisha out of his sleep go get him that sits by the river north of the tree. And Elisha called a man son who was ripe with age and behind that son was a number Elisha couldn't understand for they all had a mark inside their chest, two symbols of judgment and one death of death and the other death by night.

And God gave Elijah the son the plumbline. “Go measure the height of the mountain of religion and when you finish I will be your speech and those who compromise, touch the symbols of your chest and I will visit them until nothing. And yet read the parable of the Lord, for they can hear the sound and know that the I am is coming to destroy everything I have made humble in the field or they die in man's grave” and the parable read:

“And the master of the vineyard is coming to check his flock. There are those who claim they have the finest stock and the voice of the lord my flock dismiss for man has tried to take the place of the master of the vineyard. So the master prepares a wise disguise, he speaks with the voice of Moses and says “let my people go” and the shepherds laugh in Moses face. So God reaches behind the throne and grabs the book of Life. He takes out the deed to the shepherd’s life and calls for Elijah's sons to measure their sins with the plumbline of hate, and Elijah calls his son and the sheep laugh and call him an evil son. And God called for the angel of death who has now transferred to light and gave him the deed to the shepherd’s and sheep’s life. The I am calls for Elijah son and says “who am I?” Elijah son replies “a God of death” and the I am replies “run behind the cross and run the heathens to the light. I will judge as they come up for prayer at their set time of the night. Those who have said my Elijah son will die soon, I will hand their soul over to the angel of death at their night of the moon.” And Elijah son smiled and said “Long Live God of the heaven and the Earth and everything that kicks against the pricks will die a silent death for the angels remove their soul in the darkest of night and they will have no clue until the time of the end.” And Elijah and his two tribes were the only ones in the ark when God closed the door for the bride vanished in the middle of the day and every soul that went to sleep on that night woke with their eyes in hell, and Elijah was kind enough to kiss all of them good night. And the angel closed the Book of Life.

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