Elijah asks a question
Whose name did they say?

by Dedric Hubbard
Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In accordance with the 1st Installment of his Glory as I was in prayer making sure there are no unknown hinderances in God's plan for the Bride he said “son, protect the people” in which he begin to release revelations about how to judge prophets, prophetic words and revelations. God's plan is to bring in a huge harvest in this end-time season in which many will be launched into the deep. As a requirement there are certain rules that Elijah prophets must understand regarding the difference between them and the others. As stated in previous revelations the Bride building is entrusted to Elijah prophets and as a result you are entrusted with certain measures that most others have not encountered in the world of the prophetic and these requirement are:

Accountability - An Elijah prophet that releases any word, whether personal prophecy or national, is held responsible for that word. In the office of a prophet it is part of your duty to keep an account of anything that you release as a voice of God. If for some reason God repents and/or that word does not come to pass it's your job to inform the people as to why. God's Elijah prophets who operate in the office of a prophet were chosen because of integrity and thus to admit a mistake is better than to be silent. If a personal prophecy, you are responsible to see that word to the end of maturity.

Protectors - Elijah prophets are entrusted as guardians of the people, remnant, and the Bride. If you release a prophecy over a ministry, person, or church if you operate in the office of a prophet it's your job to cover that church with your prophetic mantle. When you release a word and/or speak to their destiny you introduce warfare. It is then your job to battle for them not theirs for you came and released the word. Many have been taught it's the vessel's job which is false for you see and they don't so the one with the vision is responsible for the warfare in all areas.

Providers - Elijah prophets are providers for the Bride. If an Elijah prophet reveals a word concerning money it's that prophet's job to sow the first seed into that ministry, person, or churches life. Many have been taught you have to sow into a prophet's life first to receive a blessing. A prophet, especially those that will be on national platforms, shows their faith in God to the people by sowing into the people. As a result, this will counteract the other prophets who operate in prophetic pan-handling for an Elijah prophets words are sealed with integrity.

National prophets - Elijah prophets who receive prophetic words to the effect that they are “called to the nations” will be mostly those who will operate in the ‘office‘ of a prophet. Clarification: A “nation” in God's eyes is considered a group of people which may be in your area, city, and/or state. Do not confuse this with the idea that you will be traveling to all nations per se; seek the Lord for clarification. Many have been given this prophecy and it has caused a rift in the prophetic. You can have a nation right in your own city. 

Authority - A true Elijah prophet does not submit to a church in authority until the church and/or Bride represents God's foundation authority which is stated in Eph. 2:20. Therefore, many will be enforcers of God's Word on the earth concerning his church and building his Bride. To stay in a place that is not working towards or seeking revelation for or working towards establishing God's foundation, these prophets will be considered rebellious in God's sight. 

It is these key factors that will allow the people to know whom God is allowing to be his voice for this season for when they release a “God says” the people need to be confident that The God has said it (and not the prophet-god of their needs, emotions, religion and flesh).

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