The Pentecostal Papers
Part 2

by Dedric Hubbard
May 18, 2010

It’s me your friendly tour guide. In this installment of the Pentecostal papers we will continue to address the concerns of God. Although I speak in humor and what some may consider bold sarcasm I can assure you that what I speak is of divine communication, for what is a man but a spirit? And what are his words but a voice? And he should only speak that of his maker and who is that but God? To be a voice for the Lord is not a privilege as most may think, but an honor that one would be trusted with the secrets of the kingdom. It is with that thought that I continue with God’s concerns:

Concerning unity:

Psalms 133:1 “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.”

It is one of God’s concerns that the church is split in doctrine, theology, traditions, religion, and of course gifts. In order to become a bride you not only must have the correct foundation but you must also be part of a body for the body. Anyone who operates outside of a body is out of order. God’s true church will operate among an assembly of other believers who operate as one. I don’t care what your church name is, how many members you have, how long it took you to grow a ministry or whatever. If it’s not in the body it is not a church. Yes son, speak. Give them my word for they claim excellence among the sheep, post them on the wall for a vision they say I gave. Lining my people up for a trip to hell, for how can excellence be preached and called the standard when their ministry is out of order according to my foundations? For where is my Apostle that I may speak my vision through? And where is my prophet that will speak my heart? They have tried to push my foundations out. All because of a jealous seed that was planted years ago through that serpent Satan to Eve, but I the Lord have come to visit my house and I have brought help to speak my voice. Out of the caves the reserves of my mouth, yes I have warriors who have heeded my call. Their mouths are open, don’t you hear the call? For where are the prophets who are speaking peace? I the Lord have brought the sword to divide the land, judgment has come and my prophets will have no fans. Speak my prophets’ it’s time to warn the world for I have came to reclaim all that I own, it is time to get it right so my children can come home.

We must understand that before the Lord returns these small individual assemblies that we attend out of obligation, religion, and tradition must function as one. Therefore, we as a people must learn to worship as a people. In my heavenly experiences through visitation, visions, and trances everyone works in unity. We must understand unity is the key.

Concerning Spiritual covering:

In spiritual settings many have come to the acceptance of spiritual coverings. Although the practice is not foreign, God states he wants to clarify the spirit behind such coverings. It is with that conversation with God that I release the following revelation. God states that he has each and every one of us different according to his will in that separation we all have a diversity of gifts, callings and anointing. It is with that thought we pay attention to those who may be called to start a particular ministry. It is with that frame of mind that we seek or ask for spiritual covering. What has happened is that many of the people who follow certain ministries automatically run to these individuals for advice in how to start a ministry. It is with the majority of these individuals that in order to receive their advice and help, they first express that you must sow a seed into their life, ministry, etc. The problem with this practice is that the covering that’s covering you may not be the one God has assigned for you. A covering has to be equal or above the gift you operate in and has to be in line with the destiny God has for you. A regular pastor can not cover a prophet; the warfare is too intense and the call is too powerful for even the prophet to really comprehend, let alone the pastor. It takes a prophet to understand a prophet and the warfare that they go through as well as the training anything less is insufficient.

The practice of paying for covering has in God’s eyes become nothing more than serving human idols; they have more desire for the wisdom of man than the wisdom of God. Therefore, it has been reduced to spiritual assassination and manipulation for profit. To understand the depths of this revelation we must refer to Genesis and to fully understand the teaching of Cain and Abel you must read the book of Enoch. We understand that both brothers brought offerings. We understand that Cain was rejected and Abel was accepted. We understand that as a result Cain killed Abel. We understand that blood was shed. This is basic and self-explanatory revelation by human wisdom using interpretation revelation. The Holy Spirit uses interpretive revelation, for example we must understand that Abel knew his brother's sacrifice was inadequate, Cain knew his sacrifice was inadequate, God knew it was inadequate. Abel should have offered help, Cain should have asked for help, Cain should have asked God for advice, and Abel should have asked God if he was to help his brother. In this they both will have offered equal sacrifices unto God, thereby both would have been accepted. When Abel allowed Cain to go first knowing it was inadequate, he was killed spiritually. His spiritual death manifested into physical death at the hand of his brother.

Although I could complete the revelation it is at this point I stop. Many people are being covered by people who are killing you spiritually and you are paying them to do it. Many of you could be further along in your ministry if it wasn’t for your particular covering. Some are intimidated and manipulated by where they see you going. Some have a real connection and talk with God concerning you, but instead of pushing you out they hold you in speaking half words, prophecies etc. The reason Abel's blood cried is because it realized he had a part in his own death by not helping his brother and covering him, as Abel had more than enough. Cain killed himself by feeling inadequate. Many of you are killing yourselves because you are not being covered spiritually according to God’s eyesight.

Yes son speak, tell my people their blood is crying again. I hear their spirits, they are ready to be released. For I am the master shepherd and I control the pastures, the grass has been eaten and dirt has been their meal. Now it’s time for my sheep to move. Who is the one that will deny my words as if I am deaf? I hear your blaspheming thoughts, "who is he to write these things he has." My son is obedient and otherwise unique, doesn’t have a care in the world. Obedience is his strength and I am his strong tower. When the wind moves you have but a day, the time has come to release my sheep from the wicked shepherds’ snare who preach prosperity with subtility and ease. Sounds like that old devil again raising his head but I have a sword that’s aimed at his head, it’s called judgment on one side and vengeance on the end. Around the handles are gold and pearl stones and I have given them to my prophet’s that I call friend. So run you hirelings, run till you are out of wind. There is a spirit that is coming to expose your life, it is called the Holy Ghost fire. Kiss your evil ways goodnight.

As always there will be more in depth information after the Lord finishes the informative stage of major changes in the church.

Should you find this message offensive and downright disturbing you have a direct connection to the Lord, just say "help me Lord." If this is complicated and you are not used to calling his name, 'delete' will be sufficient.

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