by Dedric Hubbard
May 20, 2010

As God gets ready to introduce his chosen ones for this season, we must be mindful of the status of the relationship established with God in the past years. For howbeit does the Spirit of God understand the flesh of a man and speaks, yet the flesh of man looks for man and yet misses the Spirit of God which spoke. In other words, many have come to a place of death in God and there is nothing they want more than to be embraced in the fullness of his love which is his power. For we who understand that at Jesus departure he gave gifts unto men, within these gifts are talents and within the talents are spirits. It is one of these avenues that you may be aware of what you possess in God.

Although I could explain more clearly for now I will speak for understanding of purpose of revelation. It has been established that these gifts exist through the holy scriptures and it is a fact they operate today although not in the context God had in mind. It is within those confined mindsets that certain people who may or may not operate in these gifts have somewhat brought a spot into them. Many operate out of ignorance of what they possess, while some have no clue what they have, let alone what to do with it. When God called me to the prophetic office, although unsure of myself I realized it was done through him and not of man so who is to argue with the creator after all he doesn't call the qualified, but he does qualify the called. It is with that mindframe you must understand that if God says who you are that is all that matter. You don't have to prove to man who you are you must prove to yourself who you are if man had anything to do with me I would be still on the pew listening to the word instead of teaching the word.

It is with that gift that you are mostly pruned and trained by God until he is about to release you; he then sends you somewhere for impartation and validation. It is not man's validation that gives you power and authority but it's God from whom all authority flows, for he raises one up and takes another down. When called to a ministry you do not seek approval from man to acknowledge your call, your approval comes soley from God. You do not seek approval for man to watch you to see if you follow for they watch for your mistakes and not your call.

God doesn't call everyone the same in certain ministries. Therefore, man cannot make guidelines and items you must do in order to perform your duties. For what is a man who has a tree and each tree grows fruit. Does every fruit bloom at the same time? Is not the fruit packaged according to size, taste, and color? Or for the sake of convenience it's all packaged the same and money is lost. Are you losing your gift because of what man thinks?

If God says you are a prophet say what God says, “I am a prophet.” It is then when you come into alignment with God's word over your life and the training that you look for a sign and in time God will allow you to access your realm of authority. He has to make the man before he makes the ministry. Even if you don't prophesy one word for years, keep saying you are a prophet for the deeper he cuts the more weight you will carry. God has to see if you don't do one miracle, receive one revelation, awake one dead man, he wants to see if you are still who he says you are despite that you don't show the outer traits, he is after the inner traits.

He wants to hear how you respond to the criticism, embarrassment, and negativity for he loves to prove the jury wrong. Did not they say to Jesus on the cross if you be.... the same applies to you. If you be a prophet, apostle, evangelist, teacher, pastor you will be everything but what you are. But, when resurrection power arises the naysayers convert to their shells and the speech stops, the reduce stops, the conversation stops. But the remember when judgement begins is that not the carpenter‘s son. The jury will be there but remember you don't speak in your defense, he that sent you does.

For what is a man that has authority and gives it to the baker and the butler serves it and the taste is too sweet and the butler explains the baker case to the master. Does not the baker have power to speak for himself? Or does he keep quiet and allow his employer to make amends? A quiet mouth is the answer to all ridicule.

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