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Where Is The Blood?

by Dedric Hubbard
May 19, 2010

As I was in conversation with Jesus around noon today he was revealing secrets that we as Christians must understand in this end-time. Far be it from me to hold anything back at this time for we are in a season of revealing, it is with that conversation that we must understand what the blood is. In times past we as Christians have often referred to being "covered in the blood." It is said as a sign of protection by people to be covered from all harm and danger. Many in religious circles have taught and are teaching that the blood covers. From henceforth Jesus wants you to know that you should no longer consider this phrase or apply it to yourself unless you truly understand the nature of his death and the meaning of the blood that was shed.

It is with this insight that we understand the seven places Jesus shed blood, one being on the cross. Although the reason for these particular places he shed blood at could be revealed, it was Jesus idea that we take it to the finished work of the cross. Jesus would like for you to know that his blood is not a covering as you have been taught but it is an identification that you have been separated from life unto death and it is used to mark the trials and tribulations that have brought you unto life everlasting. When God instructed Moses to tell the children of Israel to strike the doorpost (not cover as some say) in blood it was meant to identify them as children of God; he understood the situation and character of every one of the children of Israel.

This was a shadow of what was to come. The death angel passed over them, not because they were dotting every 'i' and crossing each 't.' It is when you identify yourself with Christ by believing in him. They were saved because they believed John 1:12 ...."even those that believe" (paraphrase). Some are empowered and saved by relationship, some are saved by just believing. Moses had the relationship and the children believe. Jesus has the relationship, and we believe. The blood is an identification that you are separate from the world they should see you as you really are. What would happen if your members actually followed you on a day-to-day basis, would they identify you as a Christian?

The blood identifies you as not perfect, but striving for perfection. To consider yourself 'covered' in the blood you are stating to God you have conquered all your weakness, you are immune to the cares of this world and you are walking in a priestly anointing. So where is the blood located? Is it identifying you or covering you? Are you on the cross naked and wounded to the world? The blood must be released in order to strengthen you. As the blood is released your natural life decreases as your spiritual life increases. Jesus stated that he walked the earth uncovered by the blood until he identified with it, meaning he had to taste natural life in its fallen state in order to have a spiritual life in heaven’s gate. Jesus took no life spiritual or naturally, but who have you killed spiritually with your thoughts and naturally with your tongue and actions?

To be covered with the blood represents spiritual power. It's my authority given by me from up high. You misrepresent yourself by claiming blood power. I recognize your pain but you have not overcome the natural death which is evident by the fact that you believe in yourself. There are few who ever achieve this feat, not many walk in priestly authority so heed your words children and apply your mind to understand. Put your tongues on pause as I get ready to show you what 'covered in the blood' means. It means you visited me in the high place, meaning you have seen me face to face. So what part are you covered in?

Ask them this question son, tell them the Lord says: "Have you died to yourself and resurrected to me? Call on the dying and see if they comprehend, I think not that is apostolic authority. Tell me what are the ways the kingdom is aligned to open the doors that have been locked until this time. Have you a key to cover your heart or do you rely on satan’s wisdom that has the kingdom divided? Tell me in what dimension were you created and how is it aligned? Have no clue? Just as I thought, a covered man operates in time. Have you not read, did you not steady yourself to see? I told them to sprinkle, dab and strike and all the blood that is seen belongs to me so I can take into account how it was shed. Did you not read Abel cried out to me? He told his story of how pride and riches caused him to bleed. For one split second he wanted his brother to beg for assistance in presenting his offering to me, degrading his brother before the throne for the sake of authority. For this cause his brother died internally, that is why I require blood now for the world to see. If any blood is required it is done by me, for after all it's my authority."

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