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Adventures in Genesis

Wood, Hay, and Stubble

Is Heaven Boring And Hell A Big Party?

Conform culture to fit the Bible.
Or conform the Bible to fit the culture?

Humility Versus Pride

Letting ground lie fallow

The Logos

The Law: letter and spirit

The Pathway Of Manifestation

The Lie Of Salvation
By “Faith Alone”

Cultural Idolatry

Hell is Not Eternal

End-Times Lessons from the Coronavirus

The Purification of the Heavens

Prayer and Worship in the Night Watches

Guitar Hero:
Demonically-Inspired Game

Man-Centered Religion

Spiritual Gifts

Trying to Cast Down a Principality

Are You Waiting For Revival Or Are You Building Kingdom?

The Problem of Passive Prophecy

Faith and Persistence in
Sowing and Reaping

Vision Of Hell

Ahab's Choice Pawn

Learning to Obey God

Jacob’s love triangle
and the dangers of drunkenness

Ahab - The king who liked to watch

Evangelism for the non-evangelist

False Salvations

Vision of the End Times

You Had One Job!

Invisible Wells

Jonah’s near-death experience

The Prince of Greece

The fall of man and the
false doctrine of original sin

The Prophethood Of All Believers

Tainting the Prophetic Word

God's "Get Out Of Jail Free" Card

The Devil's Dues

Manna Wafers And Savoury Quail

The King's Assassin

The Secret of Canaan

The Word And Worship

Going All The Way with God

Esau's Wonderstew

Is There A Common Thread Of
Truth Among Religions?

Book Review:
"The Practice of the Presence of God"

What Does It Mean To Pray Continually?


Baptism in the Four Elements of the Universe

Number 11:
its spiritual meaning

Inside the Gates of Heaven by Oden Hetrick (external link)

Are you already in the promised land?

Halloween and its celebration by believers in Christ

Can A Homosexual Be A Christian?

The Great Betrayal

Heavenly Mansions

Meaning of “Mustard Seed”

Gemstones And Choices
floor 1

Gemstones And Choices
floor 2

Manifesting faith with the spoken word

Symbolism of the 5G Network Rollout

Praying God's Will

Fasting, Repentance and Deliverance

The ‘Message’ Bible:
An Abomination

The TV Habit

David's Dowry

Image of Gold

Graffiti On The Temple Of The Lord

Once Saved Always Saved?

The Maccabean Wars

The Crusades

The Spirit of Truth

Begging the Question

The Working of Miracles


“Power Over Her Body”

Four Evidences of Christian Faith

Faith And Warfare

ETPV Archives

Mary and Martha

Should women be permitted to preach?

Giving And Alms

Pharisees, Sadducees, Zealots

One sows and another reaps

Give me the souls

Gluttony: a root vice of America

“Teach thy children the use of the bow”

Something for free?

Preach the Gospel to all Creatures

The Annihilation of Tyre

Benefits of Homeschooling

The Importance of the Book of Enoch

Sunk Cost: to give up or press forward?

Discipleship Groups

Church Leadership Model

Christian Living

The Normal Christian Life

Old vs. New Covenant

Raising Godly Children

Lessons from Solomon

What is Worship?

Why Legalizing Cannabis
Is A Righteous Cause

The Gospel According to Darwin

Book Review: "Simply Christian"

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