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The Lie Of Salvation
By “Faith Alone”

End-Times Lessons from the Coronavirus

The Purification of the Heavens

Prayer and Worship in the Night Watches

Man-Centered Religion

Spiritual Gifts

Trying to Cast Down a Principality

The Problem of Passive Prophecy

Ahab's Choice Pawn

Learning to Obey God

Hell is Not Eternal

The Devil's Dues

Manna Wafers And Savoury Quail

The King's Assassin

The Secret of Canaan

The Word And Worship

Going All The Way with God

Are You Waiting For Revival Or Are You Building Kingdom?

What Does It Mean To Pray Continually?

The Working of Miracles


Baptism in the Four Elements of the Universe

Throw away your TV

David's Dowry

Image of Gold

The ‘Message’ Bible:
An Abomination

Graffiti On The Temple Of The Lord

The Maccabean Wars

The Crusades

The Spirit of Truth

Begging the Question


“Power Over Her Body”

ETPV Archives

The Importance of the Book of Enoch

Awakening The Wind
(Enoch Part 2)

Discipleship Groups

Christian Living

The Normal Christian Life

Old vs. New Covenant

Raising Godly Children

Lessons from Solomon

What is Worship?

Why Legalizing Cannabis
Is A Righteous Cause

The Gospel According to Darwin

Chatbot Research

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