Understanding Elijah Prophets

by Dedric Hubbard
Sept 24, 2010

In the coming month of October we will see the emergence of the Generals of the Elijah prophets. The church and the world must understand that no prophet/apostle of old will be Elijah prophets because they have already been tainted by a religious spirit. Now mind you, many will have the Moses mantle and in that respect the Elijah prophets will be responsible for three main moves of God before they start to fade out and retire to their elder status. It is important to note the difference between the mantle and the anointing in that the mantle speaks of unlimited authority while the anointing speaks of assignments of power so there is a difference, for in this season God is restoring order and foundation so it's important that you understand which you have to understand in how submission to authority works. It is important because Elijah is responsible for laying the foundation for the Bride, specific details on how the Bride operates, the equipping ministry of the bride, and end-time information for the bride; these and more are stored in the Elijah mantles. The anointing is activated upon receiving and/or hearing revelation from, having a connection with, or being confirmed by one who has this mantle. The major difference and the mantles power source is that they are also carriers of the judgment of God, meaning these are sent ones with apostolic authority which is why they are also called carriers of the end-time covenants. The spirit of judgement not only allows them to tell when  a judgement is coming, but also to reveal the way God will reveal and/or conceal judgment for certain individuals as they obey his warnings and rebukes. The mantles carry the wisdom of Solomon as these individuals carry 10 to 1 anointing over anyone because they were sent to manifest the power and presence of God. There are only 8 people who are considered as generals that carry the mantle, but yet the generation is limitless to those who find a general and follow the God given instructions. In the spirit they are building the ark and yet they will be looked at as fools, renegades, demon-possessed, and false prophets, for most are usually in isolation.

Being one whose first spiritual experience in heaven was with Elijah, you have to understand his nature to really get the fullness of his mantle. You figure out the two sins he committed and in doing so he always carried these burden in his spirit. Once you figure out his burdens you then must figure out his shortcomings or his thorn that he had in life. If you truly have the mantle of Elijah the others will know by your fruit or your answers to these questions, for it will be revealed to you by a heavenly encounter with Elijah or the Holy Spirit will reveal it. What you will then have is a father in the spirit as ordained by God. This will cause more doors to open up because you will be recognized as being in his spiritual tree and you will have access to the treasures of darkness needed to fulfill your destiny. Elijah's mantle is covered by the apostolic anointing of Paul. This is why they will never submit to covering but connections, for they would have talked to God about their assignments and commitment to man is considered foolish for they can't commit to what they are called to destroy. Elijah always has contact with a Moses in which Elijah introduces Moses to those who are ready and Moses does the same as Elijah. In the spirit it will symbolize how the church should have been operating: no set leader but a set foundation in which everyone rises in their season. There will be no leader who stays in place for 20 plus years, for the Bride will constantly evolve.

The Elijah and Paul mantles are the anointing in which Elijah flows in. That is why when they write and/or speak it changes lives, gives knowledge as well as breathes life into the remnant that God has something coming to the front for his remnant sakes. That is why they are bold, confrontational, taunters, and at a time when God wants to manifest a hidden spirit in an area they will pick a spiritual fight in which they provoke hidden spirits to speak. An Elijah prophet will disappear and reappear at God's command, meaning they will go unheard or seen and then reappear. This is to protect the integrity of their mantle. God tells them of who to cleanse from their spirit. This will be their knowledge on how to keep a bridal church spot and wrinkle free. An Elijah prophet because of Paul’s covering is an apostolic teacher and will observe the spirit before they communicate in the natural. In it you learn to be cautious of who's in your spiritual corner. Elijah prophets are warned of God of who is the false prophet/apostle and in it they watch that person carefully. That is their spiritual edge, for they are the very elect. In it they will make sure that the end-time revelations flow to those God desires and not what man has hired.   

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