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by Dedric Hubbard
July 27, 2010

I have come to realize that many Christians don't have a clue about who they are serving and what they are serving much like the woman at the well, for out of a habit she kept bringing the same water pots to the same well until her change had come in the form of real living water. And much like some of you going to the same church, hearing the same sermons, and leaving with more baggage then what you brought in, even though you said all the key scriptures, sang all the key songs, and all the key shouters shouted. And then a man/women gets up and throws filth into your spirit. Now what sinner after a year or two would want to stay in a place like that? The church has become in God's eyes the happy hour of the world for you do the same thing with the intention of pleasing a Holy God. God does not accept tainted worship wrapped in filth, meaning you can never take something of the world and bring it into the house of God and try to dedicate it to him, no Eli's son it will never work. So you can lean and rock your filth back into the abyss from which it came, you can take your tv show sermons back from which they came; none of that is allowed into the house of the bride. Too many leaders have made sinners comfortable in their sin because they are still controlled by their own. When God releases a word from his mouth he always watches over it to adjust, control, and expose every hindrance that comes against his word. He does it through the one that he releases it through, but most of the world wont understand it because you are used to someone prophesying you to the bank get your money and then they're gone. Prophetic end-time nugget 101 - When a prophet in this season releases a word in your life it comes along with the prophet's warfare so it's their duty to let you know when something in your life is coming for the word they released to you, but because they never really have been in the office of a prophet they don't know what to do but prophesy and there is more to that office then that.

With that being said, you can't ask a false prophet anything about what an Elijah prophet says or releases because they have no knowledge for its them whom God is trying to expose to bring integrity back to his voice. So when you share it with someone who wants to know but don't they immediately become jealous and the first thing out of their mouth is “that ain't what God is saying it's going to happen and I am going to have a special service to release that word so people can sow into the anointing and I'll impart that fresh revelation.” Hold your horses and your money; if a person refers to themselves as the anointing they have a Jezebel spirit, for no anointing dwells in human flesh and no flesh is anointed because it's filth. You don't have to sow into a prophets life to get this fresh anointing because it's coming for free, you just obey and that's payment enough. What people need to realize is when you sow to get an anointing you are getting the hell of that person's life added along with the hell in your life and it makes it harder for you to answer your call in God. So when you shared that information you sparked jealousy in that person and it brought forth pride which brought forth envy which made the word we released yesterday an outcast. Now Joseph, since you are in a pit (for we said discuss it with no one) we have to flood you with revelation to bring you out of the hole that you put yourself in this time. God says that he is trying to bring you back to the 1st King which is him but you keep running back to the second king for information and thus you have brought warfare on yourself because of disobedience. You are wrapped in religion with the nails of Jezebel squeezing your top ribs for you have been pouring your heart out to her wanting to know information and yet she feeds you lies because she doesn't have any information for you.

She is in a season where her game of manipulation, witchcraft, and lust will be exposed. She is being stripped for destruction for when God releases a word you don't analyze it, figure it out, nor consult with familiar spirits, you just do it. So to you who are trying to operate under an Elijah anointing trying to bypass the brazen altar to see behind the spirit God wants to ask you why?

2 Kings 1:3 - are you inquiring to false prophets?

2 Kings 2:4 - did God not say to converse to no one and wait?

2 Kings 3:4 - and yet you ran to a religious spirit that is a wolf in sheep’s clothing to buy what has been released for free.

2 Kings 4:4 - and I sent you a word to fulfill you destiny

Many of you are not in the flow of God for the spirit is out among his bride and it is them he wishes to build and you can run to who you want and pay what you need. But it's not of God if it's in a religious structure. Many are too blind spiritually to see that your church is being operated out of a religious gift and not the spirit of God. And because the church has no foundation they conform to whatever the anti-christ spirit wants them to do. Nugget 101: the anti-christ spirit doesn't deny God exists, it just doesn't want to conform to the image of Christ because it will cause the whole church to humble and everyone becomes followers and there will be no leaders only spiritual authority dictated by the Holy Spirit. Eyeopener 101: if a church doesn't have an apostle/prophet as a foundation (they are considered Holy) and they don't have five gifts to equip the saints then you are deemed from the throne of God to be an anti-Christ because you won't conform to his image on earth. Everyone who doesn't have this by September when God reveals the fallen nature of the church then you are all marked as anti-christ and subject to the same wrath as the church and we don't care what you relationship is in God. So what he is trying to do is get you to come out of Babylon before he lets his prophets loose on this fallen foundation so he can build a bride. Now what my position? I don't care if you are my son and he attends a church which has been named as anti-christ in the spirit, he gets the same treatment as anyone else. And from where I sit it won't be nice because it only comes with judgemental prophets who will show no mercy and/or grace.

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