How to judge Elijah's words
....and other do's and dont’s for the end-time season

by Dedric Hubbard
Oct 22, 2010

 As the manifestation of Elijah's anointing is released in order to keep many in good standing with the Lord it is important that many need to understand an Elijah prophet's words for they can't be judge in the context of biblical verses for they are revealing coming events and as such their thoughts, words, experiences are never normal for they are abnormal in a sense that many will look for a reason to provoke a spiritual war. Just so they can acknowledge that God is moving in ways unknown to man and if every they see religion bondages they come with the tongue of a taunter mocking your traditions all the while revealing spiritual truths and as such many will never understand Elijah ways for many will not be a real Elijah child.

1. Never stir a word of revelation from Elijah: Meaning don't try to make a spiritual statement personal trying to make it come to a point in which you can understand what they are saying, instead say God show me myself in what he is saying and many will begin to eat crumbs to build themselves up to a meal.

2. Never ask them to show it to you in the Bible: These are destroyers nothing more nothing less asking them to show you a revelation in the Bible is consider an insult and as much whatever sin that you are in bondage too they will reveal that too you in the Bible. And as such will take you on a trip to heaven’s gate when your last thought of that vessel will be I don't know where they got that from? Meaning they will signify to God that you are spiritual lost in traditions of men.

3. Never debate a word: Debating a released word from an Elijah prophet is like pulling teeth from a hungry pitbull there is no way in most of their encounters are supernatural and their mindframe is if God showed me and told me then that settles it. And they will not bag down they simply shut up, smile, and whisper if they only knew what God will take them through.

4. Watch out for the fire. Meaning an Elijah prophet as in the days of Mt. Carmel will look for the man that has been idolized the most and will encircle him with man's traditions until God releases them to call down the fire. Meaning every hidden secret is expose and open and as such the judgment of God is lesser than the punishment of God.

5. Never steal an Elijah prophets word; Many Elijah prophets release words in symbolic phrases, numbers, and codes meaning a whole revelation is released but they are feeding one another ministry. And to take a piece of the pie and try to make a meal is death within itself. For this is carefully guarded language that is only released for this end-time season and if you steal from one you steal from them all and when you steal from them you have stolen from their father and to steal from Elijah you are trying to rob God.

6. Never assume what an Elijah prophet is doing is not of God; Meaning Elijah didn't come to cooperate with religion he has come to destroy religion and as such many will consider something (not of God) and in doing so most Elijah prophets will ask from what level of experience are you speaking. Meaning if you haven't been to a place of spiritual experience and have seen the Glory of Holiness where the secret place of protection has been revealed than you are a student of man and not of God.

7. Never assume an Elijah prophet doesn't speak in love; Meaning the words of Elijah are as harsh as sandpaper and the effects of those he rubs are even harder and as some will consider the words Elijah releases are not in love they are sadly mistaken. For in the school of the Holy Spirit God has 10 levels of love he release upon individuals and as such since this is not taught in church many don't understand the language of love Elijah may use for he beats you into submission before God beats you into perdition and thus your life is out of commission.

8. Never compare Elijah words to other prophets words: An Elijah prophet always releases words in boldness and control meaning they understand the nature of prophetic release and as such to compare their movement with others is spiritual frustration for they release words in integrity and honesty and as such many who have been operating in a way not pleasing to God will be exposed and as such they will never agree with the words of the dreaded one.

9. Never portray to be Elijah sons and you haven't been feed by the raven’s beak; Meaning Elijah life is a mystery to those who haven't been released to operate in this season. The secret to Elijah power is not the relationship Elijah has with God it's the relationship that Elijah has with his forefathers that carries him into the presence of God and thus when he says it the angels perform it and to be a son you have to know your fathers. And for the first time in years many will have to seek the spiritual fathers in heaven while having to disown those they have on Earth.

10. Never assume an Elijah prophet is not speaking the mind of God: Elijah prophets are 10:1 smarter than any human that walks the face of the earth not that they are boastful; but their Messianic Angels are their protectors and in the wisdom of God. Many don't meet you by chance or appear by coincidence they have already been downloaded their assignment before they meet you, your deliverance is only until you understand who they are for they know who you are. And yet many will operate under the radar for fame and fortune are not their priority.  

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