Elijah Alert! Elijah Alert!
false positives have been deposited

by Dedric Hubbard
Nov 5, 2010

 Just came out of a spiritual experience I will never forget. I was riding down the freeway and my warring angel Harael told me to pull over and as soon as the car stopped my two new Glory guardians appeared, Haniel and Camael. Their speech came out as a piercing siren which my spirit sensed as a warning, but it was gentle to my ears. They warned me of prophets who have tried to impart manifestations of God's Glory without God's approval. To release any end-time anointing, assignments, or revelations you must be an Elijah vessel; many prophets are releasing false-positives in your spirit. They are releasing anointing and revelation ahead of time which will cause many of you to operate and/or be premature in your Elijah anointing if you have it. This is the work of a cockatrice spirit in which they are not in the flow of God but in the know of God and to try to stay on top they become prideful and release words out of season. Any prophet/apostle that holds any conferences or releases any messages concerning God's Glory, manifestation, and the people God is using should be considered false. Before any of that happens there has to be a stripping, a cleaning, a repenting, a teaching, then an equipping, but those of us whom he is using are the ones who will do the equipping and teaching.

God will not release this anointing in a church which has only one foundational gift in charge as the spiritual authority, there must be 2 or more. Now the vessels who are trying to deposit something that will not be released until December need to repent or be prepared for a visit from the Glory Guardians which are the protectors of God's end-time anointed vessels and his words. Their mission is to protect the birthing of the bride, Elijah prophets job is to protect the people, false prophets job is to shut up and repent, or suffer for your deceitful ways!! Many of you have come into contact with these people that have released this spirit. The only sound from the throne is repentance and exposure and my job according to the scroll is to announce and the last time I check he hasn't sent any help so I know you are lying because God's people have to be taught how to receive his Glory before it comes. Everybody won't get this and you have to know what it pertains to so you have been caught Jezebel and company and those who have been in these prophets presence need to repent for ignorance of familiar spirits!

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