Who's Your Daddy?
anything that was connected has now been rejected

by Dedric Hubbard
Sept 22, 2010

As the Christian world is shocked by the news of a certain bishop, the prophets who have been warning you what is about to happen are not for it has been spoken by those who God is calling to emerge as his spiritual protectors over his people and yet many may not agree with my posts, responses, and/or language; it's because many of you know Jesus and have a few talks with the Holy Spirit, but you really don't know God the father at all. So in the end-times the Elijah prophets have to understand to release a revelation concerning the coming judgement of God against the land, when you see your baby give birth you carry it full term. This means if your words are spoken in darkness and God gives them light that's your assignment and the mantle in which you operate will be used to cover that region. As such you are thrust in the roles of priestly intercessor in which you watch over the souls of that foundation being destroyed while God builds it again, but always hearken to the voice of God for some will have the unction to call on them which are that and you will understand that when the time comes. And in such as I re-read the revelation revealed as "The Death of a Burial (Eulogy of the Non-Denominational Religion that calls itself (church)." There is a phrase that plays a part in this incident:

"God has already started judgement on the church but for those who don't have prophets and/or they are not accurate the plan of God is this he will cause a supernatural accident to happen with the pastor who has the most influence. What this does is get the attention of the world because the pastor may have become an idol unto the world. The pastor will blame it on the devil but yet it's God playing both parts for he is warning you of your foundation and wants you to change. If not, get prepared to come home. When God gets in full judgment status he will speak in two ways there will be warnings in the world and the church, meaning if a leader has become too corrupt God will bring him down and to signify the sin they are in. He will bring a worldly person down to expose the hidden sin in what was supposed to be a preacher's life. He will then raise up a worldly person who will give his life to Christ and he will raise up another Christian to replace the one he has exposed. This creates a balance in which the prophet's that operate in the real Issachar anointing will be able to teach, preach, and inform the remnant of God's plan."


This revelation was released on Sunday which as I sat last night my spirit was summoned before the throne for spiritual confirmation to understand the spirit behind this event and as I got my answers I was comfortable for then I was given the order of exposure: one will be charged with having sex with a whore and the other with tax evasion in the coming weeks. It is with that I found the spirit of suicide emerging to come to this bishop so while in the spirit I did what any brother would do: pray that he understands his life is not over, just under subjection. The religious spirit is a legion of demons that operates inside of non-denominational religion and it is being controlled by lust but being fueled by inferiority. Well how can a person who operates a ministry of that size have that spirit? Easy, they build a kingdom in which they bring their toys into play with them. God is displeased with these pastors who have built a Babylon tower out of their idea of a covering and in doing so God is destroying everything and exposing everyone that partakes of this idol tower. They have raised themselves up as idol unto the world, for they have called themselves father of the gospel and the book of Matthew states call no man father for there is one and he is in heaven.

And I am bold enough to say all your daddies are about to meet Big Daddy in the beauty of holiness.

With that being said the bishop has two options: plead guilty and take his place of rest and/or seek the Elijah prophet that God has already assigned to that region and watch them work to bring the glory of God into this situation. This incident speaks to the prophets/apostles/watchmen who should have been covering this region and therefore, would have seen this evil when it began and because you have failed to protect the heritage and integrity of this region the prophet must also fall and be counted among the slain for they were too busy building their own kingdom and allowed the enemy to creep in so when one goes all are exposed for there comes a new army of prophets who will not bow down to the demon of religion, but destroy the foundation on which it stands. Some of you pastors and congregations, and I will say this a warning, you would rather be praying to God for an Elijah prophet than to sit and have church as you've been for there is a fire falling and it's flames are ministers of fire…

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