The Spirit of the Bastard
Bringing All Strongholds To Alienate, Reject, Destroy

by Dedric Hubbard
March 13, 2010

As we move further into this year we who have come to a season where we are comfortable in who we are, what we possess, and what we will face to move forward the kingdom of God, must understand that opposition will come and not from what we consider or call the unsaved people, it will be from within the structure of the church itself. God is unleashing a massive arsenal of prophetic individuals, meaning they are functioning in that office and not titling it for status purposes. He is also raising up real fathers in the gospel and not religious carbon-copies. In the midst of preparation for these individuals the devil is waiting to unleash his arsenal as well. I had a vision inside the enemy territory a few days ago and saw a cheetah in a tree and it winked its eye at me. When I inquired of the Lord “what does this mean” he responded “they are waiting on the prey,” which led to the Holy Spirit revealing the plan of the enemy. The devil is releasing the Bastard spirit upon the church. Inside this spirit, which is controlled by Jezebel, there are a few others that were revealed which are the Cheetah, Python, Leviathan, and the Leopard.

The cheetah spirit is assigned to undecided Christians; those who know God is moving but are unsure how and where so they stay put in a neutral position. The cheetah is the least able to adapt to a new environment which means that if a church is moving as God intended this person will feel uncomfortable because they are about to be revealed for who they really are which may consist of a number of things but a real Christian isn't one of them.

The Python spirit is assigned to the religious spirit. It will assert control and force based on what they know and nothing different. People who have been worshipping under a religious spirit will have the hardest time coming to a decision because of the subtle manipulation they have been exposed over the years. With unnecessary burdens and tasks they had to prove to be qualified for the ministry because of one mistake someone else made that led them into ministry. The people that lead these types of ministries use indirect manipulation tactics such as the sound of speech, body movements, and they will almost never look you into the eye. Their fear of what you possess intimidates them and they struggle within themselves to get free because the python spirit is squeezing them.

The Leopard spirit is assigned to Christians who are up and coming in the ministry circle; they know what they are called to be and who they are but they get their information from wrong people. This causes them to sometimes become unsure in what God has told them and that opens them up to the cheetah spirit which starts the cycle over again and they are tormented between these three spirits.

The Leviathan spirit is assigned to the prophets because of the depth of revelation that God sends their way. This is the war that must be won by the Elijah company of prophets. This will be the modern day Jezebel versus Elijah war that is starting to take place in the spirit and will manifest on the earth. The prophets who have been controlled by this spirit will soon manifest themselves. God has called a new army out of the caves with the power and authority to move the church forward but those who are in it for the money, prestige, and honor will not allow the new prophets to come forth. They will start to condemn, gossip, and lie about certain individuals in order to keep their status as prophets. To operate in a season in which you have not been assigned or anointed to is spiritual death. You have to know how and when the enemy is moving and what steps are needed to combat his attack. The only ones who will have this revelation are the ones who are assigned for this end-time warfare. People in ministries that are used to calling the same prophets in to address their church will only get old wine poured. The new wine is having the ladle stirred and some are about to get dipped out and served.

If you are not in place, seek God for where you need to be. This is not a testing season, this is a destiny season and those who are seeking righteousness shall be filled unless you have a bastard mentality caused by a bastard experience which comes from your mother Jezebel. All these spirits are sent to stop you in your quest for destiny.

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