The Dispensation of Glory
Part 3

by Dedric Hubbard (November 5, 2010)

As we prepare for the 1st installment of God’s Glory I was instructed to release part 3 which deals with the manner in which God will deposit his Glory upon human flesh. It is important to note that if God has called you out of institutionalized church, religion, and traditions then you need to be obedient to the leading and voice of the Holy Spirit. This first outpouring will be the Glory of the Holy Spirit. It will affect and manifest in people outside of church and religious mindsets. This Glory will have the wisdom for ordinary persons as well as those who are in the flow of God, to receive ideas and understanding to build churches, ministries, kingdom mindsets, release end-time revelations, interpret scripture in numerous manners and formats, read from the Book of Life, access rooms, and levels in the spirit that have never before imagined in all this world and those to come. All these will hinge on the first level of instruction that many should now be receiving concerning the nature, announcing, teaching, and worshipping with this new level of Glory that is being released. The cherubim I have been graced with when I was handed the scrolls in which I based my revelations on, Haniel and Camael, as well as my faithful warring angel Harael, has instructed me to mention if you are not ready for this Glory do not in any way attend any teaching concerning the Glory, imparting it and/or revealing it. For the vessels that although may seem normal, they are holy, consecrated, and are heavily guarded whether you see it or not nor they see it or not. They will be considered as human Ark of the Covenants in which they are actually in their destiny and will not be hindered by anyone or anything.

Many up until the start of and after the releasing of God’s glory will begin to have visitations and out of body experiences. Do not be afraid of these for fear will slow your manifestations. It is important to communicate with these angels but do not worship them. They work for you, but you can hold conversations and ask questions depending on the nature of your call and who God send to you for your protection. The angels can manifest in different ways: human of course, in their natural form, or sometimes you can sense their presence but may not see them. It is important by Holy Spirit knowledge, God’s voice or by the angel that you know what level they are from or their names in which you will find your range in the spirit and/or authority in the spirit. This important because when you enter an atmosphere in which there is a demonic principality involved and you have not yet reached that level of authority, it causes your warring angel and/or messenger angel to delay his response. This is what happened in the Book of Daniel. This caused the next level angel to come fight that war, which is why I have been stating: know your place to win your race. For example: in my spiritual walk I had an encounter with Elijah my spiritual father. After my spiritual training, he introduced me to the elders before the throne (which speaks to the way I interpret scripture) he then introduced me to Enoch (which speaks to my knowledge of the levels and doors in heaven that I have access to).

He then introduces me to my warring angel Harael, who operates with my messenger angel Gabriel. It was just recently that Harael knew I had reached a level in which I needed added protection. God sent him to me with Cammael who sits in the presence of God. By me receiving this strange looking being without fear he came back with Haniel, another cherub that is a chief over principalities and in this afternoon’s experience that I didn’t mention, took me back in the spirit and laughed as he brought me to Enoch in which this the angel that God sent to transport Enoch to heaven. In which they then took me back to Elijah which spoke the words "Jehovah Sabaoth" which when I finally got the spelling (thanks Holy Spirit) it means The Lord of Hosts. That in itself why the scripture was mentioned in Matthew 23:9 and thus that is why many of you are stuck with Bible knowledge and no (or limited) spiritual experience, because you trace your roots on earth but not heaven. Which means when you don’t see or hear from me I have walked into heaven with my reward to meet my tribe and if you don’t it’s your fault now go run behind your pastors and such and see where they lead you.

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