Here Comes The Bride
Bears Rising Inside Destroying Everything

by Dedric Hubbard
July 1, 2010

As with standard customs God always warns before he introduces his next plan of action; there is no difference in this season. Many are still stuck in their superiority mind-frame as well as well-versed in their gifts, callings, and anointing and have many of God’s people held in Pharaoh-type bondage afraid to go forward, but knowing their time is up. In this season to stay does more harm than good. As I understand my relationship with God and the demands I now have in his life I still bare a certain responsibility to speak “thus saith” when no one else does or are afraid, because it will expose the very demonic spirit that has entered the church which is the one God will destroy. So I pen this revelation not from a spirit to flesh standpoint but of flesh to flesh and enter the spirit for it is written not from the secret place, but from the eyes of God as a person to reveal the hidden iniquities that lies in your heart. And with that I stand in the spirit of agreement with God not from the right side in power but on the left in judgment as he begins to reveal the hidden things of man that will cause you to enter into the right side with the knowledge of the power that has brought you to judgment. We have reached a serious time in the Gospel and the angel stands in heaven at my right side as a witness, for he is now writing the things I hear from the mouth of God and transfering his vision to paper. When we who are the bride are gone, those who are left behind will realize what it takes to be chosen of Christ, but this time the stakes are higher. So as I pen out of obedience a two-fold revelation for the now and the future many will begin to understand playtime is over and time is short.

God states that many prophetic people may have felt a surge of power followed by a slight hint of depression. This is the protective instinct of a bear that God is releasing unto the prophetic. This is to deal with the beast-like manner of the people, prophets, pastors, ministries, and individuals that are operating in error. You have to understand the protective nature that takes place between a bear and her cubs to get the fullness’ of what God is releasing into your life. Many individuals are being strong-armed, manipulated, and held captive to the churches they call 'home' for spiritual enrichment, because of the deceit, back door dealings, and inadequate revelations. The real understanding of what church is for many have strayed away, and stayed away, from this place called church. As we who are called to release the findings, suggest the findings, release the fix, and pronounce the judgment (if not according to God standings), must understand this is a task worthy of those who are truly elected and sent for a time such as this end-time season. We have understood that many will not follow these suggestions at this time for it will cause them to lose what they have gained in leadership positions with entitlements. They have set themselves up as foundational titles instead of just foundations; it will cause all to again become followers of Christ and not leaders and follow those with true spiritual authority, not just revelation. These will be able to lead the Bride of Christ into their kingdom dominion.

For in the true bride you must look for equality and respect across the board and Jesus is the head and everyone else is a follower, the apostle and prophet are the foundation and not to be considered as leaders, for to do so will be as a sin unto you. And for them to be considered as such within themselves will be a sin unto them. The prophetic that is walking with God will release the warning sounds of the bear that God is about to come and take what is his and will move to protect his people, remnant, and ministries by any means necessary. The prophet that releases an end-time word based on hearsay, or incomplete words such as they may hear a word but leave out the part that cause their weakness to be revealed or humble themselves, will be immediately labeled as a false prophet in the spirit until they repent and reveal the truth. But yet it is many of these kinds out in the world and the protective nature of God over his children will rise and be more dangerous than the animal itself for he will kill your spirit in an instant and you will not know your fate until you reach the point of no return. It is these individuals who are under these people's leadership that bother me the most, for they have not come in to their own relationship with God and continue to follow their teachings. You are doomed to the same fate also. The need for this is simple, many have said and taught how to hear the voice of God, but failed in teaching the spirit, nature, and the person of God and for any person to say they know this already is as good as a liar for he has just started revealing his nature and person in the past 2 or 3 years. Many of you are being beguiled by soothsayers, witches, warlocks, and fallen angels that are controlling your favorite prophets, pastors, and other spiritual advisors (even your own).

This will be the David and Goliath battle of the church. The giants of religion, traditions, mindsets, bondages, and gifts will have to fight the David’s of the bridal party. No you don’t have 30,000 members, 3 churches, books and TV stations bought out, but you have that foundation that you stand on as well as in your arsenal and when you aim that rock you will hit them straight in the forehead. They will begin to wonder how you being in ministry such short years have gained such a following to Christ, how are you able to articulate the things of heaven with such ease, how did you get the knowledge and wisdom of God. It is because God has guided the works of your life and now it is manifesting into your destiny. It is after this battle and during this battle the lines will be drawn and people will suddenly be starting to disappear and I speak these next sentences not out of fear but out of confidence that I know without a shadow of a doubt that I will be left on this earth to witness the horror that is about to emerge. It is when these signs occur that people will begin to realize they have been following fables and falsehoods and many will try to connect with the bride assigned to work the tribulation. It is these people who will really have to prove their Christianity, for the church will have went underground like the times of old. And those that remain behind and are caught by the workers of iniquity will have to literally die for the cause of Christ. I saw people who denied Christ for the sake of remaining alive only to live another day or two because of the violence, horror, and mayhem that was going on. Many were having their heads cutoff, and crosses cut in their chest and hearts removed for accepting the faith, the checkpoints or Christian strongholds were in remote parts of cities that Jesus would reveal that he would come and rescue those that have come into the fullness of him. We are passing perilous times and reaching rapture, this is a time where you really have to choose this day who you will serve. As for me and my house I can guarantee we will be going home.

We are entering a stage where the ones who are called to stand on it will destroy everything that hinders the true preaching of the Gospel. The hinderance of God's people is not being taught the individuality of who they are in Christ and the power of the kingdom that God is bring forth. The thing I like about the bear is their doglike attitudes which means they can get as dirty as a snake or stand tall in authority. These are individuals who are past salvation and have moved past deliverance to experience the manifest presence of God. They don't wipe noses or care about tears, they are protecting God's interests on the earth. To them you are either a sinner or a saint. They speak not for comfort but for discomfort, for many have taught a Gospel of salvation that has comforted the saints. These will preach a gospel of discomfort to identify the saints and cause you to walk in what God has ordained for you. Then you must understand a bear is quite sneaky, watching to see what you are feeding their cubs. Anything that harms their cubs they attack without warning and with no remorse because these prophets only allegiance is to the will, way, and the word of God. Speak if you may and preach if you want, but be sure that what you do has been approved by the Lord.

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