The Principal of Participation
freedom of participation

by Dedric Hubbard
April 17, 2011

We come to a season in which the people have left their first love: the right to participate in their spiritual enrichment. We have allowed wisely devised fables, man-made traditions, personal agendas, mega-ministry mentality, and men and women to cheat us out of what Jesus came to do. The right to participate in our healing, our understanding, our spiritual enrichment into entering the kingdom of God. We have allowed the misinterpretation of scripture, the misuse of the apostolic/prophetic office as well as not allowing the foundation of God in the church to cripple, handicap, and belittle the Glory of our Father into the glory and vain image of man. To participate in ministry, participate in an anointing, participate in church, or participate in counseling you have to listen to their choice heathens behind the pulpit and pay to participate. Has not the price already been paid? And yet they continue to tax you accordingly and significantly and yet all through the Gospel they claim to preach your season. From the time in which the Bible was made known to the end of the Bible man was allowed to participate in the building of the kingdom, preaching of the Gospel, and the spiritual enrichment of other believers. So how is it that man has strayed from participating to allowing their leaders and name-brand prophets to feed them a “follow your leader, listen to your leader, don't listen to that prophet/apostle, let me tell you what prophet to listen to” mentality. This is the beginning of sorrows as it relates to the church and the specific job of anyone who operates in the spirit of Elijah anointing is to restore all things in that God releases this revelation that will speak expressly as to give an overview as to how far staying in a church with a pastoral-only foundation has taken the church:

Relationship - We see even at the beginning of Genesis that God allowed man to a participate in the building according to certain principles. As such, we will begin in the naming of the animals in that we release the understanding of an all-knowing God having a spiritual relationship with a man with unlimited potential. As to understand this intimate relationship, God allowed the man to name the animals. As such maybe God already understood and knew the name but to test his relationship he allowed the man to name and that is what God acknowledged. To allow a natural man to speak into your life and he does not understand, acknowledge, or honor your relationship in God nor acknowledge your foundation in God is spiritual suicide, for they make sure you call them the choice name of their foundation in God whether it be Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Evangelist, Teacher if they are in their leadership status, but when you come to tell them God is calling you to anything higher than a pastor they call you minister or don't acknowledge the fact that you are that foundation. This is because their relationship is not intimate with God but with that church, ministry, or little piece of the authority they have become prideful of. So what's in a person that fails to acknowledge you to participate in or voice your concern in your spiritual enrichment? It's the spirit of Behemoth to control the very aspect of every person life through the practice of preaching the Gospel.

Anointing - We have to understand that in the presence of God things change and lives are now exposed as to their relationship with God. The world and its environment were full of just plain animals and yet God knew the potential of his creation. Thus for Adam to call those things to be he released an anointing of individuality, creativity, understanding, and a choice of environment to stay unknown to their surroundings or become that which God had already seen. We enter into churches for years and the person that should have the relationship with God doesn't understand what God called you to be your individual anointing, your ability to change, your ability to reproduce that which God has called you to effect. And yet when they do acknowledge you it's only after they have allowed you to pass their ministry class, their leadership class, sow into their lives, honor their callings. And yet even though there are plenty fish in the sea a blue gill can't train a tuna nor can a pit bull train a poodle. So why is it that you have allowed pastor to think they can train, run, speak, and develop you through their leadership and ministry classes? Scripture shows that is the place of an apostolic and prophetic team but you have assumed generations of wrongdoing means that it is right. We have to understand even the fish co-exist in the ocean and yet they understand order of authority. We understand the beast of the field co-exist and yet they understand order of authority. The church understand there are five gifts and yet they don’t understand the order of authority for had they known the pastor wouldn't be allowed to operate in dual position of leadership which is nothing more than a spirit of control, coveting, Jezebel, and rebellion which adds up to the spirit of witchcraft. And yet Sunday’s control gathering with its religious rituals of booty shaking, thong wearing, seductive stilettoes, whores mate with the Biblical knowledge of horny look at my car, how I dress, my own place, with a good job bed them and leave them men in this generation. The failure to use the gospel for conviction instead of fund-raising has allowed people to leave the night club and attend church unchallenged due to the fable of God knows your heart gospel! The heathens are not the teachers and bypass relationship and anointing for license, coverings, and who you know and how you dress mentality of today's pastors, of mega-church, 3-location mentality as long as I control your every move.

Fear - Gifts, people, and ministry are not being displayed because prideful man has introduced fear in the Gospel to stay at their level of leadership. Fear of prophets revealing sin, fear of apostles, setting order, fear of some people understand they don't have to pay tithes to a building to be blessed, but they can pay to their common everyday brothers to reap the same benefits. They have destroyed set scriptures to validate their not having a relationship with God but a learned relationship of the Bible, keeping those at bay that will not speak and/or come against them for fear of retaliation of a Holy God. “Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm,” the heathens leaders release. To be anointed you have to know why you were anointed for it speaks your name sake. “Before I formed you a knew you” is what the heathen leaders preach, thus giving word knowledge but no kingdom and/or spiritual revelation of these phrases makes it null and void to those who don't understand. For teaching purpose of the heathen leaders who have no spiritual relationship with God a true spiritual relationship with God allows the vessel to go straight to the throne for understanding of their environment. God summons you to the throne to bring understanding and clarity to what he is doing in the world and your position in participating in what he is doing. Dedric he says your job is to destroy every dead relationship in Christ (Dedric). Which means before you were formed I named you in heaven so when you hear me call you I already ordained you a prophet before the nation, that is your namesake. Every twisted scripture, every lustful lie, every person that thinks they are in charge of God's church and not operating according to scripture you are killing the sheep in stagnation, revelation, and intimidation.

Thus it takes an anointing to do this. What do I possess? None of your business, but be warned the church is dead. Anyone who has an understanding of what God is doing is called to kill the heathens and raise the Bride, thus you have to know your assignment, what you are called to be, what you are called to effect, what is your destiny, what is your burden, and work your anointing to be anointed. You need to go before the throne in your season, in your time, and get your revelation as to what God is doing now, not what Jesus has already done. You have to have a right-now word beyond, encouraging, exhortation, and material blessings to be a prophet. You are not anointed because your preach the gospel; even alcoholics and crack addicts preach the gospel. You are anointed when you go before the throne and understand who you are in him as an individual to help participate in bringing the kingdom, not building megachurches. You were built to find a relationship in Christ through a disciplined vessel of God and for a person to preach the gospel of submission and yet not submit to the authority in that Bible makes him/her a teacher of a heathen gospel.

Many of you are not participating in the Gospel of Jesus but you are participating of making idols out of men. You only release the power that God has in you through someone who truly has a relationship with God. Listen to a prophet and prosper. I challenge anyone to prove me at God's revelation if you go to your leader and ask him who you are in God and you cannot get specifics (not vague answer) you are out of place and being stagnated using the gospel as a yoke of bondage instead of allowing it to bring life. For they teach you to try the spirit by the spirits and yet they don't know which spirit to try you by because they have not been before the throne. Let's try the revelation I have released before the throne. Isaiah 11:1 speaks of the seven spirits of God in which you try anything that is said to come from the throne: Did the revelation come suddenly? Yes! Did it bear fruit? Whether good or bad, conviction or confirmation, freedom or bondage those that seek the Lord will have freedom, those who don't will be convicted. Yes! Did it come from the Lord? Yes! Did it speak wisdom? Yes! Did it speak understanding? Yes! Did it speak counsel? yes! Did it speak power? Yes! Did it speak knowledge? Yes! Did it speak fear? Not yet; here is a person who does not understand the spirit of Elijah and/or a person who does not have a prophet in the pulpit or connection to one that understands what God is doing and they sit in a pastoral foundation. These are considered dead men bones standing behind the pulpit and have made themselves targets for church closings, pastors dropping dead, and sudden illnesses suddenly because they have let tradition sit in their belly, killing people of their own relationship with God. Thus you are dead to God. Yes! And church will never be the same again! Agape Selah - translated as God's love toward sin is now continued in this dispensation; playtime is over, get these churches in order! Thus church does not have you free but bound!

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