If God be God serve him.....

by Dedric Hubbard
September 23, 2010

To better understand the war these end-time prophets have to fight you have to understand the system in which God is destroying and in doing so, many will have to pause and think unto themselves is all that is about to happen really worth it. We (meaning "us") who God sometimes allows to warn, see, or interpret that which normal eyes and ears can't comprehend, do it not for our glory but for him who made us to stand our ground at any cost. With that, many prophets who God has chosen are either asleep, fearful, or haven't comprehended that you may be called to destroy your friend's foundation, and yet your emotions outweigh your decision and God's work goes undone. It is in these times that I or anyone who really understands the justice of God will never bow to the religious demon of the non-denominational church, for who am I to declare peace in a time of war. And yet as God told me to look at those prophets that are being fired and/or controlled by the religious spirit, they are releasing the accursed thing and on one the demon has the nerve to say "it's not a time of stripping but equipping" as if God's words return void. And I say to that vessel, may the blood that you release from your mouth match the blood that will be on your hands for deceiving the people in a time of war. For how can God equip a people that are in bondage to sin? He must clean the vessel before he adds the shine of his glory, and yet this is the warning that many of you have received a few months ago. God said stop going to these mammon-influenced websites looking for confirmation for many are of Balaam for whatever surrounds a prophet therein lies the prophet in the sea of hidden filth.

In that we (meaning "those"), who understand were instructed to make it plain, for those of manipulated minds can see what happened to a fellow brother of the gospel: Bishop Eddie Long. The religious spirit that operates this non-denominational religion is the fallen angel Azazel. His name means God-Strengthens. Get the picture? And with that there are a few more that we could mention but in this end-times that knowledge is reserved for the remnant so they can understand what they were in. As for now we will deal with the head for that is what God is after. This fallen angel controls your religious leaders through lust, inferiority, agreement, and familiarity. As God is a builder they use these as the foundation of their religion. The foundation that should have been protecting Eddie is the Apostle and Prophet for in your Bible they are seen in God's eyes as holy in that many should understand that these are not titles but essential gifts of the Christian foundation. A person when properly equipped and/or in this call of God have access to those things that the average individual does not. They chose a man-made religious principal instead of the Eph. 2:20 that is written in scripture. They used words on Earth that are written in scripture Matthew 23:9 “call no man father on earth....” but yet they claim these men/women on Earth as their father in the gospel and in doing so have created their own bloodline. These are two clearly written scriptures that he violated willingly for he used what man taught instead of what God wrote. By enacting what most people have used called "coverings," you move the protection God to the protection of men. Thus you are exposed on both ends for you pay a man for what God gives for free.

Ignorance of the workings of the demons, angels, and their principalities is going to destroy many. You talk what you don't see or understand and yet those of us who were born for this are always examining and questioning, for you have not come into the fullness of who you are. God's kingdom works in order and authority, nothing more and nothing less. To fail to have those two scriptures mentioned in the Bible and do them not, your foundation is burning and you won’t even let the fireman check for survivors. What the church has been running for years is a well-oiled car lot for the fallen angels' army. Many of you have not had a true experience with God for his true foundation is not in place so you have been deceived in witchcraft, divination, and spiritism all under a fallen angel who wants to be worshipped like god so you do God-like things with God-like results, but you are just sheep that have been led to the slaughter. So being what many call "Christians," we do what they have taught. You move to cover the man for in your eyes he can do no wrong. You move to pray against the victims for they are liars, thus you move against God's words and become a respecter of persons, acknowledging the faults and/or mistake of the victims and yet never mentioning that of your leaders. Are they not both God's children? Did you not seek justice God's way? Did you not say, "God where did we miss it," or "what did we do wrong?" Any Christian that has an understanding of how God works can show you the pattern of your mistake. 1. First the fallen angel that has mislead you. 2. The scriptures that you fail to follow. 3. The covering that the church has put in place and it is not of the God, but of your fallen angel god Azazel. 

Now what does a loving God do to protect his children? He gives you a choice through a voice. Thus you are warned before your destruction for nothing is just thrown out to a nationally known preacher without God's hands in it so that there is a warning before the destruction. Any person that occupies a pastoral position without God's foundation, any person who operates in a covering covenant, any person who calls humans "father," either stop or witness the wrath of God through the love of his hell-fire.

Eddie’s case is simple: You looked to man. Tell that man you don't want to go to trial; tell that man that you want to just settle the lawsuit; tell that man that you want to pay him whatever the amount is. After that, you Eddie, cut that cord and find yourself an Elijah prophet and get prepared to do battle. So what is all this about? Quite simple, when God says "call no man father" what clearer example would he bring out than one who claims to be a father to all... so if youare his father, pay it. Real Christians know God our father would do it, and who is that man we speak of... (Jakes). God states this will speak to character and will cause death for if God gave his son as a sacrifice and many are looking to him as a god, then the cloud of witnesses and the King on the throne are watching you for God said tell the people if he intervenes for his son, the other son will be required.

Any person that belongs to these non-denominational ministries, I am informing you that the Glory of God does not reside there anymore for he does not destroy his Glory to show it. He moves it, lets it be revealed and then he destroys that which rejected him. Your praise, prayers, worship, words, and prophecies will always be tainted until you conform, reform, or transform your ministry in the way he instructed. Elijah is always on call, find him on speed-dial; he has some prophets that are ready for work for its judgment time (baptists get ready, watch and pray, you are next).

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