The 10-10-10 Prophecies
The Priestly Prophets of God
Countdown to Showdown

by Dedric Hubbard
Oct 22, 2010

As I sat mapping out with God the next strategy and movements of the Elijah prophets, the Holy Spirit spoke, “don’t leave out the language,” and as such the Holy Spirit revealed the language of Elijah prophets. Elijah prophets were born and sent to move with the heart and spirit of God and in doing so they have to be separated from that which has become familiar to men and as such their prophecies will be spoken in numerical season sightings in which God combines two years which will resemble his eyes in the spirit and speak to the increase of his power as he decreases the power of men. In doing this God will pull Elijah’s mantle to reveal his words through numerical sequence in a season of events and in doing so they move in the power and authority of God. Any revelation they will release will always be in numerical value of ten. This in itself is a prophetic act of God for it signals the countdown to the tribulation of the church and the releasing of the Elijah army to destroy what man has created. The 10-10-10 prophecy for 2011-2012 will speak 2012 in 2011 for 11 stands for judgment and disorder and 12 speaks of governmental perfection meaning God will judge the church these first 10 years in this season. In order to restore the years according to Joel 2:25 God must restore the church. The Elijah mantle has this task of causing disorder in the church next year as they introduce a true foundation of God into the church in which the church will be equipped according to God's Holy Word in scripture. The second part of these prophecies is done to cover certain individuals under the mantle of Elijah for a season in which many of these former prophets have released words, books, and prophecies through racial, denominational and political mindsets and as such these spirits must be entertained in their season.

For the familiar spirits and divination that has allowed these prophets to release the words are waiting on their year to fulfill these words of division and hate and by combining two years and releasing one God will be sowing and reaping into those that have made their season and called it of God. The prophets who are equipped with the Elijah mantle will do battle with these demonic principalities as they now must manifest into certain individuals who come out to hear Elijah speak and as such they will be dealt with according to the measure of their hearts. Many prophetic words that have been released for the year 2011 were not of God and as such he will expose the spirit of these individuals by allowing their words to manifest unto themselves and with this many will die prematurely and have accidents consistently, for their lifestyle has corrupted their words and many have entered into agreement with demonic angels unknowingly. Many of your well-known prophets will be exposed, repent, and beg for the mercy of God once their misdealings are exposed. And to the new prophets God says don’t let the old prophets lure you off your paths, for many will come and introduce you to luxury and authority to feed in their house. This is death for an Elijah prophet for your life is not in material but in the supernatural and as such walk worthy of that which you were called for. The Elijah prophets will bring the power of God that is missing from the church for 10 plus years many women have been running to Atlanta to get loosed and are still bound for 10 plus years. Many men have been running to Atlanta for manpower and are still being defeated for 10 years. Women have been trying to get on the frontlines but are still considered second-class citizens. All this because the church has no power, no promises, and no position beyond that which man has told them they had but many never have seen it demonstrated. Stop running to a hen to get delivered when God gave you a chicken to put in your pot and if you can't deliver yourself then how can God trust you to deliver others? There is a fire in Elijah’s eyes and only the eyes of God can calm his wrath and I say to everyone who has a spiritual father on earth, I guarantee my daddy can defeat yours without lifting a finger; just one word. 

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