It's All In The Eyes (Ayin)

by Dedric Hubbard
July 7, 2010

As we enter into the season of the end God wants his remnant, bride, and elect comforted. Therefore, you must make sure you hear and see through the eyes of God. The angel Gabriel asked that everyone be sure of what prayer is before God releases the first wave of wrath upon the religious spirits of this world. 'Prayer' in the spirit is defined as 'Prophetic airs,' meaning you have to pray in tongues until they change into the voice of God meaning you hear what you are saying or they change into another frequency. In this, you tap into the Spirit of God and see what he sees through your spirit. If you have already able to understand and see, it means you are in the frequency of God. You have to learn the position of prayer, to lay prostate before the Lord is translated in heaven is to lay at a 'protected station' and/or take a 'prophetic stance.' What you must understand is the position that God answers is either standing upright (when you want answers) and/or kneeling (when you want strength). At all times you are focused toward heaven never toward earth because the strength or answers you need are in heaven because he has risen. God looks from heaven downwards, meaning prostrate in his eyes is standing up not physically laying down. Many have been taught by men who teach the physical laying down. Gabriel states that that is why most prayers are hindered. Because when you are in that position you are praying in a defeated position, taking on the nature of the serpent by assuming his cursed position. Therefore, most of your prayers have been answered by demonic spirits for failure of being taught the spiritual aspects and importance of the correct posture of prayer.

Because your foundations have been wrong you have been taught wrong about spiritual matters because the person teaching you have limited knowledge in spiritual things because they have not really accessed the throne of God. Therefore you who are the called, such as me, learn more in the presence of your own home instead of in buildings. This is God telling you that your foundation is corrupt and yet you still enter into demonic covenants every time you enter the building, for you are not learning faith going where you are being hindered. Therefore, when you stand prostate it is in a victorious position, never defeated. Anytime that you look down your prayers are instantly removed because you are praying in shame and you must be bold. Never lie flat on your face, belly, or look down. This is praying defeated prayers. Follow Jesus example; even when he was buried his position was always up. If you want to lie physically down always make sure your back is to the floor, meaning when you rise up you are rising in power. As long as your face is set toward heaven you are facing the throne. Why is this important? Because the ayin wishes to see your face if you want an invitation to the bridal shower. Ayin - meaning the 'all seeing eye' equates to pr ayin - prophet see who is speaking to you.

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