Elijah Assignment
2 Fools, 1 Baby equals 3 Births

by Dedric Hubbard (November 7, 2010)

Awaken this morning to the sound of angelic laughter I asked God what was going on he said, "the angels want to usher in the fear of me on this earth." Then God replied, "I want you to go to a Catholic church for you offend someone with your words and I must show them who is in control." So as we talked about the state of the church this morning as I was preparing to go he told me to grab one of my prophet friends and tell him that God wanted to use his 3 year old son. So as I arrive at my friend’s house and he got in the car he said "whatever God is going to do it’s has laughter involved because I hear laughter in my spirit." As we pulled up to this as of now nameless catholic church God instructed us to take our shoes off and walk in the sanctuary bare-foot, being it was cold in Birmingham this morning I said to my friend "we are about to be fools for Christ." It was then we started smiling and laughing and saying "this is going to be good." God instructed us to go to the front and as we walk everyone took notice of us with as each one held his hand walking to the front of the church. It was then God aligned our spirits and I hear him tell my friend as soon as the man says a word to speak in tongues as loud as he can in which when he stops I ask for the prophet of the house three times as loud as I can three times. When he spoke my friend started in tongues that the sound pierce the airways and as begin to turn to look behind I heard God say "don’t look back," I then stayed focused on their leader as my eyes opened and I saw the biggest demonic angel I had ever seen manifest behind him (I came to the conclusion that it was a Nephilim spirit). Their leader looked to someone standing near their altar as my friend kept praying in tongues. We saw them coming forward so we prepared ourselves for a little fist-to-cuff action. God said "be still." When they got about 11 or 12 inches from grabbing us Haniel and Camael appeared, my friend stopped speaking in tongues and the altar boys got a good dose of cherubim power as they were suddenly knocked to the floor. I then stood up as the people started tightening up in fear and asked for the prophet of the house 3 times as God instructed. I hear God say "turn around" it was then my friend pointed to three people in the first 3 pews behind us and I heard him shout, "the Lord says be ye filled." Them three Catholics started speaking in tongues; it was then God said "leave." My friend grabbed his son and we walked towards the door. As I got to the exit the Holy Spirit turned me around and I shouted to that demon "tell the pope it’s time!"

As we got in the car we begin laughing and my friend said "did you see those cherubim manifest, they come from the Glory of God." It was then God instructed us to be quiet and after I dropped my friend and his son off God begin to speak and said: "The bare foots was symbolizing the uncovering of the sons of God manifesting in the earth realm. The baby was symbolic of the unlimited measures and potential the Elijah prophets operate in and their mandate:

1. Destroy the old foundations of which men have built God's church upon.

2. The protection of the Bride.

3. Making sure that the bridal church is built on a solid foundation according to Eph. 2:20

4. Provide guidance for the bride and anyone who wishes to adapt to Bridal standards.

The speaking in tongues was symbolic in the language of the spirit in which he is talking to his chosen servants.

The asking of the prophet three times is symbolic of Jesus, apostles, and prophets as not being the foundation and/or head of God’s church according to Eph. 2:20.

The Cherubim appearing was symbolic of the protection Elijah prophets are under and the ability to appear in any church under the unction of the Holy Spirit and if necessary demonstrate the power and Glory of God to any church that won't submit to God’s foundation he has established for the church.

It was then I came home and turned on the TV as lead by the Holy Spirit and there is the pope urging Spain to hold on to all things traditional. I then understood the nature of my assignment in which many hear the prophets and none believe the prophets, even when they appear in your congregation. From what I have seen today and witnessed, God will show himself in such a way that even the hardest sinners should obey.

I enjoyed the action as I sent you into battle in the heat of their day to show myself to those who carry on in their father’s way. My power is mighty and the Catholics will fall for I have watched them become a kingdom unto themselves in riches and gold kissing a man’s hands who lives in flesh. At the thought of that I need to unleash my fury in a worst way. But first I must clean my church for it’s their judgment day. The power I displayed amongst the heathens son, is because of obedience the battle was won. Yes they give to the needy for that is why they watched your feet, ready to buy anything at a drop of a dime and yet they have committed the ultimate crime. Wearing the crown of satan upon my earth leaves me no choice. Any one that serves the pope is bound for hell. Save the Catholics all you can and the rest I will burn in hell dry land.

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