Noah, Enoch, and Elijah

by Dedric Hubbard
May 13, 2010

Had a teleconference on the internet earlier with friends just to see if the Lord's plan is right on schedule for there is a time, place, and season for everything. So as we exchanged information, revelations and situations one thing was evident: among us all information overlapped, which means everyone had a piece of the puzzle. Feeling good and informed about what was said in my eyes all systems were go; as I drive to my next destination on a God hunt for another piece of information praying all the way, all of a sudden the car is filled with a cloud. Pulling over to the side of the road the smoke continues as I shut the car off I hear HIM speak as I try to grab my pad and write I am unable to move, “just listen” is what I am told. It seemed as I was there for hours. I only guess it could have been a few minutes as the clock in the car stopped working in this encounter but as He left I saw a finger come out the cloud and touch my heart.

It is with that encounter I felt the push in my spirit to write this revelation. Many of us don't have the necessary relationship to understand nor explain what God is doing. I'm not saying that we might never reach that level but can some of us honestly say we serve God as we should? Therefore, it is with snug boldness and purity of heart if you care not to hear, read and understand the spirit in which I write, on most computers if you haven't been informed there is a button called “delete,” on Facebook it's called “unfriend,” on other websites it's called “ignore” and on my website it's called don't visit or if you request send me your name and I can do what it's called “IP block.” One thing the Lord spoke in the car was that many do not understand the day, time, and anointing that many will and are operating under with that lack of knowledge in case you don't now or understand we are living in a Noah dispensation, with an Enoch mindframe and an Elijah anointing.

Noah dispensation - In order to better understand the season we are living in I would suggest you reread his life paying specific attention to the time in which he gets the instruction to build the ark.

Enoch - In his life as you read and research pay attention to his lifestyle and how God supplied him with wisdom and knowledge.

Elijah - In his life pay attention to his character, mindframe, and his passion.

It is with the combination of these three individuals that God will release his end-time revelations, information, and anointing. It is imperative that we who call ourselves Christians take a self-examination and see if we are in the right position to understand, comprehend, or have knowledge of what is going on. Does it mean that some are more important? By no means, it doesn't. You have to understand however, if it's your time it's your time. Everyone has a church horror story it is with that horror story that you, if in position, have the platform to tell your glory story. Now it's get interesting we all understand that we are living in an end-time season and understand what God is doing but do you know to what extent? Or is all you can say is “he is up to something.” Before that is answered (and it will be) you must see where you line up in this end-time season as listed below.

Spiritual Assassin - One who defames, discredits, or dishonors person(s) due to lack of knowledge, unbelief, or a limited relationship with the Lord. These are people who just like in Noah's case laughed, gossiped, and made fun of what he was doing. Yes they were people of God, but for lack of relationship they didn't help; their mission was to hinder. So therefore, there were only 8 humans saved and a bunch of animals. In this end-time season we all hear God or so we say. It's really not my ability or position to make out how God responds to people. If God is doing something different he always uses new voices. Is it you? Or have the naysayers hindered your ability to build and now you sit and watch.

Spiritual Assistant - One who knows God is moving but needs a confirmation to their feeling. These are people who are moving into position to help the kingdom, but have to watch and listen to flow. They are basically unsure sometimes because of things they must let go to move forward into another level of God. They may be hindered by people, places, and things. Though they hear God clearly the effects of their life puts them in doubt.

Spiritual Leader - People who have risen to a point in God that their life revolves around him only, their relationship with God is driven by the love of God. They have accepted who they are, what they are, and what they must accomplish, and are mostly kingdom minded. They have the capacity to be considered daring, outspoken, and fearless. Their allegiance is to God by any means necessary. They can be very prideful at times and depending on situations their relationship with God and their selective advisors keeps them in check.

Although God states many changes in the Church in order to be considered bride ready everyone must understand that before Jesus comes there must be no schism in the body, none what so ever. All -ism must be gone. Racism, denominationalism, gossip-ism, gift-ism, if it causes division. Just because it has been going on for ages doesn't mean it has been right. If your church is the best this side of heaven, what does that make the rest?

The next change is leadership, not because I am scared and/or intimidated I choose to sit on this one until after Pentecost; don't want to hurt any feelings yet. Let's just say there will not be any more dictatorship if there isn't unity in the body there is no body. The experiences that I have had spiritually each time I always noticed there is no division in heaven. So as I paid attention to the way God gave me the revelations; he also told me to check the spelling. It is with that order I saw Noah, Enoch and Elijah. Taking the first letter of each name it spelled “Nee.” It is with this revelation that I remember after reading Watchman Nee's “Spiritual Release,” that my encounters with God became more frequent and more personal with God. Watchman Nee was persecuted and jailed for his Christian beliefs.

I believe that his writings will become more important as the end-time season grows closer. They are considered too deep for some Christians. You must have a level of revelationship with God to understand the spirit in which he writes. Therefore, people must realize Elijah was confrontational and prophetic, which means for some people it is about to be “in your face” (with respect of course). So why do most people keep saying “after Pentecost”? If any have been informed and followed the moves of God you would have realized this is the first time that Passover in Israel and America were on the same day which means Pentecost will follow on the same day. That means as Israel goes America goes, there will be an outpouring. The question remains, will you be on one accord to receive? Therefore, many will consider this fleshly, but to me at this point who cares? There is a delete button, learn to use it. So am I an expert on God and the Bible? By no means, in this season of destiny there will always be some “I remember when they,” “I know them,” and “who do they think they are” people. If you are really close to God when I had to battle that mindset here is a clue: don't let what you are ashamed of shame you.

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