A Summer of Diseases, Deaths, and Destruction
A fool and his work will soon depart

by Dedric Hubbard
May 28, 2011

Sitting down in my place of comfort minding my manners, for I speak in a tone somewhat not accepted and rejected and yet everything God releases through me bares witness to those who have been sent to warn and protect the sheep. We enter into a space of time when God will not be mocked and as such, many will fall into the hands of a vengeful and angry God. Thereby so it won't be any surprised I release the death watch revelation, although I know who and understand the nature of their deaths as well as their sins my mouth is closed until that which happens is passed and we release the reason of their passing.

This is the season where there will a major comedian that will die. Although health problems will be blamed, this comedian will be in top shape according to man’s standard. Holy Spirit says to remind them of their worldly sayings: he who laughs last laughed the best. God says to use any form of jokes, taunts, and/or images that makes a mockery out of his son’s death will be dealt with in this season. Holy Spirit says Bernie was a warning that many prophets missed. You don’t use the Lord’s name in vain, comedy, or any events; thereby as the watchmen have changed, we release the warning before the storm so you can make no mistake who is taking lives in this season. Not your fall guy the devil, but the Lord has come to bring fear back to his name and those who have become partakers and laugh at these comedic gestures will be judged as accomplices for keeping these heathens alive. There is a stillborn heaviness in the spirit in which many whom God has tried to bring out of religion will have their ministries, destinies, assignments and gifts aborted and turned over to a reprobate mind. When this happen there will be a release in the spirit in which many who carry this stillborn burden will find new assignments, gifts, and ministries as many gifts will be repossessed by the Lord thy God.

There will be a super virus released for the fornicators in which God will make a visit to the std clinic helpless and only the Prophets of this season will be able to cure you of this std. The Glory of God will be on this disease in that his Glory will show on his prophets of this season. Prophets who claim to speak for God in this season and try and mimic the glory of this season will be attacked in such a way they will abandon their ministries. For the people will try to pay for this healing and money will be no good, your soul will be required and honesty will be a must. God is a jealous God and those who have made a mockery of his name, son’s death, and prophesying for the filthy lucre will be called into judgment thereby making the way straight for the Elijah prophets to show the Glory of God.

For the heathens laugh at what my son Jesus did on the cross, dressing up like women and using my Holy words as a tool for disrespecting my nature all to get a laugh. Tell me son, when calamity comes who is the one who laughs? Is not God required to avenge my son, and they die while taking a bath. How about a car wreck, thereby I use steel to penetrate their hands, legs and heart just like my son. They are bastard children and I need an example son; please you choose one. Do they not know? Have they not heard the Elijah prophets are judges sent to clean up mine house? And just in case they do not accept the words, it doesn’t matter: I will burn them out. Who has the power to take their breath at night while they lie upon their beds? Yes, they mention my name but they do not belong to me. They are a rebellious people using wisdom of words and not allowing the Spirit to speak. They laugh at my words son, thinking I am just a toy. Thy Lord is powerful, not a God of spoofs and entertainment; now the Lord laughs last. When they take their breath I will speak to them son, and then I will close their eyes. How dare they make a mockery of me before the world and then they have the nerve to offer their sacrifices to me? Tell the prophets to kill it all is my solemn decree. My covenant with Elijah, make my sheep come to me. I don’t want their offerings, prayers, and thanks; even the world does that much and they have no knowledge of me. I require their souls and I require them in groups of threes, for they have built their empire buying houses, boats, cars, and lands and they still use my words for fun. Kill the whores son expose them one by one, for who is able to save your soul? I must first warn those who are asleep and if the sheep do not harken to my voice, their hearts are hard, kill them too. Thy Lord spares no fools for my kingdom. Haven't you heard or did you know? Guess where the first comedian went. Shall I say it or let it rest? Watch the sky fall as they bring down these fools private jets and I the lord will laugh as I receive their blood to speak! DO NOT USE THE LORD’S NAMES, WORDS, AND ACTION IN YOUR WORLDLY AFFAIRS! GUESS WHICH ONE GOES FIRST! THE TORTISE OR THE HARE? FOR I AM NOT A TOOL TO BE USED AS A MEANS FOR FUN. I AM HOLY GOD AND I WILL AVENGE MY SON! SELAH!!


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