Dissecting Jezebel at the Table
time to form the head

by Dedric Hubbard
July 15, 2010

Well we have Jezebel behind the throne on the altar of healing. We have to separate the spirit from the flesh before I am allowed to cut the head says the Lord. What we have is a spirit that has used religion to grow and wrap itself around certain individuals. We have already come to discover that religion is interpreted in the spirit as The Legion. As we examine the insides with our prophetic vision you have 7 seven heads on this spirit, but only five are active. As we enter the thoughts of the other two lifeless heads we discover they are connected to the end-time movement and would have been the apostle and prophet who would have tried to become part of the bride as they study the gifts of the other five heads. Two individuals have been possessed by satan and have taken on the spirit of these two heads. We have already identified them and will allow them to grow just so the power of Elijah can be made manifest through the will of God. They are taking spiritual information from the throne and trying to use this information to preach on their fleshy platforms as they masquerade as apostles. What they must understand is that we are wise as serpents and Elijah prophets always release half of a revelation but they are so full of wisdom and revelation that the false prophets take it and run. To us it's a bone we use to identify you because the revelation always belongs to the prophet that releases it because the revelation came from that prophet's storehouse. Does the word fool-proof ring a bell? In order for God to let us know who the prophets/apostles are we release these revelations from behind the throne or as we call it “the secret place.” This means we have to speak through God to release it and therefore, you stole from a person operating in kingdom authority and all revelations are hidden with a theft-by-deception label that is only activated in the spirit. Therefore, Jezebel has five heads and they represent the five gifts of God that were sent from the foundation of the world.

After the five heads at the top, there are five more spirits that alternate as needed between the five gifts. In the flesh they are called coverings, in the bible it's called Babylon, and at the altar of sacrifice it's called destroyed. They are full of unbalanced, wounded, and deceitful people operating in the gifts of God. They are balanced on the left and right side of the throne (on the left side is knowledge). God has allowed them to grow this high so he can topple the mountain of Babylon again. In the middle of the spirit is the heart of the jezebel spirit which is the pastoral gift which gets it's revelation of God from fallen angels and other false prophets. It then feeds the information to the five heads that are alive. Now in order to kill the spirit from the root we must separate the persons who operate in this position from the spirit so we can save their souls. God is giving this position a space of time to humble themselves before the prophet for healing, deliverance, instructions, and advice. If a prophet/apostle operates in the same position as a pastor they too must humble themselves for the same. You cannot humble yourself to your buddy prophet, it must be an Elijah prophet because they are anointed to handle your situations and you must go to the one that the spirit assigns to you. Why is a Elijah prophet so special in the end-times? It's because the way he left is the way the bride will be raptured. They will have the leash to put the horse (beastly flesh) and chariot (order of rotation) in line to be able to be taken up. If a pastor does not submit he will be numbered among the transgressors and marked for destruction of the flesh which means when he leaves he goes straight to hell for the pull of the flesh has him captive.

What is my position? I hold the sword in my hand and when God gives the word in the spirit, I split the position of the pastoral spirit in half. God says he places one behind the tribulation evangelist and the other he places in hell. After the rapture of the bride he places the spirit back together and these are the pastors and/or other gifts that will be left behind to preach in the most violent of times. Because when the time of refreshing came they did not hearken unto the voice of the Elijah prophets. The congregation that still follows these individuals will also be left behind, but because of their ignorance. Also they will have to make sure they are led by the voice of God to a safe place where he will leave evidence/information of what they must do until he returns. Many will die trying to get to the safe place, because they failed to follow the spirit of the Lord. Playtime is over, get right so you can go home. It doesn’t get any better. Live in Christ from behind the throne near the altar of sacrifice.

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