Elijah vs. Jezebel
let the battle begin

by Dedric Hubbard
May 26, 2010

First off it saddens me that as much as God is trying to get your attention to wake you, you still are asleep in mindsets, traditions, religion, bondage, premature relationships, and illegitimate relationships, all so you can save face (pride). Do you not understand at this year’s Pentecost you were stripped and everything's out in the open. You are naked as individuals and as a church. Wake up!! But to those who are holding the bed, sleepwalking, half-awake as I entered into the spiritual dimension this morning about to take my seat I read a sign that says “detour” and it pointed to the left. As I walked down the hall God says “open the first door on the left, there is something I want you to see.” As I open the door I see the same hanging garden but a different view. Afar off I saw a valley and as the garden goes down it divides the two forces. As I looked I saw two big eagles fly with each carrying a lion in its claws; the difference was in the eagles eyes and claws. One's eyes were darkened and had regular claws, the other had red eyes and like silver knives as his claws. The eagles assembled on each side of the garden and from the right I see a tornado come out in the distance and I saw a sign that said “access denied” in the midst of the storm and God said “go back and return to your office before it touches down, you don't need to see what happens.” As I began to turn I saw a red horse head stick out from the tornado and wink. As I walked down the hall the walls became transparent and once inside I see God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, and Spirit of Wisdom looking out the window.

As they begin talking I listened and everyone was laughing at the plans God has in store for some of his people. All of a sudden someone yells “I am ready” and I turn and see a man dressed in white smiling and he started singing a song that I recognized called “It' getting hot in here” as I smiled and they were laughing something downloaded from them to me and I laughed too. I sensed his spirit from an early encounter but he did not look or sound the same and I hear Jesus says “this is Elijah” and he shook my hand and I felt the power within so we sat and Elijah begin to talk. It is with this encounter that I write how to spot an end-times Elijah prophet:

1. Theatrics - God said that he allowed Elijah to go up the way he did because he was caught operating in the flesh, after an assignment was over in which he was told to taunt the false prophet, because of his relationship with God and his obedience he was judged and redeemed in the flesh because God had forsaw this world's demise God chose him to speak in this world's language. Which means they will seem prideful, fleshy, hateful, and boastful but these people will mirror the gods of this world to get you to see yourself from God's eyes to turn you to the one true living God. Which means anything they say or do if you judge them in the flesh and they are operating in the spirit you will be judged by spirit then flesh. If they talk spirit flesh then you will be judge by spirit then flesh notice the difference and pray for the answer.

2. Anointing - They are power-packed full of God's goodies with the full authority of heaven and earth behind them because they will walk in a priestly anointing, which means heaven and earth have found no fault in them and the world has nothing in them. They owe no man nothing, but to keep these prophets grounded they have been assigned a thorn by God because of the information in heaven they have access to and the authority in which they speak. They are confrontational at times, but they will never answer criticism according to man's wisdom. They will be under an apostolic anointing to prophesy, preach, teach, and reveal the word of God which means they have the ability to read the Bible unlimited for they understand the spirit of the Bible never dies so they are forever learning and revealing until that time.

They will teach you when connected how to read from spiritual eyes and not natural eyes which will include the height, width, depth, and breadth of the Bible. Have I become too prideful? Have I become too humble? Have I offended my brother? Have I offended God? Bible speak to me where I am at and then it will reveal what you need to know, your daily bread. At the point of your needs?

As I was revealing the Revelation God spoke to stop and come see as I make it back to the door I see God laughing for now Elijah, the Holy Spirit and the spirit of Wisdom have walked down into the valley where the eagle with the red eyes landed and as I looked on the left the other side the one with the dark side had masses of people, but Elijah was taunting with phrases such as: “There are no horoscopes in heaven because we are past the stars,” “the only way you get down low if you are in hell? Because we rise above haters!” “There are no quickies in heaven because we are here for a life time!” “There are no bastards in heaven! We know who our father is!” Wisdom started saying unusual things and although I heard them I could not reveal them for I realize that is someone elses lane. As God turned to me (for I smiled but did not laugh) he says if they are bold enough to shame and kill my Son afresh I am God enough to speak their language to kill their spirit as they have done my Son. And as I turned Jesus was kneeling down praying to the Father and he smiled and said “yes son, I am giving them one more chance. This is not for today but in a little while for I am just speaking their language since they don't understand mine.”

When Jesus took my hand and we went down the hall we went into a door of darkness and as he stepped in immediately light appeared. He opened a book called Life and on the first page he showed my family history to where my bloodline started, detailed and specific (this is written by the angel of your house) and my spirit understood. He then went right across the room in a room full of light and this time he said “you go in.” It turned dark but after a few seconds he touched me from behind and the Light came on. He got another book called Life and opened it and said “this was written by the angel of your family,” and my spirit understood. So we walked in the hall and he said “tell the people do not be jealous, intimidated, or fearful of one another for I would like all to come here and experience what few have. The five gifts I left was the grace and mercy that I promised your forefathers from long ago and when a child is born his gift is according to the race of his forefathers in that nature. That is why there are just some because the evil one corrupts some; we consider that the serpent seed and we marked them as they believe. Those who come from me are those who reign according to the nature of those after me. We are all one and God loves us all as our Father. Tell them we must come to him in unity for all to be saved for the evil one corrupts many; that is why the remnant will be few because the grace of their office flows from their forefather David who is already on the throne. Tell them to please let Elijah identify and destroy for we can all come home together.”

So as we looked from the hall into the valley we see Elijah, Holy Spirit, and Wisdom on the eagle, Elijah in the middle, Holy Spirit on the left and Spirit of Wisdom on the right wing with the Lion on the right side, the one called Judah. God spoke and the clouds cleared in heaven everyone was quiet, God spoke and the tornado engulfed Elijah and company and they left. God turned around and said “Son tell the people they know who they are and when they feel them when they touched earth. If they don't come out of the cave tell them don't use my name and tell the other people don't wait till the battle is over, they can shout right now because help is on the way.”

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