And I will reward him with the mantle of Moses

by Dedric Hubbard
Sept 25, 2010

As I sat among the trees praying for my dear brother in the gospel, not for the charges and/or the allegations but that God's will be done, I heard the rustling of the wind among the trees and I heard the Lord call me. As I turned to the side I saw the Lord standing near a figure with a white robe and God said that familiar phrase he has been speaking to me lately “it's time” and as he touched the figure he said “this is my servant Moses.” In Moses right hand was a robe purple trimmed in silver and he said “this is for my servant Eddie Long” and as I looked in awe at the robe God took it and lifted it unto the heavens and immediately a swarm of angels appeared in the clouds and the robe glistened as a rainbow when the sun's rays hit it. Although I sat in the presence I felt as if I had been lifted from among the earth for when I turned to check to see if my friends who were near had seen me, I saw that they were gone.

As I sat thinking of what I had seen the Holy Spirit began to say “it's all a part of the Master's plan.” The spirit says he will raise him back up after the manner of Moses and as I thought upon the life of Moses I came to realize he killed a man for his people's sake and yet God used him mightily; then it came “God will use him to bring a nation out of religious bondage.” I looked back at the car we were painting, it had to be stripped to reveal the hidden imperfections that were underneath the paint. Although it looked fine the owner wanted it to shine and thus you have to get to the bare metal; not a patch job but the last line of defense which is the bare metal. When God wants to move a nation he sends in his best. Who better than Moses to go back in who was once a witness to the hard labor of his people? And now becomes a spokesman. Those in non-denominational religion don't even know they are in a demonic atmosphere and as I said it repeatedly you can preach, teach, prophesy, dance, and shout all you want but God's glory is not upon organized religion anymore, it is upon those who are building his bride. And thus you can see why some vessels are so anointed; it's because they carry the glory of God from within. As for the problems Eddie Long faces God spoke don't pray for his well-being, pray that he doesn't go to trial. When God is about to use a person his well-being is already protected. When they are being stripped your job is to pray that the enemy doesn’t attack when he is open and wounded while God is bringing inner healing.

And who is the enemy used to bring the attack? It's you church folks, for you pray against anything that attacks your familiar spirits and that is exactly what many are doing. It doesn't matter if he did the crime or not, he was already in sin for the simple fact of calling a man his spiritual father (Matt. 23:9) as well as not having the foundation of God in place (Eph. 2:20) so the fact of these allegations doesn’t matter to God, what matters is his destiny and the failure of the church in equipping the people with the power of God. What God is 20,000 people in a church and there is no visible manifest presence and power of God aside from one man who preaches behind a pulpit and is deemed untouchable? I will say it again, the pastor position is limited and is not called holy in the scriptures and therfore the church shouldn't treat them as such. I pity the vessels who have been led astray through inadequate revelations and biblical witchcraft in the church. Many pastor are still using the bible to coerce the sheep into giving and sowing into pastor lives they almost got me but being sharp in the spirit I always questioned the motives of these people. It’s not about the man, it's about what the man stood for and that is religion at its finest. And his so-called spiritual father has a bench-warrant for his arrest from the throne of God and the seizure of any and all assets that he has gained his crime, playing a holy vessel in an unholy situation.

A prophet/apostle that is sent from God (until they are labeled as ‘false’ and then in that case it's up to God to prove these vessels not man) never bows down or submits to any bishop, pastor, teacher, or evangelist; they submit to their chosen foundation. The scriptures says the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets which means until you are proven as a prophet you are not a prophet and no pastor is the prophet of the house. A pastor cannot judge a prophetic word unless he is being trained as a prophet and has the anointing. As such, for Eddie Long's so-called spiritual father to allow himself to be elevated to a position in which you have a prophet humble herself to you on nationwide tv because your ego was bruised is consider death in our realm of the spirit, for many will never understand and/or know the process of being trained by God and some man of flesh thinks he can do it and get away with it.  As I speak from the throne of God to the realm of the earth any and everything connected to TD Jakes ministry is cursed beyond reproach for your actions were manipulative and you reason was pride. Watch as everything you own starts to fade and then you........ Selah

Don't worry about Eddie Long, he will be fine if he does these things: disassociate with TD Jakes, find an Elijah prophet to set the house in order, and don't let pride eat away at you slowly for with the mantle of Moses God states that it comes with an apostolic anointing which will cause people to hear his voice. His voice will not be for the church, but the last call for the final harvest, and the prophets of Elijah who understand destiny and the plans of God in people's lives this end-time season will back him not with words but with the power and the Glory of the God who will establish him as a force on the earth and from earth back to heaven. This is one prophet who is not scared, intimidated, and/or frightened by the human-made rulers of this world. For my eyes are now on that motivational speaker whom they call a pastor in that arena. We are coming to shoot from the top of the key because you are up next.... 

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