What is the S.H.I.F.T?

by Dedric Hubbard
May 22, 2010

Matthew 6:22 "The lamp of the body is the eye. If therefore your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light"

As I understand the mysteries of God I recognize they are mysteries to the flesh and not the spirit for the spirit gives light and the flesh gives darkness and with this light comes an exposure to darkness for as they cannot see who they represent for the cares of this world have consumed them. And it would be an injustice that our father not see them head into perdition as what is set up for the workers of iniquities. As I entered into my office I can see that the Master has made amends to my report for as it should have been released in unison he wanted to explain his purpose in milk not meat for those who have fed shall feed for their time of rest is at hand. For those who have taught the word have not lived the word. As a result they must be taught not by carnal mental reasonings, but by wisdom from up high. Though I occupy this office up high, I dare not think of myself as having achieved a certain status lest I trip and fall. To become worshipped and idolized is but a one-way ticket to hell for in speaking of that frame of thought puts me above the creator and isn't that how satan was dismissed? As soon as he thought he had arrived he was sent to the abyss. Although my language and knowledge intensifies, my spirit remains at ease for the humbleness of speech and the boldness of words symbolize the authority in which I preach.

For is it not man who touches and affirms the call? It is the hand of the master who set me upon his shoulders and established my authority with his left hand. Although I have been judged in the past as well as the present, I refuse to address the accusations for that is the job of the accuser. For if authority is established by the Master, who am I to answer to but him? For if I answer the accuser he becomes my master and earthly authority does not stand in heaven because it wasn't started on earth, it was started in heaven. So then I become a mediator to bring the conflict to an end for God is not pleased at the pastors over his sheep. For many their hearts have waxed cold, looking to solutions and advice from persons whose relationships were not of heaven; if they were they wouldn't have erred along the way. It is this cause for concern that those of the old wine must start to taste of the new. For if your foundation be based on God as you say and those who teach in an area of faith, is it not the most difficult task of faith to turn your belongings over for expectation and if no fault be found you receive your reward according to what you have been entrusted with? Did he not say “behold I come quickly and my rewards are with me?” Is it not the most profitable that those who teach in prosperity should have your belongings turned over for expectation and if no fault be found you receive your reward? Did they not turn over the money to the apostles to fund the gospel? For if you have been called abroad and stand at your platform and declare the Lord, is it not that you set the stage to proclaim that the kingdom has arrived? And if you become an evangelist and do the work, are not those souls held accountable to you?

For God states those who hinder his kingdom and prevent his sheep from hearing that which is good news are accountable unto death, for how is it they feed and wish not to be fed? For how is it that those who have held my property in usury and are not willing to give what is mine to further my cause expect to somehow not be held accountable unto death? For who is he that does not set the stage for my good news? Is he not guilty of blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and held for punishment by death? And yet these are all moves of the Holy Spirit gathered together for one cause. To not contribute to a Gospel you claimed you preached is blasphemy and the Lord states that the spirit will visit you, for did he not leave Ananias and Sapphira right outside the door? For it is not only the destiny of God's people at stake, but God's kingdom as well. To try to stop, lie, bribe, and sneak your way into this kingdom without the proper keys, your punishment in this world is death and also in the afterlife. Therefore, make your callings and election sure before you speak on God's behalf, for as I look around from heaven I believe it's time for class. The kingdom must be taught as it relates to God for he is your father and everyone is your brother and sister and everyone has equal rights, but to access this level of heaven you must be taught how to fight.

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