Babylon Exposed

by Dedric Hubbard
March 22, 2010

As everyone continues to search for the modern Babylon system that has to be destroyed according to scripture all we really have to do is look right under our noses. So what I may reveal may not be political correct and may gather plenty of criticism, but as for me who cares? I was told by God a long time ago my function as well as that preaching the Gospel is a lonely job. We first must understand that the devil approaches every situation with a subtle seed that spreads if left unchecked. The multitude of these simple seeds have taken root and spread into the modern day Babylon system, which is nothing more than a good ole boy system, a “scratch my back I'll scratch yours” mentality. We have to get to the root of how this system started. It's complex in nature but the outcome is still the same: money, status, and pride; all key components in the devils kingdom. Isn't this how satan tempted Jesus? With that in mind lets look at this covering system that churches have said is biblical. Some person took a glance at someone else’s ministry and desired to have one similar to it (idolization at its finest). The person says “well I'll tell you what, I will show you the way for xx amount of dollars (money and pride equal status) thus they enter into a paying so-called ‘covenant,‘ a pay for play scheme. Using a person's weakness because he was unable to seek the master teacher which is Jesus. He instead sought worldly advice, thus birthing a carbon copy ministry built out of idolization instead of spiritual communication. Thus, because of people paying for spiritual advice they gather a few churches under them. Now they want that title that sets them apart “chief so and so,” “bishop such and such” making carbon copies. No ministry that connects to them is original; preaching their sermons, dressing like them, can we say human idols please? at its best. You should look and sound like no one but Jesus, the perfect example.

Thus they have released their doctrine of devils doing demographic studies to show where is the best place to build a church and how to grow it. What happened to the good ol days when the disciples were led by the Spirit to go into certain areas and build churches? They were not concerned about whether they would recoup the money. What they are doing in these studies is actually profiling the community where if it's a more educated audience they preach using enormous words that no-one can understand except those of the same educational level. Everyone else has to carry a dictionary to look up what's being said. The gospel is meant to be preached with simplicity, but most people instead use theology as their main weapon of choice along with their opinion. In other words, using some man’s 90 year old commentary to understand what a scripture is talking about instead of spending time with the Holy Ghost to reveal the secrets. So who are the leaders of this modern day Babylon system? Although I will call no names I can point you in the right the direction: the ones with all the air time on major televisions who mostly lead megachurches as they swap turns inviting each other onto their shows (and when they get a real prophet or speaker, notice how they are only allowed on once?). Then to show their appreciation to the individuals for such large airtime slots they come back yearly for their annual fleece-a-thon and use their influence to get you to sow into the so-called “kingdom movement.” Can we say Babylon exposed?

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