If You Follow The Trail It All Leads Home

the anointing God will release in Orlando
will put earthly wisdom to shame

by Dedric Hubbard
Aug 2, 2010

I see some people have gotten together and commanded peace over Florida. From the spirit what has happened is that the fallen angels were defeated by the angels of God. These fallen angels are now looking for weak vessels but yet power hungry. These vessels will be used to increase the anti-christ spirit, because those who are not prayed up will be beguiled and will be unknowingly possessed not by a demon but by a fallen angel but I will reveal that later. The angels that are now positioned over Florida are empowered with so much end-time goodies you will be sorry if you didn't attend. Being nosey I asked God to show me what he is releasing and being a favorite son, I got a chance to test it out. Before you go you must have your spiritual eyes open for the angels are colored like the rainbow and thus they can touch you single and or combo-style depending on your hunger for God. So when they came and touched me God has an anointing that will confound anything the world ever thought that was of his spirit. The one I like will confound the theology degrees and those so called masters and chiefs that think they know God's word. This anointing will allow an individual to lift a scripture out of the Bible and teach and/or preach it in the spirit with ease. They will say the scripture, tell you the numerical contents of the scripture, teach each God-head reason for the scripture, tell you why the scripture was in there, give you each answer for the scripture, by each God head, then will read the verse from the original Bible that God wrote for Adam and Eve after the fall. They will state the actual mindset of why God told them that and they didn't understand because they were still too scared to ask questions. And to top it off when they read from the heavens you will then look at the Bible and you will be able to see it in the original Hebrew language and say the scripture again and tell you what was left off when it was translated. And when they say that scripture is finished it means God has spoken every truth out of the verse through that person and it has become part of his spirit, thus a walking epistle. Now that's an exceedingly above anointing.

Now while I was busy being nosey I received a little more insight on what God is doing. He's tearing and building at the same time. I see in the spirit that he is planning a route like the red sea, but also marking the spots of places where this anointing has to go. I see Florida being the birthing place where you follow the star and that is where this end-time anointing will be birthed. Birmingham will be like Samaria the place where this anointing must-needs go. In the spirit it is the only city that speaks of hatred like that of the Samaritans because of the racial history there. I took notice in the spirit and notice a dark spot up north and God spoke ‘Michigan.’ There just happened to be an oil spill similar to that which happened in Alabama there again water. But for some reason bar-mitzvah came in my spirit and I just said Birmingham to Michigan must be the trail God wants the bride to follow, which means as they move through the world they will stop being children in the things of God and become sons of God. Now what that tells me is that if the participants of this conference remain on fire the trail from Birmingham to Michigan will be like parting the Red Sea. God will speak and lay down foundations of what he expects out of the bridal churches. Along this route I see many people changing the name of the churches to ‘assembly’ or ‘assemblies.’ ‘Assembly’ means you are waiting on the prophet to releases the word on how to build on this new foundation make you a male church; ‘assemblies’ means that you are established and waiting to be received by Jesus at any time when the rapture comes. It also means that you have the personnel and knowledge to help equip other ministries and/or churches when they realized their members are running to where the miracles are everyday not once a month. This makes you a female/male meaning you have the ability to both receive and give.

By this time next year you will see who has a relationship with God, who has the power and knowledge, and who loves the Lord with all their heart. Now I am trying to decide to go to Florida since I had to test these gifts out so I would be selfish to know what's going to happen and still go. But this is a move of God and for the things of God I am selfish. Just in case nobody's hungry like me, this is one prophet that has a road trip in October.

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