What Is God Speaking?

by Dedric Hubbard
April 8, 2011

After yesterday’s earthquake the Lord said “give the heathens time to call for prayer and the prophets time to see what I am speaking” and as such we understand that they did just as God said: failed. Your name-brand prophetic websites as well as your name-brand prophets have failed to allow you to understand the movement, voice, and leading of the Holy Spirit, but yet you continue to run to your prophetic idols for prophetic words and directions as to what you ought to do when destruction comes upon you suddenly, for God is not worried but laughing at the heathens who pray for mercy, and the preaching of the gospel. After he has already judged them in heaven it must manifest on earth, but I am obedient and as such we will let you in on the children’s bread and then we will tell you what you ought to do. When releasing information and revelation from natural disasters there is only one way you get the entire revelation which is through the judgmental love of Christ which is knowing the day comes when the heathens, church, and world must be judged according to the nature of their heart. Next you have to have the real Issachar anointing for they were one with nature and as a result understood things that natural eyes and senses could not comprehend. You also have to be a real watchmen, not just assigned to a set church, people, or denominational house; that is the real mind of a servant. With such we will release only two revelations from yesterday’s quake in Japan, one for the natural man and the other for the spiritual man. We keep hidden the revelation from the church, because your pastors are heathens and will not conform until they are made examples of so I keep this for myself, after all this is children’s bread and being of Elijah quality this is my party and I don’t have to share if I don’t want to.

SENDAI, Japan – “A big aftershock rocked quake-weary Japan late Thursday, rattling nerves as it knocked out power to the northern part of the country and prompted tsunami warnings that were later canceled.”

Sendai - Name means a thousand generations

God says there have been thousands of generations that have been released to preach his world and every generation has failed to build my church on my foundation as my prophets have written in the Bible. Prepare for me to destroy any and all churches that do not have my foundation for there is always a remnant that I have kept to myself.

Sendai - Send enemies notice destroying all intercessors

To the power prophets of Elijah God says for your work is beautiful, your voices are powerful, and your anointing is unique; for that purpose only do not turn your cheek. Stand your ground, don’t argue with fools. Curse every land that refuses to move. Build the way I the Lord sees fit; return my children from these money pits, where they rob my sheep with tithes and offer no excuse. Beware of Nimrod, he desires your head. Shall I awaken a powerful sea and drown these pastors in their own homes? Or shall I sit back and watch the fun. Anyone who prays against me in my day of revenge I will curse their homes, just as Japan’s shore. If they had an anchor in me they would be alive. Unveiling my Elijah prophets begins in one week. Shall I not let them know that a path has been cleared? Or would I let Cyrus’ declaration go unfulfilled? Who knows the mind of God but a son? Shall I not prove it? For the spirit of Elijah's work is already done. I just want amusement from these high-minded pastors as I laugh in their face when I show them disgrace, for the Lord chooses whom he will to speak to the heathens who have put themselves on a hill of pride that must be torn down. Which church will I destroy first? It’s in the Bible Belt state. As I unleash a prophecy that will make the state quake, consider it done. It has just been released. Watch the belt break as it falls into a heap.

The quake was initially measured at magnitude-7.4, though the U.S. Geological Survey in Golden, Colo., later downgraded it to 7.1. Either way, it was the strongest aftershock since several were recorded on March 11 — the day of the magnitude-9.0 earthquake and tsunami that killed as many as 25,000 people and touched off a nuclear crisis last month.


7.4 - 7 means completeness of spiritual perfection; 4 means creation or God’s world

God says the pastors have destroyed his sheep, creating his people to look and sound like them, requiring they sowing into their lives to gain access to choice positions in church. How do you sow into a person's life for their anointing when God says you have an anointing all your own? Any person who continues to sow into a person’s life will have their finances smitten with a curse until you find your life, anointing, and the reason for your birth.

7.1 - 7 means completeness of spiritual perfection; 1 means unity

There is only one cycle of prophetic voices that I will hear. The voice of Elijah's prayers, anointing, and purpose are clear: to build my Bride without compromise. And if the heathens have to die for the world to see my Glory be prepared, you don’t know the end of the story. For Elijah operates in unity, not divisions of name. The Spirit speaks to them in concert when their spirits are called before the throne. Have you the right to speak for me? Or are you towing a line of deceit? Be prepared, I am about to pull the line real tight, do not deceive my sheep for your life will be a ransom before my throne, leave my prophets alone!

. - means to halt, divide, or take notice of

Did you take notice the destruction of Japan? Did you take notice when the prophets say don’t pray for heathens in this season? Did you take notice the prophets say judgment has come? Then who are the religious fools who wish to start a prayer for the heathens? Are you trying to build what I the Lord am trying to destroy? Are you powerful to the winds of the earth? Can you speak to the nature of your birth? Take notice and do not be deceived, I will destroy you like the heathens. Only the spirit of Elijah knows the gospel I wish to preach in this season and prayers are not found before the throne. I have heard enough, it’s time to bring my children home.

There were no immediate reports of serious injuries or major damage, and the operator of the tsunami-ravaged Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant said there was no sign the aftershock had caused new problems there. Workers retreated to a quake-resistant shelter in the complex, with no injuries.

Fukushima Dai-chi - means good fortune island

God says no man is an island and your pastors have built a cycle of manipulation that I the lord must now destroy. There is no more good fortune in becoming a pastor in this dispensation, for if you can not build according to my proof I destroy your ministry instantly for my name is at stake.

Fukushima Dai-chi - For unlimited knowledge unlimited sons have informed man’s achievements: Disaster Always Instructs Children Homes Inside.

There has been unlimited knowledge released to the sons of God. There are some that are now on Earth and they are informing the church of what they must do. Your achievements and mega churches are now dung in my sight, for destruction has entered the church. Find an Elijah prophet and listen to their speech or I close your doors and destroy your pastors’ pets first before I alert my prophets to release the messages of hurt.

“The aftershock around 11:30 p.m. was strong enough to knock items off store shelves and move a large automated teller machine at a FamilyMart convenience store in the major northern industrial center of Sendai. The city is far enough inland that it avoided major tsunami damage, but people there were without gas and electricity for weeks.”

Time 11:30

11 - means judgment and disorder

30 - redemption and/or dedications

God says he is about to knock religion and its pastors off their pulpit’s base, they have become idols of disgrace. Their judgment has been signed and redemption must take place. They will receive a warning in their spirit of which Elijah prophet they need. Failure to listen will bring their church to their needs as the Lord of Host will visit in the form of a man and cancel your assignment on earth and heaven will not be a part of your plans.

Location notice:

Family Mart - reference to the body of Christ, and people who attend churches

ATM - reference to tithes, offerings, and the money-making machine churches have become.

Manager Takehiko Akagi said 100 people had showed up within an hour of Thursday's aftershock and cleared the shelves of ice, water and instant noodles — items that were in short supply after the bigger quake.

God has chosen his leaders of this dispensation out of the box of religion and they have no patience for lies, for you have held his people in bondages for tithes, ATM machines, and books, selling everything in his church including the gospel of Christ. You have judged my love, anointing, gifts, and ministry according to what my sheep pay; this is not the love of Christ and for this I the Lord must say do not pay to show your love for me, the heart of my children will now preach tithe-free. Church is coming to the land, don’t lean to your own understanding for the Lord will take back his land.

100 - means God’s election of grace / children of promise

Item Notice -

Ice - represents the church has become cold to the Holy Spirit, stagnant, and has left it’s first love.

Water - represents the church has become luke warm and has been spewed out the mouth of God

Noodles - represents the unending, twisted, perverted revelations that pastors have been releasing for generations

We end the revelation right on this note. The gospel is self-explanatory and it is free now according to Issachar. This what you ought to do: listen to the voice of Elijah and live to see God. Or listen to your pastors and be in bondage to the tithe; listen to your name-brand prophets and be raped for everything you own. Listen to the Holy Spirit and understand the word of this hour. Whatever voice you listen to one thing for sure, if you are not getting close to God you are in with the tares as the wheat continues to grow. I release this incomplete revelation on purpose because the thief also sees. The fakes are twisting new wines to fit their bondage frame of mind. But I am still a part of those who are free. It’s not up to me to prove that I am right for I say what I see. It’s up to you to prove I am wrong. Nevertheless, makes no matter to me.

“"Usually at this time of night, there is almost no one," said Akagi, whose store had power even though people in nearby neighborhoods did not. A handful of buildings had broken windows and tiles, and some small electrical fires were reported.”

In Ichinoseki, which is also inland, buildings shook violently, knocking items from shelves and toppling furniture, but there also appear to be no major damage there. Hotel workers lit candles so guests could find their way around.

Japan's nuclear safety agency said power plants along the northeastern coast were under control after backup generators kicked in at two — Rokkasho and Higashidori — that lost power.

The aftershock knocked out two of three power lines at the Onagawa nuclear power plant north of Sendai, which has been shut down since the tsunami. One remaining line was supplying power to the plant and radiation monitoring devices detected no abnormalities. The plant's spent fuel pools briefly lost cooling capacity, but it resumed because a power line was available for electricity.

"It's the way it's supposed to work if power is lost for any reason," said David Lochbaum, director of the nuclear safety project for the U.S.-based Union of Concerned Scientists. Since the tsunami warning was canceled 90 minutes after it was issued, there was no reason to believe the facilities' diesel generators would fail like the ones at the stricken Fukushima plant. The massive wave knocked out cooling systems and triggered a series of mishaps that have left workers struggling to stop radioactivity from spewing nearly a month later.

"That was really the blow that the plant didn't recover from," Lochbaum said.

Officials said the aftershock hit 25 miles (40 kilometers) under the water and off the coast of Miyagi prefecture. The USGS later downgraded it to 7.1.

Buildings as far away as Tokyo, which was about 205 miles (330 kilometers) from the epicenter, shook for about a minute.

Prime Minister Naoto Kan met with staff members in his office shortly afterward, according to deputy Cabinet spokesman Noriyuki Shikata.

A separate government emergency response team met shortly after midnight to monitor any reports of damage and urged firefighters, police and other emergency personnel to aid those in need.

USGS geophysicist Paul Caruso said the aftershock struck at about the same location and depth as last month's quake.

The USGS said the aftershock struck off the eastern coast 40 miles (65 kilometers) from Sendai and 70 miles (115 kilometers) from Fukushima

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