I see a cloud and it's the size of a man's hand

by Dedric Hubbard
May 27, 2010

I was sitting in on my sister's deck and the whole deck transformed into my office in the spirit. As I sat the Lord of hosts came through the wall on his white horse with fire in his eyes and God appeared as an angel in a FedEx uniform and handed me a package. He said "tell the people the battle has started and satan has his best. The people are confused so those who are for me, come join my son. Those who are against me, perish." They then left. As I opened the letter it was from my former mayor and as I read it the tears I cried became like blood in the spirit. This is one of those moments when you don't utter a person's mistakes. A man that cried his heart out to OUR GOD and from the letter the people he put his faith in all fail and the last words he said, "I have only you God." For although I sit in the spirit realm as this is revealed I remind myself in the flesh that I understand his situation about the faith, as I myself was in that position. As I rose, so shall he. As God opens the vision I see this man not as human, for to view a man in spite of words, deeds, or action is not love. I looked into the spirit of what that man wrote for it was of his spirit and no man who speaks of the spirit can judge a man if not fed from the same spirit. And that spirit is of God which disperses into 4 heads: wisdom, revelation, understanding, and knowledge. These are the healings under his wings that God is trying to release in this very hour. It's never about material things you see but those eternal things that are unseen. He allows you to partake of those things to let you know they all lead back to him.

So as God says in my ear most people don't know that the church has entered into judgment because you have studied the knowledge of the Bible and not the spirit of the Bible. He sent his son to show you how to make your way back to him that's love, so the Spirit of the Bible has been released because it was written by God's spirit through his chosen men. God says he chastens those he loves and before it gets better it will get worse. As I leave emotions for that is where the flesh dwells as the Lord looks impatient with me, God says there are those who say his words are harsh and crude without love. God says the spirits are so deep he has to cut deep for your wounds are deep and he has to heal them. God says did I not tell them to study the characteristic of Elijah before I turned that spirit loose. Was it not noise to be prepared? Did I not say the dreaded one comes? Did I not show you on top of the mountain how he taunted the prophets of Jezebel? Did he not pour water symbolizing the watered gospel of how I would come and burn away the chaff so I can get the wheat? Did I not tell the virgins to keep their lamps lit? Is it not night time and no man is working but the spirit? Speak son for I grow weary of their complaining for they are in the desert with no water:

God says because of the letter of the former mayor he wishes to show himself strong in the face of the heathens and the unbelievers, because there are those who spoke without speaking; meaning we understand your spirits and we speak fluent spirit talk. You did not show my son love, nor did you cover him as a brother. You uncovered his nakedness by misunderstanding God said whoever he preached the gospel to you were responsible for his well-being. You judge his deed, actions, words, personality, spirit, lifestyle, religion and do the same even now. For that cause, I the Lord God will force you to unite go get my son out of bondage, for I have need of him here. The seven spirits that have him bound are testing his face. For you to show mighty face and pray and believe and watch my hand move for I have come to judge the earth in particular this city, for you are racially divided and have been called a state of faith. Race was nailed on my son’s cross. Every church my son preached at must hear from me for the plan he has been judged unfairly and because the prayers of the saints were out of line I could not show myself mighty. Many of you have not really tasted of me you have been misled by soothsayers, horoscopes, and false prophets etc., I speak from the valley of decision unto the mountaintop of hope. If you fail to organize because of unity, I will judge you from the moment you met my son and my prophets according to the seven idols of the pride of life.

For my son is a Christian and I don't care who or what color you are, whoever rescues a prophet in a time of distress receives a prophet’s reward, meaning look with true spiritual eyes like a clear glass and see this mayor's spirit. One newscast, one protest, one noise, to all the powers of this world that judge him unfairly will build my son hope and faith and then I can move. Can a real kingdom tear the roof of that ceiling so I can heal my son's wound? According to kingdom faith, he can be made whole. So gather up your gear. Who will be the general to say Lord send us we will go!!! But at last, love is what love does.

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